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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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The Jazz Are Losers

Williams is no All-Star.

He can't play defense and he turns the ball over too much. How many turnovers has he notched, 3,000? 4,000?

I used to love the Jazz. Not anymore. Let me know when the season is over. I'm done!

Used to Love the Jazz

Williams is no All-Star. How many turnovers has he notched? 3.000? 4,000?

The Jazz have no heart, no defense and I'm done!


Congratulations D-Will! You'll be missed when you leave the team when you become a free agent in a couple years. I won't blame you though. You deserve to play for a team that's commited to winning.

Montana Montana

Another headline night at ENERGYLESS/NO SOLOUTION ARENA.

Mark in Logan

Who cares? Too much emphasis on individual stats in the NBA.



In his own words from the ESPN story.

"He made a great anticipation," Williams said of Paul. "I should have thrown it up to Andrei high. He's a lot taller than Chris. It was a bad pass by me."

Deron is way to careless with the ball and turns it over mostly in the 4th quarter when the pressure is on or elsewhere that really stifles the teams runs.

Lately it has just gotten worse.

Take a look at the talent on this team that made it to the W. Conf. Finals a few years ago. Most of the core talent is still here and yet is Deron getting any better?

The bigger question...is Deron making ANYONE better around him?


Who cares about 3000 assists.

I want wins--I don't care how many assists this guy has if it does not equate to wins.

Then I again my guess is that Deron does care about the assists more than the win. It was evident in his play last night. He was overpassing.

The Jazz need to...

tank this garbage season and hope for the number one draft pick (likely 'Wall' from Kentucky). After they draft 'Wall' they need to trade the soft, turnover-machine (AKA D-Will) away for other picks or a decent center; he is not a leader.

Loozer will be off the books after this year, Brewer too, 'Bum-Knee...er...Korver' also and M-16/"Free-pass" (aka AK-47) won't be far behind.

There would still be a good nucleus even without those clowns. I think it would be a shame to let Matthews get away, Milsap is serviceable at the 4 spot, Fes should start over Okur and I think there might still be hope for CJ.

Under this scenario next years' starting line-up could be:

1: Wall
2: Matthews
3: CJ
4: Milsap
5: Fesenko

Bench: Price, Koufos, AK (final year), Okur, 2nd rd. pick, extra 1st rd. pick (in lieu of D-Will trade) and a mid-level free agent.

This starting lineup is athletic, will play defense, has a potential shot-blocker and OMG have you seen 'Wall' play??? The dude is a straight-up killer and a leader! Make this happen Jazz!

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