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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I think if you were to take a true random sample of people who attended the Jazz games, watched them on TV consistently or even occasionally or who cared about the team you would find a lot of frustration. I also think you would find that Sloan is a polarizing figure at this point. He is loved or rejected by large segments of the fan base.

Most of the fans want to win. They do not care a lot about Sloan or specific players so much as they expect to win at home and to make the playoffs.

That is not happening right now. Expectations are high because the salaries are high. For years fans suspected that if the Jazz just spent as much as the Lakers they would win. Just the opposite is happening and the fans are upset. They are losing faith in the management which seems to be driving the team into the ditch both financially and in the win column.

Something has to restore the faith of the fan base. We have been patient for years. The problems are getting worse do to inaction by management.


I think BP is raising important issues. I do not agree with some of what he is saying but he has important points of view.

There are problems with the players, the coaches, front office decisions and with the offensive system. It is not just one thing. Further, there is not quick magic fix. It took years to get into this mess. It will take a year or two of making the right changes to get out of it.

The right PF/C and wing would help a lot but not fix all of the problems. It may take a year or more to get the right players for the right price. That assumes the FO makes the right decisions.

Replacing Sloan will happen. It is a matter of timing. Then there will be a lot of change. Some will be positive and some not.

To me arguing about whether CJ or Mathews should start is not very relevant. They both have strengths and weaknesses and on any given night both contribute when playing well. Neither is the solution at wing at the moment.

To me the first short run priority is a shooting wing.


Sorry, late for the fight. I was playing basketball instead of watching it last night. BP: You are one of the only reasonable posters here, keep going with your posts. Todd: You take everything so personal on here and respond with name calling, good stuff. Oh and your post about "Greg is going to here from me", yeah really? Good luck with that! Best post i've ever read on here, classic! Anybody rooting against the Jazz right now for a higher pick needs to turn their fan pass back in, find a new team, you are not a true fan. Front Office: You do seem to know b-ball and I liked most of your posts but what was up with qualifying yourself first? That was like when Todd came out and proclaimed he is a former coach (no way thats true Todd).

The Jazz are struggling right now, but who thought they were going to be more than a 5-8 seed anyway? If they somehow don't get back into playoffs, big deal, i'm kind of anxious to see how next offseason goes anyway.


To @BP: I appreciate the comments, and I'm glad you don't agree with everything I said. That would be boring anyway. I enjoy reading other rational and thoughtful posts as well.

As far as your comments, I agree that a lot of Jazz fans are frustrated. And that's ok with me. I'm frustrated too, but I always look for the silver lining because there always is one. Even if it is one or two guys doing well. That can still serve us well down the road. I'm preaching to the choir here since I'm sure you agree with me on this.
CJ and Matthews are pretty irrelevant to the big picture, as they don't cost enough to be a burden IMO. I agree we need a Shooting Wing, also a shot-blocking presence inside before we take it to the next level.

Thanks for the love. Hilarious post! You know you're right about Todd, he is classic. He definitely makes it interesting. I probably wouldn't be posting on here without him making his silly commentaries. Definitely agree on supposed Jazz fans rooting against the Jazz, what a joke!!

Re: Jbra 80

Really Jbra 80? Do you really believe the Jazz will be a 5-8 seed? You and B.P. seem a little optimitstic towards the current Jazz team and infra structure. Your loalism has to be desired though. I was thinking more like a lottery pick and I do not mean New Yorks. Your opinions are appreciated though and you may be right who knows with this org.



B.R.: All i'm saying is that they are better than they are currently playing, and currently they are 9th. They are also 5 1/2 back from 2nd in the conference and 3 1/2 back from the division leader. With 48 games left to play...no i'm not worried and yes i think they will be somewhere from 5-8 when its all said and done. I've said all along that the team is a little flawed, a move or 2 could really change things for the better (or worse). Signing Memo to an extension, when we really had no reason to rush to get that done, was a bad move. Hopefully everything works out, as a fan all you can do is hope.

todd to jbra and bp

The eternal optimists.

Like The Jazz are going to overtake Denver.

I like JBRA your continuity, homer mode..

"a move or 2 could really change things for the better (or worse)

Again you two are the "poster childs" for what Greg wants to hear and see

Results: You get a 1st round elimination

I agree the Jazz will make the playoffs by default telling Greg "we are fun and competitive. told you SLoan is great"

That is because OK city, Memphis are good but still too inconsistent and hard to say if can do over 82 games. Sacramento is still trying to get over growing pains together and close losses. New Orleans has little, yet they beat us.

So due this year, a tougher conference. The positive for the Jazz is that it will take less wins than one year to possibly have similar seedings.

todd from santa ana

Dear Intelligent ones:

We have JBRA and BP. We need Magnus back then the "hat tricK' that will score more consistently than a member of the Utah Grizzlies.

That is homers and Miller spokesmen.


Todd the Jazz Hater:

Too funny your last post....I didn't know I had a posse. But I guess that's better than flying solo, eh? How is that going anyway?

On behalf of jbra80 and the rest of the sane fans, I officially give you the nickname JAZZ HATER for perpetuity (Sloan Hater is too soft). I don't do this to demonize you, it's just the only fitting description to give since you want to get rid of Greg, Kevin, Jerry, S Layden, Corbin, Briggsy, the rest of the trainers, all of the players...and seemingly all of the true fans.

So I ask you, who's going to show up for work? Are you planning on putting together some investors to buy the team out and start working your Toddmagic to build a championship contender? Sounds like you have all the tools and moxy to do so.

I'm no multi-millionaire, but I'd say it's a risk worth taking. You can't get ahead in life without taking a few risks. I know Bryant Henry, Larry's (and now Greg's) right hand man. I can get you a conversation I suppose.

todd to bp

You are so full of garbage. You are not even worth answering to honestly. Yeah., I would not doubt you know Greg, would not matter either way. Then again, that explains your posts and the tone of them.

A real Jazz Hater yeah thats me I guess. I guess following them almost religously for 31 years, I just do for the heck of it just to criticize.

I have learned in life, people that take the higher profile and go out on a line to tell it like it is, is always not appreciated by those such as yourself.

Except, your attitude is beyong arrogant, the thing you rip me a new one every chance you get, but yet you also do the same thing to others as well.

Let me get back in your loving graces so you feel better

SLoan is the Best Ever
Greg is a tremendous owner for continuity and having people work for him that do nothing.

It is great sitting back and watching many teams get better and will become "playas" for years in the Association while we make grand designs to get better

Davey Locke is the best ever.

First Round eliminations fabulouso

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