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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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view the current losing streak as a minor pothole in a long journey. However, what they are ignoring is that things have been getting worse for years and the same loser patterns have been there for years (even decades) and that the fans are becoming aware that this is not just a minor pothole but a continuation of problems that have always existed ever since Sloan has been coach.

One or more players will be shuffled. The Jazz will get a little better or worse. But the trade will camo the real problems.

The real problems are mistakes by the FO and Sloan's coaching style. His inability to adjust and his flawed approach to the game which has become obsolete and dysfunctional.

The Jazz are no better at the inside game than their opponents (many of those run an outside game). Look at the 82games team data on type of shots taken by the Jazz so far this year.

There is no Sloan inside offense. The Jazz are average at the inside. They have lost their identity.

The players get blamed. But the problems are with Sloan's design.

Hornecek or Stockton can run the team better.


I dont agree with the whole comment on wizards having alot of people to trade with. Thier are only two people i would take, 1 bulter. Caron butler is very versital and a great scorer/defender. The second i would take is Antwane Jameson, who is also a great scorer/rebounder/defender. Other those two players no one else is worth it period.


I think Deron is an allstar but playing in a small market area can make a difference. Memo has not been goo at all this year and this team needs a change. The Coaches can cover all they want about the confidence thing but they can take it way easly. Fess and Koufus have no confidence because of them. They get so nervous when they are on the court trying so hard not to mess up and it makes it worse. I'm telling you these coaches have go to have more patience with this young guys. Why do you have them here if your not going to use them. Could understand if you actually had a big in front of them. I blame the coaching staff first because they have no clue and then the players. I think some of the players are frigid and timid because of Sloan and can't relaxes because of him.

todd from santa ana

anonymous 104 pm--wrong wrong/// Jamison is 33 too old. Sorry. Mcgee if given time can be a great player. I watched Nick Young at USC he is fearless and dynamic, he is inconsistent, no worse than the current roster. Nick is way better than Brewer he needs experience/

BP (Reply to ALL)

WHERE TO BEGIN? Glad to see my comments sparked some discussion about actual production and relevant information.

@ STYTHE: If you knew how to read, you would see that I said Jazz are 4th best in the WEST, not the League. I never mentioned FG % because it is not as relevant as Points Allowed...ask anyone (especially the Stat Geek David James). Either way it doesn't disprove my point. Technical Fouls is a Stupid statistic any way you look at it, but if that's the best you got that tells me all I need to know.

@ BLAKE STEWART: You are right, that's because I was looking at the wrong stat. The Stat I meant to quote was EFF, which shows the total EFFICIENCY of a player. Here's the Breakdown:

Boozer + 24.29
Okur + 13.67
Fez + 3.95
Koufos + 1.94

Thanks for the colorful post though!

@ ANONYMOUS: No need to get so worked up. I was talking to everyone when I mentioned DWill, since a number of moronic people think we should get rid of him.

@ TODD: As so many have said, your posts are Incoherent with no attempt to back up anything with fact.

BP to Fairweather Fans

For the record: I have played as much basketball in my life as anyone on this blog, and at a high level, not that that qualifies me...but some of you think that is the ultimate qualifier. The only person who can claim to know more about actually "playing" the game is FRONT OFFICE/CNT who has played with NBA Players. The rest of you need to shut it.

Having studied Statistics extensively, I can't help but assume that the Bulk of you are not truly a "Representative Sample" of the Jazz population. This blog is inherently biased because generally the only people who post on here are the Whiners and the Complainers. It would be much more engaging to take a true sample and cross section of the Jazz fan base and see where the chips fall.

What I find funny is that so many of you say "that's it, I'm done watching" and yet you appear on these blogs every time I'm here saying the same thing. You are also the fans that probably used to get mad at fairweather fans who only wanted to watch when the Jazz won. Ironic isn't it?


What was the point of getting rid of Maynor??!!??!

BP on Jazz offense

Many of you have said our Offense stinks. YOU ARE RIGHT ON. But the reason it stinks is really what everyone seems to be arguing about. Below are the reasons you have given:

--Starting CJ vs. Matthews

--The NBA teams have now (miraculously I might add) after 20 years caught on to Sloan's system and rendered it ineffective.

--Jerry doesn't know his team, doesn't adapt, subsitute, or do anything well

--DWill is not a true leader, not an All-Star

--No Korver to free up the middle (that one is mine)

--Pick and roll doesn't work, Booz is soft, Memo is too slow

I think some of these reasons tell SOME of the story. The question is why are we struggling RIGHT NOW?, with mostly the same team that we took to the Western Conference Finals a few years back.

The lack of Derek Fisher is something none of us talk about. But he was much of the reason we went to the Conference Finals. His calm leadership was huge. But I'm not going down the road of suggesting Deron is not a leader. He is a leader, just needs time, just like Kobe needed.


Jazz are way too soft they need to get rid of memo/boozer for some big guys who will make the opp fear the paint

BP cont.

IN SUM: To give one definitive answer as to the Jazz offensive struggles is impossible. All I know is last year they were in the top 3-4 best Offenses in the West, and we didn't change anything.

That leads me to believe that it will come back with hard work and patience. But rather than patience (since some of you hate that word), I will use the word COMPOSURE (i.e. Lack of Panic)!!

Unless any of you can directly influence Jazz management, like TODD ROD hilariously thinks he can do, you have no choice but to also have patience (composure) or else stop being fans. Many of you clearly are not even real fans, just mad you don't have a championship to attach to your pseudo-fanhood. So to those, I say I don't care if you stop watching, we don't need you.

To clariy, I am really only referring to about half of the people on this blog. Many of you, though I may not agree with you, I can tell you really are fans. Your constructive criticism of the Jazz is welcome. Todd, you've past the point of no return.

Hugh G. Hater

BP: no one is listening to you. Go away. Personally attacking other posters won't win you any arguments.

BP to Chico

I never replied to Chico, so I'll do that now.

Chico, unless you compare the Jazz to other teams, your argument is just a complaint. Show me that other teams don't also get burned just as much for big scoring nights, then I'll shut up. Until then... your point is incomplete and tenuous at best. Way to get in the game though.

With this lack of "info"rmation, I think you are the one who is classlessly un"info"rmed. Get it? Good.



That's crazy stuff. Starting Matthews over CJ is going to help the offense? I can't stop laughing as you said last week all CJ can do is shoot and doesn't play any defense.

I agree that this team has no leadership. Jerry builds it that way. Dwill can not lead a team that he has no control over. Plus Dwill and Boozer are not leaders but followers. That's what Jerry wants.

@ B.P.

Todd at least knows something about basketball even though he rants somewhat. You just rant. I've never seen anyone type so much and say so little. Did you even make the bantum basketball team. He He He.

todd to bp

the new messiah of basketball, the guru...Dream on. I rant guess what I back it up. I also give my full name and email. I do not hide for someone like you that wants to come on all the sudden and act like Mr Jazz spokesman/ I have been tough but fair. You should read all my work. The praise when SLoan went to the Hall/ My posts of Larry and Hot Rod Memories, SLoan losing loved ones. BP you want to challenge me in knowledge and what is right, bring it on I beg you.....

Lets play Fes and Koufos

The jazz always play better when Okur is on the bench. We need 7 footers playing center who want to play defense.


I didn't say I thought Matthews was better than CJ. I was Listing what other people have said. I don't know the answer. I think Matthews probably should start, but I've ALWAYS been a CJ fan. I think he can be capable and a huge asset if used right, but needs to come off the bench so they can build his confidence slowly. Starting is too much pressure for him.

I did not, I repeat, did NOT say last week that CJ could only shoot and not play defense. I said the opposite: that his defense against Kobe and others has been good, just needs to be more consistent.
Cmon, keep it real and stop misquoting me.


Maybe Sloan was so upset with the awesome 360 dunk of Miles, that he said no more fun! Run the Freaking system!!!! Too bad, that was a fun 1st qtr to watch. The rest was horrible.


To Hugh G. Hater, Todd, and "@ BP" (whoever that is):

Clearly people are listening to me, since every post is a Reply to me. Noone likes to hear facts and rational analysis when they're emotionally upset about something. Sorry to rain on your parade, but someone has to stand up for moderation and some doggone sensibility. Besides that, I'm having fun.

You SloanHaters (I.e. Todd Homers) are like a bunch of children that didn't get their way and now you're taking your ball and going home. I certainly don't care if you guys agree with me, and I don't really care if anyone agrees with me. I'm not that insecure. I'm just daring someone to prove me wrong. So far all you've done is prove me, and several others on here, to be right.

What again is very funny is this: Even if nothing changes with the Jazz, I guarantee come playoffs everyone on here will be still watching, despite the scary threats that you're going to quit being fans. Now that's something nobody cares about.

Some facts please.


Todd at least knows the game...BP is no B.R. Jazz are in trouble!

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