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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Re: Who is B.P.?

He's either Korvers little bro., or Sloans wife. Other than Sloan, who else is pleased with Boozer and Okur.


@J in NY: You might want to pose your question to Houdini (comma man). He is the one that made the post of 30 shots a night. I am sure he has an excellent theory as to why CJ should take that many shots a night.

On the other hand, Matthews is playing for the Jazz. Just because he does not start doesn't mean that he can't have an impact while in the game. Starting him is not going to change to dynamics of this team. Getting rid of Memo and Brewer would be a better option.

Gut Feeling

Maybe we're all on the wrong trac here! It seems like the team was getting along just fine here until Matthews came. The team had spirit and cheered each other on! Is he the thorn in everyone's side? Just can't see what all the fuss over Matthew's is. He does play hard I'll give him that, but he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off most of the time. He doesn't get guarded like the other players do so he gets easy baskets. Playing hard is not the answer to the Jazz woes! Get rid of Matthews and the team will pull together. I just have a gut feeling it all started with Matthews!

Thanks J in NY @ 9:17

Your spot on! C.J. and 25-30 shots a night? Is that C.J. punk nuts? I am soooooooo tired of his comments on this web I can't stand it! I sure would like to meet this punk face to face. I'll bet he has a grin on his face just like his hero. There isn't 1 player in the NBA that gets 25 to 30 shots a night. What a laugh this whatever you want to call him is.

I wonder....

if miles had a "must start " clause in his contract,that`s the only thing I can figure...the dude is worthless...and clueless


maybe we can bring back lopez our first round pick when we missed parker and i said don't you regret not picking parker and he said its non of your business. i thought fans is their business.

I Just Read Sloan's

explanation of the loss. He sited missed shots at the rim.

Well there is a reason why very talented players are shooting less than 40%.

The Sloan inside offense is dorked up.

Any team with decent interior defense can stop Sloan's offense for a quarter and that loses the game for the Jazz.

How many times did I see Boozer/Millsap attempting and making circus shots inside against 2 or 3 defenders.

Why do you think there are so many inside TOs.

The losses are not going to change until Sloan finds a way to adjust the offense. It is simply not working and the players can not implement it against a decent defense.

Boozer and Millsap are a little short but the problem is the breakdown of the offense.

Get used to it. The Jerry Sloan offense is history in its current form.

Deron Stinks!!!

I don't care what his stats say--DERON IS TO BLAME!!

I have been complaining about his TURNOVERS for weeks and here it is in his own words from the ESPN story today.

"He made a great anticipation," Williams said of Paul. "I should have thrown it up to Andrei high. He's a lot taller than Chris. It was a bad pass by me."

This guy is a TURNOVER MACHINE and it is always at the worst possible time.

Quit blaming all these other players--none of them think they are allstars.

Deron mistakenly does for some reason.

DERON was walking the ball up the court all night long.



Evidently that fact has escaped Derons brain. He thought we could "look past" another team and win again without trying. Just like Denver, Oklahoma, Miami, Minnesota, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

This guy is no leader!

Tell me which of the players around him is he making better?



The Jazz have nothing to

lose by replacing Sloan. If Miller will not fire him the fan base will fire him by walking.

Miller is losing money on his car empire. The Jazz were one of his main advertising/PR elements. Now the Jazz are becoming a negative for the whole empire. If he pulls the plug on the Jazz the fallout is very negative for all of his business interests.

Miller needs the Jazz to win and be a positive for the rest of the empire.

In the long run he has no choice but to get rid of Sloan and then rebuild. This franchise has hit crisis. It no longer works as a business model because it now losing at home with Sloan's dated and flawed approaches.

The Jazz can't trade Boozer. He is the only part of the offense that kind of works. He is the only one who can create his own shot.

If the Jazz can get a wing who can shoot they might save the season (7/8th seed).

If DWill goes down this team is history.

So many years of bad draft picks and bad decisions are killing this team.

The Sloan offense is ruined.


12 - 20 minutes of Fes would have allowed the perimeter defenders to focus on and guard the perimeter.

Last night the offense stalled even worse when D Will was out of the game. Whats the Jazz's record since the Maynor trade? Maynor ran the offense as good as D Will and is only a rookie. The Maynor deal might have been the last nail in the current Jazz coffin.

Devin Brown after nailing one of his threes strolled proudly past the Jazz bench and ajusted his head band.


The loss column is the only one to pay attention to, because that's the only stat that you can't make better---you can always add to the win column. Losses just pile up.

The Jazz, as bad as they're playing right now, are only 3 losses out of tying for first place in their division. And it's early in the season. Plenty of time to recover.

In fact, the only divisions that have clear leaders are the Western Conference's Pacific (Lakers with 6 losses), the Eastern Conference's Atlantic (Boston with 8 losses), Central (Cleveland with 9 losses), and Southeast (Orlando with 9 losses, but only 3 losses ahead of Atlanta).

Both the Northwest (Jazz) and Southwest (Dallas/San Antonio) divisions of the Western Conference are up for grabs by at least 4 of their 5 teams. Tight races in the West!

If the Jazz don't get out of their funk, they'll miss the playoffs this year, and won't need New York to do poorly to get a high first round draft pick.

Against Memphis (the next two games!), we'll see what these guys are made of.

jazz fan

Everything you see isnt what it looks to be. Sloan plays alot of mind games with these players. He is not a good coach to me. Does not know what he is doing. Cna't keep yanking players in and out. Time for a new coaching method in Utah. I believe this will make a difference in this team. Don't think Sloan has a clue. The players are not going to tell you everything they know. Can only say certain things, give hints. You don't see or here all that they do, but I beleive its time for new coach, new plays. You have a team full of atheletics guys like this and can't win. Players have to adjust to coaches but I think in this situation coach needs to adjust to players.This system is not good for every player in it. Sometimes it makes the players look bad.CJ, Milsap,Brewer, and some others need to be in a different system. Deron and Boozer probably to but it doesn't show as much on them because they have the ball more than any others.

The Truth

I am laughing at all of the posts on this site. I didn't watch the game. In fact I changed my programing package with DISH. The jazz aren't getting a dime from me until this mess is cleaned up. Why would any fan of basketball want to watch the Jazz? they have no toughness, no heart and they can't shoot plain and simple! Oh they can't play D either. Coaching, please...I will observe from afar waiting for the trading deadline.

Sometimes you can have an addition by subtraction. Look at Denver, when Camby left, I'm sure fans weren't to pleased. Denver is just fine now. If management gets rid of Booz or Memo maybe Koufos or Fess will fill the gap. I'm a big Memo fan, but he has been terrible this year! although I thought he has played better at times when Booz wasn't in the game. I'd start with Booz, get him out of here! then go with a motion offense instead of forcing the ball inside to Booz every game. A little less predictability may help don't you think?


We're all calling for Jerry's head right? Well who else is out there that will coach this team?

J in NY

@Miles: Maybe you're right. Maybe starting Mathews wouldn't change the dynamic of the team. Oh wait, starting Mathews DID change the dynamic of the team. I don't remember exactly what their record was with him in the starting lineup, but I'm pretty sure that it was something like 13-6. What is their record with Mathews on the bench? If my math is correct: 5-10. Ouch. That seems pretty convincing to me.

Starting CJ obviously changed the dynamic of the team. So why not revert back to what was working before?

The argument can also be made that the loss of Maynor has had a huge impact on their current slide. I would agree. As much as I like Price, he is not a point guard. Let's just hope that Jazz management brings in someone who will take away Price's minutes at the point, so he can go back to being used as a small 2 guard.


Sloan's style is old school and fundamentaly sound, BUT we need a change. We need a coach that will utilize the 3 pt shot in his offense. We also need Sloan to put Fes in and let him develope. We need a defensive presence in the middle.
With the conservative approach the front office has alway taken, I'm sure there won't be much movement any time soon.
Nobody but the fans pay any attention to these posts but at least it is a way to vent.
Booz is good but too small & to slow to make a difference on offense or defense if the bigs for the other team have any height or length to them. With Okur slow, no hops, etc no D. The other teams guards drive the middle on the Jazz all the time and Booz and Okur just let it happen.
Why won't Sloan play Fes, he has shown that he can make a difference. Playing time will only help Fes improve. What have we to lose?

The Sloan Loyalists

may accept Hornacek as a replacement if it is handled well. However, Hornacek would have to know how to modify the offense so that it works again.

It is better to change coaches than to start trading good players and contracts for worse players and bad contracts in an attempt to save Sloan.

If a major trade is made things will not get better. It will take time for the new players to learn the offense and Sloan can use that as an excuse for why his broken offense is not working.

Major trades mask the real problem. The Sloan offense is getting beat by defensive adjustments and he has not make counter adjustments. Further, he may have designed so many weaknesses into this team that he can't counter.

The Jazz need to make trades. They should make a statement that they will be rebuilding for the next 2 years and will only make trades when they can improve the team. In the mean time they need outside shooting and a real back up PG.

The Maynor salary dump has back fired at this point.

It is fixable if they get shooting and CJ/Brewer can play PG.


Give up the Hornacek for coach.

First, Name a coach in the NBA, who has had success without ever being a head coach before taking the job?

Second, Hornacek isn't even an assistant coach.

Third, We need an x and o's guy to coach this team. Not some guy who teaches shooting.

Fourth, Jerry's time has past him.


I am sick of watching this team. I pay an additional five dollars a month to Dish to watch them. I am mad that I made the decision to pay the extra money. This team is most certianly not worth my five dollars a month. Embarrassing!


Devin Williams has been misled if he believes he is an all-star. While he has some incredible nights he has many more bad ones. He flat out refuses to pass the ball to wide open players. He walks the ball up the court. But, the absolute worse thing is the misuse of the pick and roll. A screen only works if you drive your man into it. I really think he would be more use to the Jazz as a 2 since he has great ability to score. Unless Okur is scoring he needs to sit. If nothing else, The 2 big young men could use all their fouls stopping drives. Sloan's offense will work if it is ran correctly. There seems to be no fire in Sloan at all. The old Sloan would not be afraid to bench those not hustling. It really hurts watching this team.

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