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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Is it me or does it seem like the downward spiral began shortly after Miles was inserted into the lineup? Sloan has a man out there who only looks for his own shot (ok-more than one, but Miles is certainly one that fits that bill, too) and passive on defense.


Once again it`s Sloans fau;t,CJ didn`t get enough minutes or shots to get going he needs 25-30 shots per game and at least 30 minutes,as for rebounding that`s for the bigs,assists are for the PG,CJ`s job is to shoot

jumpinjax to BP

are u nuts? You honestly think that Korver will make everything ok?wow what an optimistic outlook to think that a career 10pt. a night guy will fix everything!!! I wish i believed that.

louisiana jazz man

its the new off yhey are running. everybody griped me included about the same old pick and roll now its all about jump shots its fine if you make them but they are not. hard to belive everybody couldnt make a shot. at least 3 game everybody turning the ball over and missing shots. william disagreeing with the coach in the media not good. cj dont matter about the same with or with out no one had a good game

waste of time

I had tickets to last nights game. i havent been to a game all year up to this point, and yet I had no interest what-so-ever in going. I gave the tickets away in the middle of the day. Turns out to be a great decision.

I used to be so passionate about the Jazz and even entertained the idea of buying season tix this year with a friend.. Now I cant even watch a full game. home games are littered with "boos", the team has no heart anymore. its really, really sad.

Make a move KOC, or there will be a LOT of empty seats at ESA... Couldnt be more frustrated with this franchise right now....


Last nights shooting percentages per player:

Millsap: 27%
Okur: 27%
Price: 0%
Korver: 0%
Matthews 20%
CJ: 36%

CJ was 43% from 3 land.

Now let's get to the real problem:

11 point 3rd quarter. Every game we have lost during this stretch we have been outscored in the 3rd and have outscored the opponent in the 1st. So to start the game (the starters) have done their job. Then at half-time, the other team adjusts and Jerry continues to do the same thing. In the 3rd quarter the wheels come off the bus. Between the end of the 2nd quarter and the start of the 3rd quarter someone is not doing their job!! Take the 3rd quarter out of the games and we are 28 - 2.

Monty Montana

Another headline night at ENERGYLESS/NO SOLOUTION ARENA.

Who's B.P.?

He sounds like Sloan.

The Answer

we were doing good with Matthews starting,Sloan yanked him for no reason put in Miles,that my friends is when it all went bad,start Matthews and AK at the 3 and we turn it around

Nevada fan

4 things are obvious!
#1 Greg Miller does not have the passion that his dad did for this team. If he did there would be a statement for the teams play ,and hopefully changes.
#2 This team has quit playing for Sloan.
#3 Sloan has not, and is not doing his job at the team's practices.
#4 Management does not care about winning a championship or they have put too much faith in Sloan's decisions.

todd from santa ana

Greg will be hearing from me and I will "cover the majority of us this weekend"

Far as BP-ignore him...Rhetoric and "sloanaholic"

I hate to admit this but to "Jazz Cop"

I too turned on the Jazz last night and started rooting for New Orleans so SLoan and his "worthless Sloanaholics" would suffer again, because New Orleans wanted the game more and I did not want the "holics" coming on-"told you so"

Well guess what, GO GRIZZLIES

Sad is it not? WHy you ask? Pressure, Pressure, Pressure and hope SLoan feels the effects, with stubborn people it takes pain and suffering and tough love to "sink in"

That is:

Jerry please go, you are tarnishing your great legacy more by the day..Please Jerry-walk....

Re miles

Kinda of a selective memory miles? Williams,Boozer and AK all shot 50% or better,did you miss them? cj 5-14,with 5 fouls,shoot,shoot,shoot and shoot some more....and miss a lot more than you make,no rebounding,no assists,no defense,just shoot...and shoot some more


It is time to get players and coaches that want to win, not just say they want to win. Big difference. How many times have we heard this team has great talent--talent but no guts, no heart and a coach that has proven time and again that he cannot motivate his players.

J in NY

@Miles: Man, I am glad you're not the coach. Give CJ 25-30 shots a night? That's LUDICROUS. I'm pretty sure that every other team in the western conference would love for the Jazz to do that (outside of the T-wolves and Warriors, because the Jazz would challenge them for the top spot in the lottery). Rebounding is not just for bigs. MJ did it. Lebron does it. Wade does it. Kobe does it. The best wings rebound. They pass the ball too. Oh hey, and here's another thing that they do, they play DEFENSE (also unlike CJ).

The coaching staff needs to insert Wesley Mathews back into the starting line-up, and relegate CJ to the 15 minute/night role that he has earned. Then once Korver is completely healthy, CJ can go back to keeping the bench warm full-time for the guys who play a more complete game.

re: Todd

yes, the Jazz were aware of Brown's capabilities. He just played way over those capabilities last night.


It looks like the Jazz are beginning to panic that the Knicks may make the playoffs and want to assure themselves of a first round draft pick.
CJ Miles is horrible, worst mistake on the team, no heart, no guts, and a mental weakling.


Ummmm the Jazz had 6 steals last night and CJ had two of them. Yea no defense by the rest of the team. I didn't miss the fact that Williams, Boozer and AK shot well, the point was, most of the team was horrible offensively. Especially Memo and Millsap 6 -22. And I am sure the Memo played no defense last night and Millsap got eaten up by the bigs as usual.

So if you want to point fingers at the problem, point them where they belong Houdini.


Three things to improve the Jazz

Start Williams, Matthews, Kirilenko, Millsap, and Fes.

Set Picks for AK

Trade Boozer


A Positive Note

Just to add a positive note among all the negative!
I got my money's worth last night just watching the shooting before the game! Korver drilled shot after shot from the 3 point line. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Glad to see him back in uniform. Hopefully he will be able to play more minutes and get out on that 3 point line to open up the inside shots. Without him to spread the floor it's mighty tough to get inside. We miss Korver's instincts and level head.


look at the bright side, we will trade the nicks draft pice and our lottery draft pick and get derrick favors who will lead us to the promised land and a ring. great. root for a loseing season as we need a good draft pick for a future superstar and the lakers would beat us in the firs round anyway since the judas goat fisher cheated and left us. glad to have a major team here also.

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