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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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No Jazz All Star

This team needs some leadershp. D-Will is a likeable guy; but, he's no leader. Walking the ball up the court at home is inexcusable. Okur has weights in his shoes, Price is throwing the ball to the crowd, AK can't make a lay up, and CJ just shoots all the time.

Time for a MAJOR shake -up! Have some guts Gregg. Your dad would have been calling this team out by now!!!

Jazz are lazy and selfish - absolutely embarassing!!!

cowboy joe

Keep losing we need john wall instead of dwill.


I hate the Lakers, and the Yankees. But these organizations care about winning championships. The Jazz do not care about winning a championship. This organization is just happy with making sure they break even. Why else would they trade a promising young guard for a ham sandwich? These players outside a couple of them, could care less about you and me and the desire this State has to win a championship. I will not support this anymore. I have better things to do...


Many times the Jazz are crushed in the third quarter. Why? Because other coaches use halftime to adjust their game plan--Sloan doesn't. And because other coaches use halftime to motivate their players--Sloan doesn't.

For five years I've been saying that the Jazz can't be successful with Sloan as their coach. Only Miller can change that bleak future.

Jazz Cop

It is overlooked that fesenko throws good outlet passes which opens up the offense and the jazz get more easy points that way too.
Price is an unstructured mess at the backup pg, yet he gets played because of energy, of all positions, this is the one position where having an unstructured mess hurts the team more than any other position.
so, whats sloans excuse for not playing the young centers?
yes, memo has been trying hard, and he's not terrible when he tries hard, but he's not a longterm solution, and the jazz need that inside presence, so what gives with sloan?
sloan could be starting ak, playing cj at the backup point, bringing fes or koufus off the bench, these things would've helped the team, now that the team has no edge, these moves would not be good, the jazz need to get their edge back first, before they start playing these guys who are

Once proud fan

If you remember a few years back the Yankees had the highest payroll in the league and failed to meet expectations. Love him or hate him, George S. took the team and made the necessary changes to bring the team back to greatness. This included spending more money on quality players and getting rid of the non-performers. KOC is far from a Steinbrenner caliber manager and this team needs to rid itself of the non-performers and pay for players and managers that will bring this team back to a level the community expects. Someone needs to make the hard choices to change the players and management with individuals who have the ability to make hard and productive changes. This has not happened to date because management is so afraid of making bad decisions. Just as any business, rewards are not without risks, but we as fans would be sympathetic to bad decisions if at least we saw some effort to improve the team. Thus far we have seen nothing but excuses and gutless performances.


For the first time in my 22 years of being a Season Ticket holder I was cheering for the other team tonight. I want the Jazz to lose every game the rest of the year. That is the only way that we can wake Miller up and show him we are tired of letting Sloan steal all of our passion for the Jazz. It is so obvious that when the Extension was announced this team just quit. They are done listening to the crap from sloan. His last couple of post game interviews are classic. He has noone else to blame and he just doesn't know what to say. We will have a lottery pick our own next year and the knicks will be playing in the playoffs happy it won't be losing a very good pick. Fire sloan, KOC and trade Boozer and the team will change. Oh and quit backing sloan, he has done nothing to deserve it.

B-Bye B-Boozer

@Micheal: I like Monte Ellis, but you never trade a big guy for a little guy (especially when the big is considered an all-star, and the little guy is not).

Also, to all of you CJ lovers: it's time for CJ to return to the bench. The Jazz were playing better with a rookie in the starting lineup. I have been a big CJ supporter over the years, having bought into his athleticism, height, length, shooting stroke, and oh yes, his POTENTIAL. I still believe that he is eventually going to become a very good NBA player, but from the looks of things, it won't be this year.

I also think that it is time to return to the mentality of "it's time to start shopping Boozer." His trade value should be pretty high right now, and since he will probably be on his way out at the end of the season anyways, trade him.

As a side note, Okur has always played better when Boozer was out. Since the Jazz are now on the line with Okur for another two years, maybe they ought to try to get something out of their "investment." Lol.

Jazz Cop

Rotation issues and solutions: ak should be starting, cj is the best option at backu pg, millsap is not a backup center, he backs up boozer, so play one of the young centers.

but who cares, the team stinks, hopefully they just make a trade, sloan can't figure out the roster, he's had three years to figure it out and he hasn't been able to. he hasn't been able to motivate the team in a consistent way.

is it the players or coach, it's just alot easier to get another coach, wait, sloan was extended for no good reason. ok, lets get new players, wait, the #1 player who should not have been resigned was extended, insuring that mr. alligator arms will be patrolling the middle and jacking up 3's, and mostly watching guys drive on him from behind, and they got all this without even getting someone who will play hard every game?
just an example of a very obvious bad choice in the front office.

who cares, its' fun to criticize this team, they stink, sloan stinks, managment stinks.

THe jazz deserve to be where they are, no pity.

To BP:

I agree with you entirely. Those who post here are more fickle and over-reactive than I've seen anywhere else, period. Keep trying to bring some sense to this forum. It seems impossible, but, I have no expertise in this area. Just wanted to encourage you, since you DO seem to know what you are talking about.


The Jazz are over for me and have been for a few years now; this latest futility only cements my decision to avoid the time and expense of going to see them in person, or even waste time watching on TV. Maybe it's my age, but I now look back with fondness on the Frank Layden-coached teams that put up a fight every game, although they lost more than they won --- I just was more entertained by Eaton, Dantley, Bailey, Hansen, Green, et. al., than I am by these latest groups.

I agree with those who say that as long as the Jazz keep doing what they've done for years, both coaching and playing, the results are either going to be pretty much the same or, as we're seeing, worse.

Jazz are a Joke

I pay 550.00 per seat to see this Crap on the Court, The Jazz should refund our monies for putting such a bad product on the the floor. They have raised my ticket price 200.00 per ticket the last 3 years and this is what the end result it. Even in a recession my Tix went up 10 percent last year. The Jazz and their Management are a Joke and I will sell all my Tickets as this team disgusts me with their baby attitude. Lose out Jazz and get 2 top ten draft picks in June and start rebuilding that way and send Old Jerry to the pasture as his time has seriously gone by.

Hugh G. Hater

Usually disasters like this, imho, are caused by a perfect storm of events:

1. Bigs who don't produce- AK, Boozer, Millsap, Memo (memo, where has he been?).

2. Injuries- Dwill, CJ, Korver (memo?).

3. Inability to play your system.

Unfortuantely only one of the above 3 will probably change. KOC, Sloan, et. al. are going nowhere. Did nobody see LHM's last interview?? Sloan is in control indefinitely.

Blowing up this team for new players or draft picks won't change a thing as we will still have the Sloan system.

Man up and do something Greg.

Frustrated Fan

Hey to say it but it looks like there is no manangement. Jazz have the talent and have shown that they can beat the best. Good teams make big time deals i.e. Lakers Pau Gasol, Celtics K.G. Too bad KOC does not have the guts to pull something like that. Maybe he is the issue. Come on Jazz ORGANIZATION! Figure it out.

So after last nights game....

I am not wasting another penny of my money to watch this pathetic team. Im out

Anon 2

Since KOC came to this team it has started to go down hill. Mr. Miller, you need to look at the management of the team, the players that you are getting and the direction you are going. Paying that much money for nothing is shocking to say the least. You are ripping off the fan who pays so much and is now getting so little.

The Team needs some direction and it should be up and not Down. A shake up is in order.

Loyal Fan

I honestly just felt like crying last night. What has happened to this franchise? If I was Greg Miller I would take away all of Sloan's rights to call a time out and give them to my 4 year old son. My son knows just by my reactions when to call a time out!! Sloan needs to ditch his old ways. They just don't work anymore. This team is not mature enough yet to WORK through their problems out there. For the love of everything holy, I know nothing is going to change but PLEASE, PLEASE take away Sloans ability to call time outs and give it to someone that knows how to do it.

Not Watching Anymore

Learn how to call a time out Sloan. Sloan learns how to call a time out = 5 more wins a year...EASY.


I watch a few Jazz games and it drives me nuts when Bolerjack keeps calling Okur "money"....Especially when he makes one of every ten three pointers He looks like a clown with over-sized shoes when he tries to drive and then they take the ball awway from him..LOL.....So his new name is "El Clown" and Boozer is "Matador" he just waves at players as they drive right by him.Question>>> Does Jerry,KOC and Greg not watch the same game as the Jazz fans and see that those two play no defense...

Big Jazz fan

Blow this team up! Trade AK, get Boozer out of here, Keep Williams but trade everyone else. You think Williams will re-sign with this team if they keep playing like this?

These guys have been together for a while now, and instead of getting better they are circling the drain.

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