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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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BP to Todd

Caron Butler would be a great pickup, but he is 30 years old. Older than anyone currently on our team. Do we really take that risk? Wouldn't do it. He's the kind of player you add when you need that missing piece for a 1-2 year Championship run. We are not there yet. By the time we got to the Finals, he would be washed up and just bleeding the Jazz dry.

Haywood, not sure? He's older than Butler. He's pretty average. Getting 33 minutes and averaging less than 10 pts. Fez could do that, and still get the 10 boards and 2 blocks per game Haywood is averaging. I'd trade Koufos for him though.

David West made mostly tough shots, not bad defense. Again, we held them to 91 pts. The Jazz not scoring more than 91 at home, that's the problem. It's funny noone else is even talking about this, seeing how it's the first time in 3-4 years our offense has really been stymied for a long stretch.

I thought you were going to actually challenge my post with some facts Toddsky ??? Nothing come to mind?


Front Office

Just expect CJ to come in and hit a few shots, brewer is great when back cutting and dishes down low which we need. It's hard to watch the other teams smallest guy go down the middle and nobody rotates over to block or foul the hell out of him like we used to. Remember when Jazz never gave an easy point? Here are my thoughts on what to do. First Okur has to go i loved the its 2010 wake up okur comment and thats exactly right. While this guy hits once ina while on the outside his plus-minus is horrible. How many points he gives up compared to what he's puttin down is embarasing! People he's not LAZY he has always been just slow, horrible footwork and barely get's his feet set to shoot. Okur goes Fez needs to give us inside presents. Just someone whos going to alter shots. Boozer is not the problem. Id like to see Kerilinko go as well. What I would do to get Chris Bosh. If we get a consistent shooter and Inside guy were gonna be ok. Its finally starting to affect D-Will.


I'm usually pretty conservative, but I don't see this group of players being competative. K OC needs to make some moves. I'd like to see Price play better, but he's just not a point guard & even though he was a scorer in college he hasn't shown he is a good shooter. I have been rooting for CJ for yrs but he is not showing he can suck it up and play with any consistancy. Okur and Booz don't play D.
Fes and Kk don't get any time, therefore they can't improve.
OConner needs to blow the team up and make major changes.
Get some players who are tough and compete.
I still have hopes that CJ can beome a good player but it probably won't happen with the Jazz.
His confidence isn't with his ability, it is with the uncertanty he is doing what is best for the team. Shoot the open shot or drive or pass etc. Sloan has him confused and hesitating just enough.
He does need to toughen up though and play with greater intensity. He can do it I've seen it, but not often enough.

Big trade tomorrow?

I have a strange feeling something big is gonna happen with the player deadline, possibly a trade. The team looked like they all hated each other tonight. Even when they were playing well in the 1st quarter, they didnt care. you could tell they would end up losing the game. when CJ had that 360 dunk and they showed the non-enthusiastic golf clapping from the bench, you knew something was going on. i think maybe they were told tonight about something involving a trade and they arent happy or something like that? there's obviously something goin on, not one player cracked a smile tonight. and i doubt they're still upset about the maynor trade.

just sayin, i have a feeling tomorrow is gonna shake the team up. i hope i'm right, i just hope its not for the worse (judging by the players demeanor tonight, it might be!)

... and if we miss the playoffs and the knicks make the playoffs, KOC needs to be fired the day after the season ends, PERIOD!


@BP: The offense fell apart because everyone was forcing bad jumpshots, instead of taking it to the hole. Again, the defense was non-existent down the stretch. It's up to Jerry to get effort from his players. If he can't do it, they need someone else who can.

Front Office

As i finish up lets talk about sloan... Its hard to blame a coach but at the same time when was the last time you saw Sloan get an intentional Tec to rile up his players or come flying off the bench and get thrown out of a game? What's he got to lose. Show a little fire and maybe your team will too, instead he sits there with this "what the hell am i doing here" look. This is odd im used to the old Jerry and i miss him! Everyone wanted millsap to be answer but you saw it last year when team caught on to his act up jumping in and tangling arms so he could draw fouls they backed off and he declined. We have absolutlely nobody who can drive the middle or draw a foul to get to the line when we are struggling. Boozer and his flip shots are atrocious to watch, actually everyones shots are. What happened to going right up through a guys chest and drawing a foul instead of avoiding it. Last thing all our guys t-rex arms on D. We should have them up in passing lanes.

the Mailman

i like it!

todd on defense

tell me you give up 4 ppg less on d playing fes and Kous some, does not that win more games also?

Plus maybe you will get a block and then lead a fast break maybe from a Fes outlet too

That can happen if we average 80 a game


@bp Man you are a condesending sucker. I could give a flying fart about what happene 2 years ago with this bunch. I don't blame Sloan for this mess. I blame koc and Greg miller and the players. You are such an apologist for these dudes it sounds to me like you are a jazz employee. Just be patient? We've seen this same crew for over 2 years! They couldve traded ak 2 years ago for Marion and while Marion would be gone, so would ak. They couldve traded booz for turus, but wanted more...they couldve refused to resign memo... They coudlve done lots of things...to think that they are just being "patient" or are somehow stuck with these players is both stupid and silly. I can stand guys like you...thinking you can tell everyone wha they really think...yes I'd love a championship but would be happy with a team that tried hard...like other jazz teams of the past...including the 41-41 team that I thoroughly enjoyed watching cause they played HARD.


you really love bunching everyone together into the mystical jazz fan base you call "you". Cut it with the holier than thou crap...I never said to get rid of dwill, I never said anything about "expecting" to be good. All I said was I want players who play hard. Dwill plays hard. I don't think that doing nothing makes a team better, even the celts, lakers, and cavs made some changes this offseason. There is a reason. Change is needed to get better and to avoid becoming stagnant...the jazz are stagnant...just like your brain.


Yes, Loozer. The fans are going to get on you guys right now because we're tired of your pathetic effort. Crank up your effort a few notches, and we'll cut you some slack.


AK defense is terrible he keeps his arms to his sides he donst even tried to contest a pass this is beyond a joke it is embarrising for me as a former coach that won 2 state championships .this is sad when the high school players are saying how pathics the defense is.If things dont change the miller family will feel the crunch.
How many times has a gm of one on the dealerships been let go for not performing.
How many times has a mechanic been held accountable for having a car keep coming back for not being fixed.
By the article in the paper and talk from players there is a question of leadership from the coach.
of players confidence.At any level it is you job.
To help with this.
If a coach at any level dosnt let players know whats going on by playing head games he will more than likely struggle.
Greg has some real decisions to make.which i believe is beyond our comphrension.
But i believe he will make the right choice.
We dont need the same old tape recorder for post game interview.SHOW US YOUR BRILLANCE COACH.


your just not makin sense buddy. You ever play ball? You ever been on a team? Obviosly not. Your random thoughts just make no sense...sorry. Maybe you should apply for a job in the jazz pr dept. You guys can all ride the bus together and tell eachother that management did all it could and it is what it is and stuff like that. Maybe that could be your new slogan..."the Utah jazz - patience is a virtue! Buy season tickets now!" It's imposible to argue with irrational. so I won't try anymore. Jazz stink and need a change to spark some hope, with the players and the fans...that is all.


ps jazz are 16th in the league at opp fg% at .459% and 13th in allowing 94 ppg. Not 4th. Stop pulling stats out of the air to support your crazy theories. Imagine how bad the ppg would be if we played up tempo. Yikes.


ps jazz are 16th in the league at opp fg% at .459% and 13th in allowing 94 ppg.
Here's a stat that is actually interesting. Jazz have the least amount of technical fouls in the entire NBA with 11.
Here's the leaders
1 Orlando 48
2 Boston and la tied with 45
3 Cleveland 38
4 Phoenix 37

I know techicals don't show how good a team you are, but don't ou agree that they show how much you're fighting to win? Top 5 teams in the league lead in techs? Coincidence?


Blake Stewart @BP

BP said "Okur's and Booz' +/- are better than Fez' and Koufos'."

Your wrong on that. here is the actual +/- stat from nba.com
Dwill + 85
AK +80
Milsap +69
Fesenko +58
Matthews +25
Okur +8
Kover +7
Price +2
Boozer +2
Miles -2
Brewer -7
Koufos -17

Do the math and research before you start talking out your arse! Even with Koufos, Fesenko has higher +/- than Okur and Boozer. Koufos stat can't really be taken seriously either because of playing time.


The first revision to the Jazz has to be with Kevin O'Connor. The weight of the AK contract has crippled us. The Player Options he negotiated have boxed us into a corner that leaves us optionless.

Jerry has lost the fire and energy. He is not willing to back up his tough talk with tough decisions. He has never been an innovative strategist and when we had the pieces he has been outcoached by the Phil Jackson's of the NBA world.

The chances of making meaningful roster changes are virtually impossible. There is talk of trading Boozer. There are plenty who will trade longer term contracts for him. The franchise can't afford it.

I would reset the coaching staff with Hornacek. He is the smartest player I have ever watched. Stockton and Malone respected him more than Jerry. I saw him come out of timeouts and alter Jerry's directions with far greater success. I would bet that he could formulate an offense that would better utilize AK's skills since it looks like we are stuck with him another year.


Tune in, Tune out

The Fiesta Bowl was more exciting and admittedly, I am not a NBA fan, especially since the Malone-Stockton era. I kept toggling between channels, more to see if this Jazz team would respond with some heart after all the criticisms (deserved I may add) lately. They didn't.

I agree with Sloan, you can either curl up in a corner or go out and fight. It is odd to watch a Jerry Sloan coached team curl up in a ball and sulk.

I thought D-will and Boozer would be our 2nd coming.

Folks, D-Will has incredible talent and I think gives his all. He shoots better than Stockton did at this junction in his career. He doesn't see the floor as well as Stockton did, but he will soon.

The problem with the Jazz isn't talent, its the lack of effort. And nothing turns Jazz fans away more than watching their hard earned money being wasted on watching effortless talent play ball.

I see Boozer as a bit soft. At least softer than Malone, but then again all we ever heard about was how other teams thought Malone was an elbow waiting to happen.

Jazz Cop

I'll admit, I liked watching them lose last night. It just wouldn't have been the same if it hadn't been the jeckyl hyde show. Man, this team is torture.
I send my thanks out to dwill, boozer, miles, okur, not to mention ak, love watching you guys burn, thanks for being a pyre, you guys look good going down in flames.
As for me, I'm smiling. Its not hard to feel good about watching them burn--to burn or, as a fan, to be burned, that is the question?

It's sad when you find yourself rooting for the other team. I'm ashamed, but, at least, I wasn't surprised when the jazz had eight points in the period.

Do you think dwill could help his teammates by going back to the ball when they don't have a shot, he just passes the ball and stands there and watches them, there are times when he needs to go back and get the ball back when there is no shot, if a player gets stood up, he should probably go get the ball back, do you think?
i say pay dwill more.


its frustrating right now for the Jazz fans, D-Will's bad pass only shows that Paul deserves more to be an all star this feb.

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