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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Glad Eric Maynor got off a sinking ship!!! OKC just won another game. BTW see when Price came in, the offense just sputtered...opposing team see him as a one dimensional player and can easily shut him down, he's not a threat as a creative/imaginary passing PG like Maynor!!! Expect the Jazz team to continue this trend for the remaining games of the season. Greg Miller is more interested in his Land Cruiser hobby than trying to stop the bleeding and losing fans everyday!!!

BP to "Didn't Watch"

You are right...CJ should have come off the bench. That's where he was playing when he began playing this season and I think it serves him well. Less pressure. Matthews needs to go back to starting to get the flow back.

But to the rest of you....trade CJ?? Stupid move when he's costing us so little. He just needs to be utilized differently.

Now to Korver. I'll say this now, then rub it in all of your faces when it comes to pass. As soon as Korver is healthy and can handle significant minutes, the Jazz offense will flow again (just like when we got him in the trade). Whether he is hitting or not, his presence at the 3 pt. line frees things up. We need 3 pt shooting, or at least the allusion of it.

In reality I think we need the Allusion of 3 pt shooting more than we actually need the shooting. Tonight we knocked down 7 of 14 and lost...primarily because we were settling for jumpers all game. Korver's presence allows for more room in the paint, and thus higher percentage shots.

Not that difficult to see guys.

go jazz

go jazz and take the yewts with you!

They Don't Care, Why Should We?

My 16-year-old son had been a diehard Jazz fan his whole life. He became disillusioned last year because he felt several players quit on the season and gave up. Funny, those same players are the same ones are quitting again this season My son no longer has any interest in the Jazz. We haven't been to a game this year. He doesn't care if they're on TV (we watched the Fiesta Bowl tonight). Heck, I didn't even know they were playing tonight until I was scanning the desnews.com.

It's not the losing. We could live with the losses if the Jazz displayed some effort. The Jazz and their management are turning off their base fans by playing guys who don't care anymore. Why should we? Jerry is no longer the taskmaster that he once was. The Jazz are a mess. If Greg Miller thinks he can sustain the Jazz with this team and coach and still maintain a healthy fan base, he's sadly mistaken.

O'Conner to Blame for Mess

KOC has to to go. He's responsible for this huge contract mess. His record is spotty at best, despite recent puff piece by DNew's Jody Genessey.

His "do nothin" approach while everyone else in the West locks and loads is unexplainable. Jazz are mess. Start cleaning house with the GM.

miles starts ...we lose again

great game cj,5-14,5 fouls,and you`re guarding Devin Brown,who goes for 30,yep, great game cj

Re: Stythe

You may be right about a lack of effort but it sure as heck isn't because Jerry Sloan isn't trying to get them to play with more heart.

The man bleeds "effort" and "hustle" from every pore in his body.

todd from santa ana part 2

I saw everything I needed to say at the end of the 3rd quarter. DWIL just made that 3 pointer. The fans go nuts. He does not acknowledge his teammates slaps or pats on the back. He does not change expression, acting angry and frustrated.

Sloan tried to talk him dueing a break on the sideline worried if he was ok after getting hit-he did not acknowledge him

Everything, I have seen and the comments lately are clear-there is no more respect between players and coaches. DWIL is fed up with this organization. he is fed up with the direction.

Okur no longer cares.

DWIL< Boozer, Matthews, Price are the only regular players showing any interest or at least if Boozer does not he produces just enough to get a pass. Maybe Milsap. However, he and Boozer got destroyed by David West like I predicted,

That is why you need a Caron Butler.

In trade talks all over the league tonight, again, O Connor not rumored to do ANYTHING. HE WILL LET HIM GO BACK TO THE HEAT OR BULLS.


You need bigs playing, could literally steal Haywood..

BP to Stythe

You are kidding yourself when you say that all you want is for them to play hard. You, like the rest of Jazz fans, want a championship and you want it NOW! Ever since we kind-of accidentally and kind-of on purpose went to the Western Conference Finals a few years ago, most of you automatically expected them to go to the same place or better the following year. But you forget that the reason we got to the Western Conference Finals was a combination of good fortune (getting Golden State in 2nd RD) and being under the radar. It was Deron's coming out party that year, and noone quite knew how good he was.

So stop acting like we DESERVE to be better than the top teams in the League. We are still a work in progress and the Jazz will add players or subtract them when they can. They tried to shop Boozer this summer but were unsuccessful. Are you gonna hold it over their heads forever that they signed an up and coming Boozer and Okur several years ago? You were all ECSTATIC when it happened. Fickle Fans!!! And getting rid of DWILL? Cmon Guys!

todd from santa ana

I do not care BP about those "team stats" it means nothing. If you still get exposed to 3s because of strategy it is wrong. You have to score one more point than the opponent, maybe you did not know this. Offense system that does not work. It panics when players take away Boozer down low. Boozer had to work because New Orleans plays defense. Real defense...Knowing how to switch, cut, fight through picks, r

No timeouts, no lineup changes except Millsap back in for Boozer and AK in a 3rd quarter we were lucky not to be 20 down.

I have not heard as many boos "ever" as tonight. This goes back to the Salt Palace in 1979 as I have listened or watched 90 percent of the home games or more-all time.

Standings: Now New Orleans, Memphis gaining Clippers are next. Memphis with all those young guns Wednesday, if we cannot win this, who handles Gasol and Zack ? BOOZIE AND OKURRIE?


The Wizards "are desperate to trade" maybe all. You could get so many players from them that could make this franchise viable "again"

Between, Butler, Haywood, Mcgee, Nick Young, I could go on

CJ should....

come off the bench? what for? he`s useless,no defense no rebounds,no assists,just one brick after another.trade the bum

BP to Jazzman72

If we're not making effort, how do you explain being the 4th best DEFENSIVE team in the West???

I can easily answer the question I'm sure you'll ask me:

Allow me to role play it for you:



BP to "Ridiculous"

I agree, and I already gave my thoughts on CJ, so I'll leave it at that.

I'll just add one thing. Just because Jerry fiddled with the lineup and put CJ back in the Starting lineup isn't grounds for firing him. I don't like everything Jerry does, but I like that he's looking at different lineups. If CJ keeps this up, he will put Matthews back in as Starter. But at some point, he's got to have faith in the players he has.

Part of me wishes he'd play Fez and Koufos. I love their size for defense. But at the same time I can't hold it against Sloan for putting the best all-around players on the floor. It is what he has to work with. Okur's and Booz' +/- are better than Fez' and Koufos'. It especially is justifiable since our Defense has not been the problem this year. Again guys, just look at the numbers.

Don't bother responding with your "ridiculous" comments until you do. I don't care if someone proves me wrong, but you WILL have to prove it.

todd on devin brown

what explains all the times he was left wide open? and no adjustments. You would think after a couple. The Jazz coaches and many of these same players practiced with D Brown when he was here.

What they are not aware of his capabilities?

That is what I mean about SLoan

Further, were there timeouts in the 3rd? Changes? If you count a little AK and Millsap in for Boozer.

Fedor: I disagree about Fez and Kous they deserve a chance to spark this team and get the fans back somewhat,

This is what happens when you wait "and sit" for something to happen///

chico @BP

Hey BP,

you missed the point, and did it classlessly. You see you are the one who is uninformed. "Another Career best made the point that guys tend to get career high totals in offense against the Jazz. Several have done it this year.

Lets take a look at who' had their career high against the Jazz just a few from memory

Devin Brown
Dwayne Wade
Tyreke Evens
Ty Lawson
Gerald Wallace
Luol Deng
Derek Rose
Linus Kleaza
DJ Augustine
Ryan Gomes
Johnny flynn
Ty Lawson
Martell Webster
Micheal Redd
JJ Redick

todd to bp

the preceding announcement was paid for by BP, local houseman, employee Utah Jazz National Basketball Association

Friends; Want homer and tuxedos and huck hound?

Come see BP

You will feel warm and fuzzy and feel after meeting the Jazz and SLoan like Bret Hart the best there was the best that will ever be

Front Office

Ok BP you want real guys who know hoops? I've sat and read these comments forever and never said a word so here goes. I've played all my life, played college used to play with Jazz in off-season when B-russ was here played with Van horn miller and crew up at the U hyper gym, was allstate here and played on a traveling team (and yes us Utah whiteboys won a lot of tourneys) that actually played a lot of guys playing today including boozer who we played several times a year when he played for a team called LA Rockfish when he came down from alaska. Kobe, Garnett, mcgrady, and yes Maggette dunked on me i had no choice but to watch this guy jump outta the gym. I know hoops and know how to play. That said I love everyones comments on here cause we love our jazz. From day one Millsap will never be boozer and we overpaid. Kerilinko cant play d anymore boozer cant go hard to the hoop malone style and there is nothing good to say about Okur. CNT

Downtown Devin Brown

Whats up fella's. It felt great coming back to Salt Lake City as an NBA starter. Ya'll miss me? I missed ya'll. If lighting the Jazz up for 30 doesn't say that than i don't know else to say, LOL! Career High at that. Be Breezy. And i'm not talking about Drew Brees either, LOL!


Just playing around with the NBA trade machine...apparently a straight up trade of Carlos Boozer for Monta Ellis works under the cap. Golden State needs a power forward badly, and the Jazz need a consistent perimeter scorer badly. Besides, the Jazz have Millsap to cover for Boozer at the four spot (where he played much better as a starter last season). It won't happen...but just found it enticing.

Get Mikki Moore!

The Warriors just waived Mikki Moore today, pick him up KOC! Then we don't have to screw around with our "small line up" when Memo goes out, Moore can back Memo up, and milsap can remain the steady 4 backup. do it! do SOMETHING!

CJ needs to go. The jazz were doing just fine until he came back from his injury and screwed up the rotation. we've been terrible since he's been back. can't fully blame CJ though, sloan is the one making him play all the minutes and not taking him out when he does a crappy job. gotta get rid of them both.

at this point, i dont see ANY player on the team that is untouchable. the only untouchable in my eyes is matthews because he's the only one giving 100% effort every night. granted, they'd sell the team before they traded dwill, but i have a feeling he is a real pain in the butt in the locker room. he's always cussing players out and i dont think its for motivation, i think its just because he's orery.

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