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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Just about done

All the angry posts at least show that fans care. It's not gonna be too long before we just stop caring.

P Diddy

Last off-season has been a huge mistake by the Jazz. Not just that Boozer and Korver reupped for their contracts but that they extended Memo (what were we thinking extending a big man who can't defend down low?) and resigning Millsap (face it - the Jazz overpaid!!!) If the Jazz would have let Millsap go they wouldn't have had to worry about shedding salary as much and might have been able to swing some better deals. Instead, we get to sign a D-league player!

Didn't watch

There was more interesting football on. I see they didn't start Matthews again. I would say that obviously isn't working but the bench was just terrible tonight. That 3rd quarter total is ridiculous. Still, there was a groove and a confidence and now it is gone. Why? CJ seemed to be doing better coming off the bench. The pressure on him is too high and he is not handling it well. Am I wrong here?

BP to "Another Career Best"

You are uninformed to say the least, as are many others on this forum! If you looked at the Statistics this year (i.e Points Allowed), the Jazz are tied for 4th BEST in DEFENSE in the West. Guess who we are tied with??? Dallas and the Champion LAKERS. Last year we finished tied for 10th in the West on the Defensive end and would have been out of the Playoffs if it weren't for our offense (we finished 4th in Offense out of top 8 teams last year).

This year it's the opposite. Again, we are tied for 4th on DEFENSE and barely hanging on to 7th in OFFENSIVE production. The good news is that our offense this year is not as far behind as our defense was last year!!!

Tonight against New Orleans we held the Hornets to 91 pts..LOWER THAN OUR SEASON AVERAGE, WHICH AGAIN IS 4TH BEST IN THE WEST!!!! We only scored 87 points, proving again that this year our Defense has improved while our offense has diminished a ton.

Why has our offense been hurting?
1) Mental Focus on Defense is throwing offense off

2) Korver is hurt


To Todd...hello my friend, anxious to see what you say about team after tonight pathetic display.

Wow, what more can be said about this sad and sorry excuse for the Utah Jazz. Give me Raul Lopez over D-Will. At least in the 41-41 season Jazz team has the heart.

CJ defenders, go away. CJ incompetence his fault, not Sloan. Okur, 2010 called, feel free to wake up and walk in the door. DWill, sprained hand, sick stomach, lots of excuses. Boozer, maybe the bright spot right now? (makes me sick to say that) Fes and Kuf you are right where you belong. Don't fool yourself Jazz fan....Kuf and Fes are not the answer.

Devin Brown had this game circled on his calendar since Jazz let him go. HA HA. Devin Brown lights up Jazz. Add him to long list on nobody's in NBA who light up Jazz. LHM would be disgusted. I miss his passion.....a passion this team need right now.

I think players afraid to say they hate Sloan. They know Jazz would trade all players before they fired Sloan. I love Jerry, but he has lost team.

This is the end, Jerry

Jerry said he considered starting Matthews over CJ against N.O., but doubted it would make any difference. He also said he preferred CJ's experience. It's time to face facts, Coach. It's not that CJ is terrible, but the Jazz play so, so much worse.when he is on the floor. The Hornets wereplaying like D League in the first half and we could manage only a 4-point lead???? CJ goes 2-9 through three quarters, including yet another abysmal 3rd where we totally fall apart.

Remember, after an abysmal 3-5 start, Sloan put Matthews in the starting lineup and the Jazz played terrific, going 11-4 and lowering points allowed from 104 to 95 a game. CJ comes back and plays significant minutes and Jazz fall to 2-2. Now, with CJ starting, Jazz are 2-6. Is it any secret anymore???

No more CJ!!!!!


No heart.

No accountibliity.

Pretty soon, not enough fans ( the jazz need to average at least 19,000 fans to be viable).

The team is selling off players to make payroll.

The coach has lost the team.

The once proud franchise is heading downhill at an increasing rate of speed with no one taking the wheel or applying the brakes.

Larry, would be hard pressed to recognize the franchise he worked so hard to build.

scodyshootfight (KC)

Dude, the Jazz played tonight? I was so into the Boise State game that I completely lost track. I've been HARDCORE Jazz for the past 17 years, and not once in my lifetime have I been this disinterested. Even when they lost John and Karl, they were fun to watch because they laid it out every night. I would seriously rather watch us lose with Kosta and Big Fess on the floor because they would at least play with heart and hustle. Big ups to Ronnie Price for his killer desire and hustle.


I can't believe Todd isn't on here yet. I expect that any minute we will see a post from him, and probably something like this:

"I call for the trading of the whole team, the demolishing of Energy Solutions Arena, and once it's down let's storm the Jazz locker and tell Jerry Sloan we don't like him, if he's still alive"

That's how ridiculous these posts are getting. It's mobocracy. You all are jumping on the bandwagon without any clue what you're talking about. Please, where are the Jazz fans who actually understand Basketball???

Devin Brown was not a blown defensive assignment. 3 of his 3's were from 2 ft behind the line, and another he banked in. He just made shots. Again, I'll remind all of you that we still held the Hornets to 91 pts...you Ignorant Mob you.

Todd??? Where are you buddy??? Your Mob is getting out of control.

For the record: I'm not claiming everything is right with our team. Clearly we're out of sync, but you guys are just ridiculous!!!

David Lee

The Jazz should have signed him last summer instead of Millsap. No comparison between these two.


Wow....as a long time loyal Jazz fan it was bad tonight. It is time the Jazz do something to change things up..clearly bringing back 12 players from last season is not working! Please do something!

Enter Name

I would rather have a root canal than watch these guys play.

I'm shocked

Do people still watch the Jazz? I had no idea they were still in town.


I DEMAND effort.

I'm a business owner and I can tell when my an empoyee "checks out". This team is full of guys who no longer believe in waht they are doing. The effort..the "play like your life depends on winning" is just not there. Lots of other teams...even teams that aren't that good play really hard. Chicago, okc, Memphis, Denver, dallas, Houston. Houston doesn't have the best players, but they would be a fun team to root for cause they play so hard. That's all I need. I don't need a championship to be a happy fan, just players who care and play hard. These guys are the opposite of that...talented players who don't know what play hard means. Boy do miss harpring....and raja bell. Let's get guys like Kevin love, Lois scola, joakim Noah, shane battier, Josh smith, Gerald Wallace, david lee.


I agree. How can management not understand that they are on the verge of losing the jazz fans. Soon (very very soon) people will decide to do something else rather than watch a team that doesn't care. They are perilously close to losing the fan base, unless a change is made. Even If it doesn't end up resulting in any great increase in wins, at least the fans will feel like maybe there's a chance it will get better, which will result in more interest. Hello...can anyone hear our cries?

Now Losing at Home

Now we are starting to stink at home.

Someone needs to be held responsible for paying roll players all star salaries.

Even worse New York is starting to win.



sloan coaches another player to career game,

too bad they are ALWAYS on the other team,

by my count this is the FIFTH one this year.

FIRE sloan!

FIRE o'connor!

FIRE scott layden!

and get people who can recognize, get, draft, trade for, and sign real talent,

put together a team that designed to win chamionships and not just barely get winning records so the franchise can sell tickets and t-shirts,

and people (a caoch) who can institute a real system, develop and coach the players, and know how to coach DURING a game.

AND Greg Miller:

MAN UP and actually do something.

todd to bp

Called back, sitting in the wings. BP you are beyond silly, as is your call for patience" You will have to wait for my next post maybe you can learn some things.


@BP: Ridiculous? This team 's effort right now IS RIDICULOUS! Larry would give them a piece of his mind if he were here. Come on Greg! Do you have some of your dad's passion? Put some fire under your boys!


To BP: Ridiculous? Really? The Jazz go 13-6 and are playing great, and Sloan - for no clear reason - switches the lineup. Since then, the Jazz go 2-6. Ridiculous? I think it's pretty plain. The Jazz had great chemistry and were playing with real heart, and these changes have ruined everything. Nothing else has changed over the past 8 games. This lineup didn't work at the end of last year and it's not working now. Even if CJ made every shot, all he is is a jump-shooter. He doesn't run the offense and he barely plays defense. It's time for a change!

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