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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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What now????

Where do you go from here. Huge salary, Huge expectations, huge let down.


It is time to break this team up!!!!!!!! KOC find some trades!!! 77 million bucks for this are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I AM GLAD WE LOST AGAIN !!!! Since KOC cannot be proactive, the only way for KOC to do something is to react to disaster. So, I pray we loose from the Grizzlies too, maybe then, maybe, he'll decide enough is enough and do something.


...to the Jazz's efforts!

Another Career Best

Devin Brown does it this time. I would bet that 1/2 of the players in this league have had their career best scoring game against the Jazz! What does that say about your defense Sloan? This is more than pathetic, I just don't know the word to explain it. I do know this though, it's time for a new coach and staff, and I don't mean and seasons end I mean yesterday!


Let's all say it together:


KOC, fans are sick of this. Make a move. NO D-LEAGUE trash. REAL players.


Is anyone actually surprised by this?



cowboy joe

Maynor is happy now. Went to an up and coming team rather than a heartless one. Major changes are needed but highly unlikely. At least they can put butter on the popcorn likr at the movies. Dry team dry popcorn.

Time for a change

It's so pathetic that I can sit at home and see that Deron is seriously questioning the heart and managment if this team, and I agree with him... What the heck is going on Jazz???? Jerry, your old and although I appreciate what you've done, you really need to step down. Take an office position if you still want to be involved. KOC you have lost your mind, I am tired of listening to you tell everyone that your building a championship team when all we have on this team are C- players, okay we have one A thats deron, but come on why is it that players we have traded away recently always light us up when they play us? KOC you need to be fired, take some lessons from Oklahoma City, there are putting together a solid team.

Jazz fans we are in for some long years if changes aren't made. Come on Miller step up and ACTUALLY ACT LIKE AN OWNER.


Brown? Their top scorer? Did the Jazz players have something else on their minds tonight?

Sloan ought to get equipped! (He once said he's not equipped when confronted with getting into his players' heads.)

Maybe the Jazz ought to get equipped with a motivational coach.

Past the point of concerned ....

A lot of empty seats a comin'

cowboy joe

Why did koc sign okur to an extension? Second worst contract in jazz history.


The wheels on the bus have fallen off, fallen off, fallen off. The Wheels on the bus have fallen off in Salt Lake City.

Jazz are a safe 9th seed in the West now!!!! hahaha, peace from a Jazz hater!!!


I was given lower-bowl tickets to the Denver game February 6th for Christmas. I seriously am likely to give them away as it is a complete waste of time. This is the worst Jazz team I have seen since the early 80's. KOC needs to get some cohesiveness on this team by trading the dead wood. Play the big boys Sloan!


I've had it. They let another sub 500 team with a horrible road record beat them on their home floor. The ESA is no longer an intimidating environment for other teams. What's your excuse this time Jerry? Your prima donnas have been home for a few days and have been able to get their beauty rest. The team has flat out given up, and until I see some meaningful changes, I do too. I'm tired of wasting my time with this team. Greg, if you want to preserve your father's legacy, step up and save this franchise. I know a lot of fans are losing their patience with this continuity theory. The franchise is regressing, not progressing. PLEASE STOP THE BLEEDING!


Wow, as a long suffering Jazz fan, this is rock bottom.

The short term and long solution is a new GM, Boozer and Okur didn't result in a finals appearance, and at the moment Miles, Okur, Korver and Price are a $20 million+ liability. Ak's $16.5 contact should buy a marquee all-star starting player.

The worse part are the number of players who the Jazz could have drafted since 2000 who are contributing for other teams (Humphries and Snyder, really?? Jefferson, J Smith or K Martin would have been nice!!!)

Hopefull Boozer, Korver and Brewer's contracts ($20.3) are used to bring in R Gay (why no sign and trade deal for Mile and or brewer? Grizzlies gave away Gasol and AI blow up in their face, and they can't afford to keep R Gay), D Lee or L Scola, in 2010 and 2011 AK and Price's contracts ($18.5) are used to bring in J Noah and JR Smith.

With the Nuggets, Blazers, T-wolves and Thunder riddled with Lottery picks the future looks more like the Blues than Jazzy.


When's the last time we saw some fight from this bunch. They don't play hard. They think they are, they just don't know what play hard means. I'm talking about this kind of stuff

set a hard screen (stock, horny, harp,Malone)
cut full speed and with purpose (horny,bell)
block out to the point of making the other guy throw an elbow (harp)
get it a shoving match (Malone,harp,bell)
take a hard foul (Malone,harp)
dive on the floor (stock , harp, bell)
run the floor like crazy on a fast break (Malone)
run to the sideline on a time out (don't mope and walk slowly (Deron))

none of these has Anthony to do with d or shooting...it has to to with attitude and competativeness. Not wanting to
lose cause it ruins your day. That's what we need more of.

Get rid of players who don't at hard

D. Meredith

Turn out the lights...The party's over...

For they say, all good things... must come to an


Fresno Cop

Sloan has lost his hold on the players....They have no interest in playing the game, they dont try, simply put.......Sloan needs to resign, his time is up, IT REALLY IS........During that 3rd quarter when we were missing shots, no timeout was taken by Sloan...You can not let the game get out of control...A timeout should have been called, he shouldve told the players to drive to the basket, and possibly get fouled....But instead jump shot after jump shot was taken...When a team continues to lose, a change up in the line-up is due...Why is Sloan not making any changes in the starting lineup...CJ should be benched, Okur should be benched...As I watch the jazz play, the more i hate Okur's game...he has no shot, no inside game, and we all know he has no defense and turnover prone...If management does not make a roster change, the jazz are doomed...The team needs a spark...If nothing is done, management does not care about bringing a championship to Utah....Again the players have stopped competing....Please Jerry its time yo hang it up...Enjoy your farm....

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