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Published: Monday, Jan. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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I thought Sloan was an in your face coach with quick feeback on what you needed to improve. Maybe I did not interpret DWill's comments right but it sounded like Sloan did not give feedback on what to improve or why you got yanked.

If an explanation were to affect team chemistry I can see why Sloan would not give any.

Figuring it out on your own does not sound like a good coaching technique to me. Different personalities would come to vastly different conclusion, most of them would be negative and probably wrong.

It certainly would not give you confidence.


WOW KOC might finally make a big splash and get Morris Peterson ( tongue planted firmly in cheek ) I am sick of the Jazz not ever making a impact trade, its sad when trading for Kyle Korver is a big deal. The way things are going you should try to move Boozer and AK to the Rockets for TMAC and Chase Budinger just rid ourselves of his horrible contract.


"Coach (Sloan) is not the type of guy who's going to come and talk to you and tell you anything, really. You've just got to kind of figure it for yourself. So I just tell them, if you feel like they're good shots, keep shooting them. You know, what can you do?"

So basically Sloan just teaches the same pick and roll, and a few other thing's he's always taught, at the beginning of the year and picks up his 5 million, or something paycheck? If I made that kind of money I would be non stop studying in the off season on how to improve the team, instead of plowing fields in Indiana.


trade MIles,kosta for Camby need defensive minded backup for Memo.


Trade Miles,Koufus for Camby need defensive minded backup for Memo. Please Connor make a move.


Jerry is an excellent coach:

WISE WORDS: Williams had advice Sunday for the likes of swingman C.J. Miles, who sat in Saturday's first half after apparent poor shot selection.

"I just try to tell them you can't worry about getting pulled out of the game," Williams said. "You know, I've been there. My rookie year, some games I'd start, the next game I wouldn't play, the next game I'd play 30 (minutes), the next game I'd play two, didn't know why.

Jerry is clueless

New coach???

They should also be searching for a new head coach... just a thought...

Energy =

Eric Maynor and Wesley Matthews...maynor got dumped...matthews got benched...slone got brevin hart


Okur is a tall center, so you would think, why is playing on the perimeter of the Circle. He hits his share of 3 pointers, however, there are many who can shoot 3 pointers half his size. Okur is not a hustle type player, if the ball comes to him he sometimes gets it. The Jazz need a tall center who can rebound and play defense, who plays with "guesto". Desire is half of winning. I do not see that desire in okur.

Better Advice From D-Will

Please correct me if I'm wrong but D-Will should have added in his advice: "While Coach is not one to come to you to talk, he is more than willing to talk IF YOU TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND GO TO HIM." This was proved a few years ago with AK. IMHO, this is another backhanded jab from D-Will publically undermining respect for his coach — this immaturity from our team’s “leader” makes me SICK!

"Team searching for more energy"

How about searching for better players?

Greg Miller needs...

...to step in!

todd from santa ana

to Better Advice from DWILL

Maybe he is right. Would that be so difficult to comprehend? By the way you are "sloanaholic?"



Finally Dwill is stepping up and being a team leader since Greg Miller won't stand up. Dwill is totally right. Jerry has lost control of how to coach his own team. CJ plays well and Jerry benches him when the team is desperate for some offense.

please make sense or don't post

Todd - What in the world does your post mean?


If the Jazz "lacked energy", then why in the world didn't Jerry bench the starters and put in the rest of the team for awhile to give the starters a break. Koufos and Fesenko would only be tired from traveling because they haven't seen much playing time. It would at least be a different look on the floor for a period of time. And they certainly couldn't have performed any worse than the Jazz did against Denver. Pathetic!

Dump Sloan

then dump Miles


It is the same story week in and week out with this team. I think we need to get a life and do something constructive rather than post the same depressing and pointless things. This franchise is not going to improve this year without trades or bringing in some fresh head coaching blood. Plain and simple. I don't care how much money O'Connor makes to do what he does, or how long Sloan has been involved with the NBA. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is wrong with this team and to see that this franchise has become stagnant. This season is just like every other in the last 20 years plus. Wait until next year.

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