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Published: Monday, Jan. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chuck Nunn

Tim, did you ask Coach about Fesenko and Koufos? Getting those guys, particularly Fess, into the lineup will do wonders for Utah's interior defense. It's already worked! I'd like to hear what Coach has to say about that.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

Sloan is capable

of creating an offense that can be run by the existing players. The big question is will he add the plays and make the adjustments that have to be made?

I think the Maynor trade is affecting the team more than anyone has mentioned. It sent a clear message to players that the Jazz were in fire sale mode and not adding resources but more interested in financial considerations.

It also altered the PG play. Maynor might be an average rookie PG but he was a resource and he made the offense work.

Not knocking Price as he tries hard but since the Maynor trade the offense has sputtered.

The Maynor trade seems to affect the confidence and intensity of the key players.

Maynor also tended to run the team at the right pace. Price does not and DWill often does not.

The wrong pace results in rushed shots if to fast and an entranced defense of to slow.

todd from santa ana

Actually, are you shocked?

Sloan, stated that "no need to put Matthews for now back in lineup"


I Love DWIL casualness also on where the jazz are right now.

Maybe teaching a lesson to those players would be if OK CITY or MEMPHIS went on 5, 6 game winning streak....

As i Stated SLoan is inflexible.


It seems to me that DWILL is questioning some of Sloans choice's but then shortly thereafter back tracking. Do I see some dissension arising.


"That established, Sloan did concede that – largely because of early season injuries to C.J. Miles, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Price – the 18-15 Jazz are very much a perplexing puzzle."

Here watching the Jazz play I thought our problem was no inside presence. That is, no interior defense or post up player besides Boozer.

I don't see CJ, Korver, Price improving our team any better then it is now.


"Sloan insists season not over yet."

Hmm ... sure seems like it!

RE: billypen

Do I see some dissension rising? Da. For some reason it gets ignored, but I believe Deron lost respect for Sloan quite some time ago despite DWill's media savy (coach) support speaches.

the Mailman

D Will omments are as close as aplayer will ever come to criticizing Sloan. I liked "You can't blame it all on Coach" (no, just most of it!)

Read between the lines. He would love a different coach. D Will, me, todd and every other discerning Jazz fan.


Yogi Berra once said, "it ain't over till it's over", but the way things look for the Jazz, it might be close. I think the Jazz could make the playoffs if Boozer and D-Will stay healthy, but I wouldn't think they would go any further than the first round. A "won and done" situation like last year against the Lakers.

The problems are easy

...to see. And it isn't injuries, despite what Jerry Sloan says. The Jazz played their best ball - not just of the year, but of the last two or three years - during the 15-game run when they had only 8 or 9 players, with Matthews starting and Maynor playing significant minutes. Remember, they were 11-4 during this time (and they have been 7-11 otherwise). Not only that, but their defense was solid and their offense looked better than it has in years - great passes, great ball movement, great inside shots.

The key problems:

1. Not running the offense. The offense has almost totally disappeared. There were maybe two or three good plays during the Denver game. The poster above had it right about pacing. The pacing's off. Right now, only DWill can fix this.

2. Inside defense. This will not change until Okur and CJ are replaced. They simply don't defend inside. Boozer is actually doing OK - not great, but a lot better than last year.

3. Energy. Matthews needs to start because of the energy he brings. Price and Fes need time, too. AK, Okur, CJ, even DWill way too sloppy!

Big Fan

Just to make the season more enjoyable, I'm declaring my loyalty to the Los Angeles Lakers...I feel better already!



Bored in SLC

I'm bored silly trying to watch this team implement Sloan's offense. Even when it's working on all cylinders, it's still boring to watch. Thank goodness for remote controls where I can flip back to check the score without actually having to watch the game. I think the only ones more bored with this team than I am are the players themselves.

Cowboy Joe

It appears that the chemistry on the team is not great. Players don't trust the coach the coach doesn't trust the players. Something needs to be done to bring in change.

Tonight we will see CP3 and wish he was leading the Jazz.

Go Jazz, Go CP3


This loss was stunning, without Billips and Carmello this was in the bag. Jazz play down to their potential.

This could signal trades in the offing.

Sloan has been trying to insert the hurt players, Korver when available, Price and CJ. All three will be traded or cut after this season and perhaps Brewer as well.

Face of the Jazz could change significantly.


Just like I said on Saturday:

Williams cited the case of Miles, a starter all last season.

"He played good in the first quarter, then he didn't get back in (until the second half)," Williams said. "I thought it was funny, but I guess he took two shots Coach didn't like."

Wide-open shots.

"I thought he took good shots. I passed it to him. … I think we need to take open shots or we're not going to be a good team if we don't have confidence."

Jerry is clueless. CJ is 3 - 5 in the first quarter and he benches him over a bad shot? Then he plays Price and Matthews in the 4th quarter? Yea, those are go-to guys in the NBA while CJ and AK sit on the bench. Good use of personal Jerry.

I think Jerry is afraid that CJ might make a 3 pointer and he won't have anything to complain about after the game. Jerry please retire or trade CJ.

Trade time!

It's time to shake things up! Bring in some fresh blood. Remember how the Korver trade invigorated the Jazz? Work the phones! Make an offer!


The only mystery left in this season is whether the Jazz will make a deal, any deal before the trade deadline that would potentially break the team out of the sleepwalk it is currently mired in. At season end it is time for our hall of fame coach to hang it up regardless of the season result. It is time for Greg Miller to "own" the Jazz for better or worse.


Sloan is so contradicting its not even funny. Two weeks ago he said about Memo and the other Players "I don't know what these guys are doing to get themselves ready to play. And now he says in this article "I've never had a problem with that," he said, "because that's my job, to try to get guys to play."

So which is it? I appreciate what he has done and at the end of the year lets celebrate a great job done. But if this team is going to compete then they need a coach and coaching staff that is active with the players in all aspects of basketball on and off the court. Sloan has defined his roll and will not vary from it which is plain stupidity and it shows from there play, attitude, and record.

It will be hard to follow this team until the coach and certain players are changed.


I agree with some on here who are saying that things will never change until the coach changes (that means not extending Sloan, again and again and again). His system DOES NOT work. Back in the day, yes, you didn't need to guard the 3 or have people on your team who can hit it, but welcome to the new NBA. Teams consistently kill us by utilizing the 3. I'll bet we actually outscore our opponents from the 3 point line maybe 10 games a year. In short, you can change players till the cows come home, but until the coach changes you will always see the same results. End of story.

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