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Published: Monday, Jan. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Glad he is having a great vacation at the expense of Utah, what has he done? NOTHING, Except obstruction!


Way to go Jason!!! (just thought I'd get this one in before the anti-LDS diatribe starts)


If Jasson is against whole-body imaging, would he be in favor of limited profiling? By that, I mean, check passports for prior trips to Yemin, Pakistan or Afganistan, behavioral profiling, checking for cash one-way ticket purchases, and for heavens sake use the 'no fly' list, and keep it current.


Before the liberals start the bashing, I'd like to congratulate Jason on his first year and say thanks for his constitutional conservative stance that he has wisely chosen to maintain in his freshman year, hard to do in such a cesspool of corruption as the beltway is.


Of course asking him to do some actual work is out of the question, unless the media will cover it. Fact is, he does little. He talks and talks, yada, yada, yada and at the end of the day far more is said then done.

He was a con job from moment one. And nothing has changed.

Bob in line

He does no work, just talks to the media. He is a world class primadona. The story is so ironic.

Perfect Place

Congress is a perfect place for a Narcissist. Have no doubt he's having the time of his life. That's like an alcoholic saying they are having the time of their life at the liquor store.

Good job

At least we know he is not in back rooms making secret deals with the criminal element of Washington, the lobbyists.

From what seems to be a change in Washington, there is more debate going on in many crucial bills and less rubber stamping going on. Makes me wonder with all his publicity if it is putting more attention on all of our congressmen to act more like congressmen.

His influence seems to be doing something positive for this nation, something Obama can't say. All I can say is we need him there for a while to demonstrate what a government is supposed to be, open, honest, and mix with the people, not lobbyists.


I recently talked with a close associate who works in government on capitol hill. It was amazing that he described Congressman Chaffetz exactly as your article, a "media darling". Unfotunatley he also stated that few in congress take him serious! "He is a master of dodging any question about what he has accomplished. As a Republican, I am ashamed that in a time when we desparately need leadership, we send a dog and pony show to represent us. Your article says it all!


Outside of Utah, clear of the Zion press, we in the midwest do not even know who this guy Chaffetz is. I read, I listen, I am aware of my surroundings... and I honestly had never heard of this guy... at all.

The DN needs to check its ego and its spinning of the news.

If Chaffetz is a darling of the media then how come he does not appear on my tv, etc. ? Huh?????

What a bunch of hooey.


I just wish he had more common sense. Experts tell us we need these new scanners, but he is too bull headed to acknowledge this. He is too proud perhaps to back off.

He'll go far IF...

Only if he leaves TSA alone. I understand his concern in the matter but I'd vote for him IF I felt that he was supportive on the war on terrorists. To me, he is going against this and that concerns me. Jason, you are not becoming popular the best way. In fact, if you keep this up I will NEVER vote for you. You act like you've never served you country in the military where real men fight for freedom at ALL costs and that includes a simple body scan.


Jason seems like a personable and nice enough guy BUT his voting record (which in the end is all that really matters) is the sam old knee-jerk, right wing, unwilling to see any other point of view, that is no different from any of the other John Birch type Republicans Utah sends to Washington. In the end it's nothing new except a fresh face.


Chaffetz has always been a "media darling" - his ego demands nothing less. When he was a kicker for the BYU football team, the instant he had kicked the football, off came the helmet so he could quickly fluff up his hair and smile for the cameras - which he knew would be on him. Real football players wear their helmets all the time, "media darlings" yank them off to preen for the fans. I suppose we should celebrate having a media darling in congress than an unselfish gridder who toils quietly in the trenches.

I Wonder

If when (Hope not) a plane with 200 passengers gets blown to bits because full body scanners were not used if little jason will be the "media darling" he is now. Doubt it .

Funny haha

"Of course asking him to do some actual work is out of the question, unless the media will cover it. Fact is, he does little. He talks and talks, yada, yada, yada and at the end of the day far more is said then done.

He was a con job from moment one. And nothing has changed."

We are talking about Jason, not Obama.


I'm glad others find this man is helpful.

I do not.

I will never vote for this man.


Experts told you to Invest and diversify and eveyone I know who did that lost an average of 60% of there retirement. Including my parents my wifes parents.

Experts say allot of things that are biased towards there end goals. Chertoff profits from the sales of invaision of privacy body porn scanners.

Somtimes the very things with the intent to keep us free are the very things destroying freedom.

Jason is one of the only ones out there that is leading.

Wake UP Sheeple.
(and Im not a republican, and I voiced my anger towards the passing of the antipatriot act.)

Great job...Chaffetz

The last I checked, Chaffetz has 10 bills he sponsored, plus one amendment that got 310 votes in favor. I know one of the bills was signed by Obama, and some of them made it to the senate.

That doesn't take into account the over 60 bills he was original co-sponsor for or the hundreds he was co-sponsor for.

Chaffetz co-sponsored the bill with Matheson to block Italy sending their hazardous waste to Utah, it passed the House and gets blocked by Bob Bennett in the Senate.

Chaffetz has been busy, not just getting press.

We could use 500 more in US House and Senate just like him.

Re Housescanner

So any criticism of Chaffetz comes down to him being LDS? My being critical of Him has nothing to do with his religion( I have voted for numerous people who are LDS) and everything to do with him being a grandstanding media hog who for some reason thinks modern technology that could prevent a tragic terrorist attack is somehow a huge invasion of privacy .We all have to give up some personal freedom in order to fly on a plane . If you dont like it, take the bus. There is no constitutional right to fly on a plane . Sorry .

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