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Doctor will charge patients a flat yearly fee for services

Published: Monday, Jan. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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yo adrien

i see the doctor has no partners yet...surely that is a sign that this scheme is a bit rocky. I think this is a great plan for people who want to see their doctor daily or multiple times per week. that is the only way I can see this as being cost effective. Patients who need or want good pain killers would be great candidates. No price is too high for them. Patients who are wealthy and don't want the fuss of dealing with insurance companies. Lets come back in a year and visit this good doctor and see how his practice is doing.

Brett C. Johnson, PhD

Dr Jennings,

BRAVO! I don't agree with any of the doubt and sarcasm expressed by others. You are forging territory that is not really new. Your business model has proven successful in a variety of markets and dates back some years. Best of luck with your new venture. I think the managed care model is rapidly running out of steam -- higher copays for patients, less reimbursement for you -- hmmm who's pocketing the difference? You have it exactly right! Any interest in a tiered cash-only prescription drug formulary?

Well done and Best wishes.

Livingston family

Thank you!! Dr. Jennings was our family doctor in the past, and is a wonderful doctor. We will be first in line.
Thank you so much for doing this.

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