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Doctor will charge patients a flat yearly fee for services

Published: Monday, Jan. 4 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Wonderful!! It's time to end for-profit insurance!


Wonderful!! I agree that medical insurance should be catastrophic coverage. We don't pay for oil changes with our car insurance - or even major repairs. Every American should have a health savings account that they use to pay for their health care needs. In addition they could pay for insurance to pay for huge expenses.


So this plan would cost me $708 per month to provide my family with medical care from a doctor. And I would still need insurance to cover hospital stays, catastrophic injuries and such. So how is this helping people that can't afford insurance?

another doc

This is known as boutique medicine and can only work for that small niche of patients that can afford to pay cash and don't need hospital care. It is a novelty, not a solution.


Do you not think the Doctor is trying to make a profit too? Seems a bit steep plus you're still exposing yourself to SIGNIFICANT risk on the back end as they don't cover anything catastrophic that your insurance would cover. Typical Utah family you're looking at well over $6k for coverage + whatever supplemental you'd have to purhcase to cover catastrophic injury. I currently pay $4k per year out of pocket for family coverage (via employer) $15 copays and I'm done plus the plan covers up to $2.2M in expenses (I do understand that I'm blessed to have good coverage).

The argument has always been it's to expensive and this type of option doesn't do much for those that currently can't afford it however I'm sure some will like the plan and that's great, free society free market, let everyone do what he or she would like, keep the government out of our lives and start living a bit more healthy and insurance costs will stop their metoric rise.

RE 904:

Catastrophic insurance coverage can be very expensive. My mother has a catastrophic plan with a $10,000 deductible and still costs her $700 a month. She is in her 50's. The problem is that even minor body repairs can deplete your health savings plans in no time at all and people will still face bankruptcy. For instance, my father, who is uninsured, had a bleeding ucler. No surgery was required, but the tests alone and two days of hospitalization cost well over $15,000. That was utterly ridiculous. I had to have a two inch cut stitched because it was on my shin and the wound wouldn't stay closed. The cost? $1,500 at the hospital. (All the local insta-cares were closed).

Double digit increases in health costs charged by hospitals and doctors is unsustainable and eventually, only the very wealthy will be able to afford health care whether it is paid for by insurance or a health savings account.


This would be ok for some, paying the fee to "reserve" their doctor, but not if they have to pay for comprehensive health insurance that is being considered as mandatory by our congressional leaders and the President. If one only had to buy the catastrophic coverage after paying the retainer to their doctor, a few more might be able to afford it.
This just adds to the struggles of individuals to obtain affordable insurance.


Have a stroke, pay $250,000 for 3 MRI's, end up selling house.

You have this health care all figured out Dr. Jennings.

This is reformed healthcare.

What do you want from health care is the real issue. Do you want health care or do you want a gaggle of doctors all disagreeing and perpepptetuating a system of ineptness? These doctors are on the right track to treat patients, not corporate medicine.

People expect too much from insurance. People have the misconception that if they have insurance that all services are free. If you want cheap insurance pay for your own office visits and lab tests and drugs.

Corporate Medical providers are defrauding every insurance company on the market and you pay for it in your insurance premiums.

And there is no insurance that will cover catastrophic health care in full, just ask all those that have been put in to bankruptcy and penniless by corporate health care. Every person is responsible for their own cost of health care.

I don't think there is 3 in 10,000 people who ever question what hospitals or IHC's bill to their insurance companies. All they see are the co-pays and never once question or review insurance charges in detail.

Health care has lost its soul and empathy replaced with a system of fraud.

money equals care.

Good luck. It'll never fly.

Well, maybe, because it is in the realm of the well heeled.

But what average person/family could afford those costs ON TOP of insurance premiums to cover conditions requiring hospital care?

Working poor with kids

I think that I would rather see him drop his prices by 40% with that 40% drop in overhead rather than simply increase the time spent with each patient that much.

We are all used to the level of care that we currently get from our doctors. What we NEED is to be able to afford it.

Dilemma isn't it?

I'm old enough to remember a true family physician. Young enough not to be eligible for social security yet. My family doctor did house calls, office visits, hospital rounds, minor surgeries AND knew every member of my 7 member household extremely well. He was a true doctor and didn't look at his watch at a visit either. I have to laugh. Today's doctors don't know what busy really is, or compassion. This guy is on to something but...it's not quite there.


It seems that he is going to get a lot of very sick patients who can't ge insurance. If you are healthy this won't save you money. Good luck with that.

It still leaves you exposed to risk from catastrophic illness. Granted, it is a choice between this or dealing with the corrupt insurance industry. I guess choose your poision.


When you can't get into the gov't run clinic for two months and have to wiat two-three hours in the waiting room under the health insurance plans of the gov't then you to will sign up for one of these types of doctors.


There is insurance that will cover catastrophic health care. But you can only apply after you've lost everything.

That's something that other industrialized companies don't require.

no such thing as a free lunch

The changes that need to be made to the health systema are four fold.
First we need to require change in cost of services with the doctors and hospitals by at least 20%

Second we need to see changes in the reduction of cost in our health insurance by 20%

Third we need to have laws updated as to the amount that can be sued for under malpractice insurance by the end of the year.

Fourth as patients of health care we need to better understand our insurance coverages and know that health insurance companies are never going to payout more than they take in. They will alway raise rates.

The doctor Jennings has a pretty good idea but need to change the delivery of what it cost a pay per visit not per year and cut his cost in half for cash payers. The problems that i see are if you are out of town then what. I remember the movie Doc hollywood and the doctor in the town made house calls and used common sense when treating patients and also knew his patients personally. It should cost about $40-$50 for 15 min with the doc.

Afraid of Government Interventio

I don't understand why we expect doctors, who have to pay for building, lights, nurses, etc. Plus try and feed their own families, why are they not supposed to make any profit. Every person who works expects to be paid for that work. Insurance companies also have to pay for all their employees and expenses. I understand they have a 2 percent profit, who should get paid more bank officials or the medical profession? I want the government to leave everyone that has insurance and is happy alone. Help those who have lost their insurance or can't afford it.


Doesn't sound like a good plan except for the dr... if yu have insurance keep it.. also start eating healthy and do excercise stop junk food eating and being a pig at the dinner table.....use your brain to control your bad habits.....


What a breath of fresh air!! I believe every human has the right to medical care and here is a Dr. who really cares and just wants to help. I'm so glad to see those responsible for giving the care take responsibility and ignore the Wall Street Dr.s who just want to profit from people's health issues. Kudos to you Dr. Jennings and those whom you bring into your practice. When my health insurance runs out, I'd be more than happy to give my money to you and others like you!!!


I tried to talk my Dr to go this route and the first thing out of his mouth was IHC wouldn't like it. My first thought was where are his fiduciary duties lying IHC signs his checks. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me

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