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Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Rick Dees of N.C.

Are you kidding me......Where is the emotion???? Does any player or coach care that they just played pee-wee style basketball?? AK says "we were a little sloppy" No the whole effort stunk to high heaven. If the Jazz are a pathetic team that can't make free throws, hit jump shots, or make decent passes,,,Please some player or coach just step up and say "We are a bad team and will most likely not make the playoffs". I would rather hear that comment from a player or coach rather than the pitiful excuses they continue to give regarding their skill as basketball players! I am sick to admit that I am a die hard Jazz fan. Tatoos, profanity, and gutlessness will not win at any level. I'm afraid this describes this team! Please bring in some players who have heart and character before we have to hope for better things next year. The Jazz need to do some serious soul searching!

todd to dees in the morning

except the Nuggets have more tattoos than choices at your local parlor and they win and they have a character. On top of it they have a coach, who believe it or not, I actually rate, less, and not even on Jerry's level. That is something for me to say it is rare. However, the real coach of the Nuggets is Tim Grigovich, we have Mo and Curly and Johnson and Ty, Jer "faithful troops"


The word is inconsistency. The Jazz beat a great team one night, and lose the next.

It's not Sloan. He is the consistent one.

Jazz Cop

The jazz players like rick said, always have an excuse, nice post by rick. I think you about covered it all, well said.

Like todd says, the problems start at the front office.

The jazz should trade millsap if they can get any value for him. That's why portland gave him that contract, they were going to trade him. The jazz should be doing the same thing.

The front office needs to make a move. Jerry can't sit around waiting for a trade to shake up the roster. Get the young players some minutes already, man. Somethings broke and no ones doing anything to fix it.

The jazz should've traded dwill instead of maynor, not, haha, but maybe? I've been impressed by dwills increasing turnovers, dropping assist totals, and lazy defense. Not. He could be so much better. It's sad to watch his career swirl around the toilet, while he blames the refs for it.

Is there a bigger group of whiners in the league than the jazz??????

Watching this teams collapse since the wc finals has been brutal. watching it now on a nightly basis is worse.


Jerry Sloan is riding the coat-tails of a too loyal franchisel Hw has to go! I hate watching this team under the coaching of the most overrated coach of all-time. My tv will no longer tune into any Jazz game that Jerry is involved with!!

Bye Bye Utah Jazz!

todd from santa ana

Thank you for the support and seeing the light. I do not feel good because this is happening to SLoan, I want us to win games. Maybe tomorrow we can start, but I am not going to be over optimistic for the long haul, due to the road issues and lack of bigs playing that are rotting on the chairs.


So what is the treatment for inflammation of the turnover?!

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