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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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we all point the finger at who..................maybe it should start with our highest players and their effort..can D-Will guard any quicker guards, can Boozer give any effort on D-fense and how about Andre....he goes through the motions also on d-fense...they are all worried about being all-stars, they have twitter, blogs etc., trying to promote themselves..very selfish...just play and it will all work out..



These blogs are getting more ridiculous by the minute. I think rather than quit being a Jazz fan, I'm going to quit reading these blogs. Y'all are so negative, and so short-sighted. I too have been watching the Jazz for 20 years (haven't missed more than a few games). But the Jazz don't owe me anything. If the Jazz are pathetic, it's my fault for being pathetic enough to watch them. Right now they're way out of sync, but they're far from a lottery team. And I enjoy watching them because I see progress amidst all of this turmoil. Players need adversity, and even need to be embarrassed a few times, in order to find themselves and rise above it. This team is finding itself. Throw them under the bus all you want, but I won't. Whether we get NY's pick or trade for someone else is irrelevant because we are not going to trade the whole team. Most of these guys will stay, so let's support them.

You complainers need to move to New York, Minnesota, or New Jersey and try to be fans in those towns.

todd to bp

The way the players responded to Larry's death last year and folded like a tent, should have told you all you needed to know. I am not singling you out, that is my opinion to your remark. This team has had adversity together for like 3 years of playing together, and are no close to turning the corner to become a power than before.

People are frustrated with the same issues over and over happening.

BP, I worked up a trade scenario. It projects us 3-5 more wins and slighly under for the Wizards but each team would get one player in expiring contract.

The ESPN Trade machine, accepted a deal of Butler, and Haywood for Okur, Brewer and either Koustos or Miles.

Haywood would be perfect at center. 10 ppg, 10 boards a game. 7 footer plays defense.

Wizards get more scoring punch and become more athletic with Brewer and Miles They have Nick Young there who has real promise.

If they insist on the body then you nay have to move Fes or Koustos instead of Miles.

However, you acquire one of the premier Small Forwards in Basketball. Someone who can create and shoot.

BP: some facts

I guess I'm becoming Todd now with all these posts (though I think Todd posted on way more than he put his name on). But this has to be shared:

--There are only 3 teams in the West who give up fewer points than the Jazz. In other words, the Jazz by the "Points allowed" DEFENSE statistic are right there in the top 3-4 teams in the West. This is progress people.

--On offense (Points For Jazz) we are about a 6 or 7 seed right now in the West. The whole reason our offense is suffering is because of the EFFORT that is being exerted on Defense. It's not always visible, especially in the Denver game, but Sloan and the coaching staff have these guys mentally focusing so much on defense that it is so obviously throwing off their offensive rhythm. Those who have watched most games this year cannot deny this.

I agree the Denver game was bad. But it was one game. Denver just lost tonight at home to Philly. The Jazz haven't played more than 2 or 3 games like the Denver game this year.

Yet you want to sell the farm

todd from santa ana

My posts are too legit to quit. Further, I post under my real name only BP . Funny stuff, you are saying the jazz have only had 2 or 3 games like Denver all year. Did you stop counting at 2?

Denver was one game

Funny stuff....

See OK City, Sacramento, Minnesota, Atlanta, At Denver etc etc etc

todd to BP

Could I send "Jer" to the farm?

Please with lots of sugar on it?


As presently constituted, the jazz are an 8th seed at best. The western conference continues to improve while the jazz stay status quo. They will never be contenders with undersized big men who can't defend, and wings who can't shoot consistently from outside and defend.

BP to Todd

Interesting Trade. I would look at it, but I'm not sure how old Butler is. Isn't he 30 or so?

While we're laughing, it's funny that you didn't even address the fact that the Jazz are tied for 4th in the West for Best Defense (despite the injuries, etc.). Last year we finished tied for 10th.

As far as the Jazz only having 2-3 games like Denver, I hold to that statement. The game @ Atlanta doesn't count, since Atlanta is blowing a lot of teams out, even on the road. Getting killed by a short-handed Denver team at home is totally different. But even if I concede the point and give you Atlanta, there are at most 5 games where we should have won. Big Whoop, almost every team besides the Lakers and Boston can say the same. Even Cleveland lost some embarrassing games this year. Should they trade their whole team??? It wouldn't surprise me a bit if you were a fan in Cleveland when they lost those games, to hear you crying for them to fire their coach and trade Shaq. You're a panic artist Todd.



sloan coaches another player to a career game,

too bad they are ALWAYS on the other team,

by my count this is the fourth one this year.

FIRE sloan,

FIRE o'connor,

FORE scott layden,

and get people who can recognize, get, draft, trade for, and sign real talent,

put togerther a team that designed to win chamionships and not just barely get winning records so the franchise can sell tickets and t-shirts,

and people (a caoch) who can institute a real system, develop and coach the players, and know how to coach DURING a game.

Here's a new years resolution for Greg Miller:

MAN UP and actually do something.

stupid jazz

the jazz are a good contending western conference team they blow it all in the 4th quarter, thats all there is to it

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