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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ex fan

I don't think I can take it any longer. Which is it? The players we have are either unable or unwilling to run the offensive scheme put in place by Sloan. They look completely lost out there. It is physically painful to try to watch this team play basketball. But I guess if I was supposed to play in that offensive scheme, I would look just as bored out there. Why can't we have an up-tempo run and gun team that is exciting to watch. I mean come on, it's not like we are going to win a championship anyway.

Sack Sloan

Sloan was and continues to be the problem with the Jazz. Until he's gone, Jazz fans can expect to be dissapointed year in and year out. The talent's there, but the will to win and the know how are absent. Miller needs to cut ties with him and try a new coach with a different perspective. One that can actually motivate players to succeed, not treat them like a circa 1790's Prussian general.

Sammy sez

After the bitter loss to the thunder, not really a surprise Utah lost this game although with Anthony and Billups both out Utah should have been able to man up and take advantage of that. The Jazz have not been the same team since Derek Fisher left. Fisher has always bled Laker purple, he used his daughters health issues as a BS excuse to stamp his ticket out of Utah. As this team is right now, they are soft and changes to the roster are needed. DWill and Boozer are poor mans versions of Stock and Malone. They need better complimentary players on the team if they are to succeed. Start by getting rid of Okur and AK, and bring in some guys who will play tough physical defense and set a standard for the rest of the team. Sloan is not the best coach but he's adequate. He should have won at least one championship with Malone, Stockton, and Hornacek but Malone put too much pressure on himnself in the playoffs and screwed up when he should have deferred to his teammates a little more.


having been a jazz fan since 1982-83 season and seen a lot up and downs it is really hard to watch these guys i have seen at least %98 of the games on t.v. for the past 26 + years but now i can barely watch for more than a minute i consider myself a die hard fan but iam tired of this same old act i think they need to make a move roster wise soon and if they dont make the playoffs does jerry come back? i think it is time for a change

Jazz Cop

If they are going to just hold onto their players and not trade, they might as well get the youngsters some experience, i mean really, the jazz aren't going to be noticeably better or worse for playing fesenko and koufus, this is what i've been saying for a year and a half. Either you make a trade or you odn't, it only makes sense to get them some experience, as the roster is likely going to change, and seeing the roster must change has been clear for about a year, at least, since boozer decided to get surgery, right there, the jazz haven't been able to get the pre surgery chemistry back, and i didn't think they would, which is why i've been screaming trade!!!!!!!!! and give the youngsters some time on the floor, crying out loud, it really isn't going to make much of a difference either way, it is just the prudent thing to do, and the opportunity is good, better to get them time now that they have good players around them, then after the roster changes, really, think about it!!change is coming, prepare for it man.

King of Frustration

If you are sick, do not play. Let someone go full speed.

How pathetic to let Ty Lawson be something like +15 against someone who says he should be considered and all-star.

I just can't be bothered anymore.

Who leads this team by example?

wasting time

The Jazz are headed right for the lottery. In which we will have our pick and the Knicks. If we can find a way to get something for Boozer maybe get rid of AK to lighten the Salary load. We can have a semi rebuilding off season. We need to build our future around D-Will, Brewer, Matthews, Millsap, Fes and Koufos we should be fine. We need size and inside D which we don't have right now. We need quickness and defensive minded players as well at he guard level. Which is Matthews and Brewer. This is the first season in many that I feel like I am wasting time by watching games like last night since the Jazz out out worked by a short handed Denver team.


Turnovers by CJ....I think you meant to say something else. CJ played great last night until Jerry yanked him for no reason.

Please Kevin trade CJ to a teamt that knows how to use his talents. Please and while you are at it, trade AK so he can use his talents too. Perhaps you could throw in Koufus and Fez too? 4 players wasting away on Jerry's bench.


haha you wanted Price to play point the whole game, and then Ak backing him up? Yes Deron's defense wasn't great, but if he wouldn't have played we would have gotten hammered! Price played well defensively, but when it came to running the offense and playing point, he stunk it up!

Once Again-Lay That Egg

Nobody has said this yet today but I will. These players don't want to play for this coach! Flat out don't respect him or like him, and will not play his system or any system he comes up with. Get rid of Sloan, and I guarantee a new coach will soon rid himself of A.K., Brewer, Miles, Boozer, and Memo! Each one of them are absolutely afraid of contact or agressive play. All 5 have a heart the size of a pinhead. The Miller family seems to think the listing ship will right itself, but quite frankly they are dreaming, and until a new coach and GM are are brought in this team will continue to flounder. What a mess! Sell them or do something Millers. Maybe Checketts and friends would be interested, but wouldn't be my choice for new ownership. We may be small market, but we will support a winner! Do nothing and watch your ticket sales plummet the balance of this year and next year. Manage with your head not your heart Greg.


you obviously can't motivate these guys with money.
Maybe if they were paid by how they played you would see some effort.

California Jazz fan

I believe the Jazz will be the 7th or 8th spot & loose in the 1st round, like 2009. Max salary AK no longer a monster on help defense (blocks, steals), Boozer/Okur lack defense. Too many TO's as risky passes are made for little advantage outside the paint (Jazz have high shooting %, but too many turnovers). Okur should never stray from the 3-point line: he can hit 3's, little success in the paint & he drags the opposing center off the boards.
I'm not saying blow up this team, but it topped out on the WC Finals a few years ago with this nucleus. I would keep Williams/Brewer/Milsap, possibly Miles/Korver/Price/Matthews as bench players. AK should be unloaded for any offer to remove his salary, Boozer/Okur have value, and should be dealt for quality players who can play defense. Talent-wise, this team should be AT LEAST a middle playoff seed (4th/5th), but the effort isn't there every night. Sloan's system has them averaging 100/points a game, but he can't play defense for them. Too bad, this year looked promising with an un-injured Boozer playing well...


Come on Jazz fans, are we seriously relegated to blaming the coach again? The guy is a hall-of-famer for a reason. He is extremely well respected by his peers for a reason. I remember Laker fans complaining about Phil Jackson a few years ago when the Lakers were winning 40 games a season. So what changed there? The players, not the coach. Bynum grew up, and Gasol came gift wrapped to LA.

What the Jazz need is a defensive inside presence, and an outside shooting threat not named D-Will or Okur. They need a wing that can CONSISTENTLY score from the outside (typically Korver).

KOC needs to figure out a way to turn Boozer and spare parts into Chris Bosh. Maybe Boozer + CJ + NY's draft pick.

I would love to say "find a way to dump AK," but it makes more sense to keep him for the rest of the year, and then they can use his very valuable expiring contract to move him.

And come on people, complaining about Deron Williams? Really? "Best point guard in the NBA" --Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith

Even the best have down games every now and then.


Dump Brewer and Miles. Start playing Koufos and Fess. This seasaon is toast anyway.



No Hands List


Greg Miller?

Nice insight DesNews! What's next . . . The Jazz Bear looked upset after the loss, downing a whole jar of honey!


There is no ONE Sloan offense.

The Jazz rarely run the pick and roll any more. It is stopped by good switching defenses. The offense Stockton/Malone ran is far different than the Boozer/Okur offense.

Jerry Sloan needs to adjust this current offense to the capabilities of this group of players (without Korver). The NBA defenses have adjusted and what worked last year will not work this year.

If Sloan can't or won't adjust the offense so that it works (the players can't implement it) then MAJOR trades are needed. Players with different skills are needed to implement current offense.

If Utah is not careful they will go the route of DET. They traded good players for worse players.

It is far better for Jerry to modify his offense so that it starts working better. Changes in key players should be made when the right player is available.

The Sloan offense is really a myth. The offense morphs depending on who runs it and it morphs over time. It is whatever Sloan decides to include.

Adjustments have to be made or the Jazz will continue to lose. The offense has failed.


"We'd love to go out and spend $200 million a year on talent, but that's just not realistic."

Even with 200 million KOC couldn't build a contender less alone a champion. We have the second highest payroll for lottery team built by KOC.

What is the direction of the team? Why is Boozer and now Price playing so many minutes when their not part of the Jazz future?

miles plays

we lose,again

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