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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Greg is in a serious quandry. He is rapidly losing the support of the fan base by following the advice of Sloan and KOC on continuity. He can see clearly that they were wrong at this point.

However, he has over paid Okur, Millsap and Price which makes them hard to move. He is stuck with AK.

Boozer, Korver, Brewer and Mathews are expiring contracts. Boozer is the offense and it is hard to replace him. Outside shooting is needed. Korver is not a good trade. Mathews is a cheap find. What can you get for Brewer that would be better?

The Jazz are better off to keep the expiring contracts unless they can get exactly what they want in return.

The major problem is that the NBA has changed and moved past Sloan's offense. His approach is obsolete (at least the way he is doing it so far this year).

Greg is afraid to replace Sloan. If a new coach and new system do not start winning immediately there will be a lot of fans upset.

It is a lose/lose unless Sloan makes the changes necessary to win.

Sloan is the key. Players are secondary.

18-15, so they...

might have the same record as last season and made playoffs as the 8th seed, but now they have OKC, Memphis, Phoenix that are all better than last season and will also be going for the 8th seed.

Jazz = no playoffs this season. Time to panic.


Didn't anyone read the article. Get used to this same lazy pathetic Jazz team for the rest of the year. It sounds like Greg and Sloan want to keep this band of losers together for some reason. The Jazz have already thrown in the towel and I am not even expecting this Lazy team to make the playoffs this year. And even if they barely sneak in the playoffs we are an 8th seed and all we can look forward to is a 1 win or a sweep exit. Worst Jazz team I have seen in a long time. The old Sloan would be benching and knocking heads around.

Replacing Sloan with

an assistant is not an answer unless the assistant knows who to modify the offense.

If the assistants know how then Sloan knows how (but won't).

The interior defense will not change until Boozer or Okur are replaced with a defender. Millsap will still be to short and foul a lot. There is no quick fix for the interior D unless Boozer is traded.

The big problem is in the inside offense. Okur is not a banger. Boozer does the best he can against athletic bigs. Short of trading for other bigs (how do you get the right players for Boozer or Okur?).

It is cheaper, faster and easier to add outside shooting. However, it is not just a player problem.

The root of the problem is Sloan and his refusal to create an outside offense that gets shooters open with rebounders defenders in place (against the fast break).

Other teams have such systems (with and without true Cs).

Sloan could modify his system to include these capabilities. He has not.

He certainly is capable of stealing a few plays from other teams.

Before you lose faith in the players maybe you should put some heat on Sloan?


Todd the Whistle Blower calling for Sloans resignation. Why don't you write Greg a letter? I find it funny that you got upset that Jazz management didn't listen to you when you wanted them to get Javale McGee. I don't even think Javale McGee was available when we drafted 2 years ago. At any rate, you seem to think management is completely stupid and you're the smartest guy in the world. That's why they're running a Multi-million dollar franchise and you're in Santa Ana doing nothing but free-lance writing for the Jazz underground blog nation. I mean seriously, you post like 5-10 times every article that is written. That must take some serious time. Maybe if you applied the same energy and intensity into something that could actually benefit you, then maybe you'd find satisfaction. The rest of us, we're just loyal fans that post on an article when we get a chance once in a while, but whom nevertheless love the Jazz for the team they've always been and will be soon again. You can count on it. Firing Jerry is completely Ignorant.


For the record, my comment about overachieving was a general statement in case you couldn't tell. The Jazz have always been an overachieving team. Greg Ostertag, Bryon Russell, Shandon Anderson, Howard Eisley, Greg Foster, Adam Keefe, etc. need I go on. Even Stockton was a huge surprise. If you really look at it, our current team actually has more talent than our 2 Finals teams, but that's not always a good thing. Like jbra80 pointed out very well, the Jazz are still a work in progress and we have no choice but to be patient or stop being fans. But for crying out loud, stop the whining. The team doesn't pay you to spend all of your waking hours agonizing over the decisions they're paid to make. Let them do their job, and you DO YOURS (ie. be a fan and leave it at that).


If you really want parity in profesional sports, then convince Bill Gates to buy the nba! Or NFL! And who cares who wins as long as someone other than boston or la wins it every other year! Then the referees can actually call a game the way it should be called! NEVERMIND! We like it when Ben Rothlisberger gets credit for a touchdown in the superbowl and he don't even cross the line! Jazz fans, watch other games without the jazz playing and you will see how close all this is to professional wrestling or wrastling! HOPEFULLY ONE DAY PRO SPORTS WILL JUST GO AWAY!!


Every team in the NBA outside of the lakers and celts have made significant changes in the past 2 years except the jazz. Change leads to hope, even if it turns out bad, the change and hope that stems from it are what keeps fans from giving up...which is where I have been with this set of players for at least a year now...I love the jazz but cannot watch anymore because I care more than the players do. It is SO frustrating and depressing.

the Mailman

Happy to see the loss, even happier it was without Melo and Billups.

More losses at home the better, keep em coming boys.
I love the Jazz just as much as anyone here but more bad rsults is the only chance we have of getting the change we all need.

Don't you love the excuuses from Sloan? Absolute words of wisdom! A defeatest attitude if ever their was one. How can that Denver team be too good for us?..


I might be a lone in this opinion but I think Denver is a better team with out Carmelo playing. Mainly because defensively they seem a lot better.


Don't blame Sloan. He didn't commit the turnovers.

Jazz Cop

Oh yeah, this team can win five games in a row. But, it might never happen, if i were greg, i think he was saying that it's hard to have faith in this team. What he said was right, we have talented players who know how to win. So, why this? It's a heartbreaker.

Jazz Cop

CJ doesn't know how to win. All the opinions that cj is hurting the team are probably correct. I hate to admit it, but it's the truth.


When will be play Koufos. Ridiculous. So much a waste of time watching what's going on out there on the court. Play and develope Koufos, he is as good as anyone else in the paint on the wing and gives us length,hustle, strength, more than our other bigs. Unbelievable.

Doing it wrong

I had a friend who was a professional guitar player. He also was an engineer. He understood systems. Concerning guitar playing he once explained "if it is hard you are doing it wrong".

The Sloan system is complicated and hard to implement. The way you attack a system is to hit the most vulnerable parts or connections. That causes the whole (team) to fail.

When the Sloan system works it makes the collective players better. When it fails it makes them worse than the are.

Coaches have identified the weaknesses in the Sloan system and exploited them. The reason the Jazz are Jeckle and Hyde is due to the system which sometimes works.

This year the system is failing at home which means it is easier to fail. It has NEVER worked well on the road.

It takes a lot of effort by all 5 players to run it. If one is sick, has an off night or does not play the system fails.

Sloan tendency toward set rotations insures prolonged failure as long as there is exploitation of one or more weaknesses on the floor.

Fix or get rid of the system or fix the substitutions.

scodyshootfight (KC)

Once again another SICKENING performance. I don't agree with Sloan and Miller. This team has plenty of talent, but they CAN'T win enough games to be competitive. So yes, hit the panic button and do something. Jerry, we love ya for all you've done, but it's time to go. Thank you for all the great years.


We need a Defensive Center (Eaton-like) and a Shooter (Hornacek-like)!


the team were good before Miles got the starting role, before Maynor was traded, before Price got the back up point chores, before AK was back

At least Price

played good defense. He didn't have the greatest game but at least the effort was there. All I ask for is a honest nights work. We miss Harpring!

John WIcks

I have never seen a Jazz team quit. Last night they slap Jerry right in the face. He has lost his fire too. The game has finally passed him by sorry to say. Glad to see Fes get 16 secs. What a pathetic group. I will now boycott all future games.

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