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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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todd from santa ana

You could really shake this thing up if you wanted to, except again, we would have to deal with "SLoan like every issue" and his "type of player and his system"

Therefore, instead of Maggette, Butler, Mcgrady, fans here would rather watch Okur, Kirilenko and CJ feeling they are better players and are "us"

How is Lionel Hollins of Memphis making his team "vastly improve" just because of Randolph?

He is a wet noodle personality, Makes Sloan look like Mr Warmth Like Donnie Rickles

Someone explain how The Grizzlies and so many get better and we are not? Yeah Draft Picks I realize but that cannot be all of it...


Or in this case, SSDG: same stuff, different game. Had a chance to go tonight and turned it down - good thing, I would have been p-o'd to make the trip, pay for parking, etc. etc. and be "rewarded" with the effort (cough, gasp) the Jazz put out tonight.

Until there are changes - either roster or front office, I don't care which - I'm voting with my wallet: you won't see me in the ESA. Take a hint, Millers - it's time to change it up.

Rick Dees of NC

I am a die hard Jazz fan here in Boiling Springs N.C. However, this story line is getting glier by the day!

Pride and Emotion - Where is it. Does any player or coach even care how bad they are? I have played and coached basketball for a long time and can tell you I would be going crazy if that were my team displaying that kind of basketball. These guys are making millions to play this game. Boy, would I like to be 6'7 and have a chance to play in the NBA for millions. How can you be an NBA player and not be able to hit a jump shot or make a free throw. Please trade for a center that will play hard and has a great attitude. Tatoos and profanity will not win games. Heart and character will. Please management...for the fan's sake hire players that have it!!!!Looks like it's the same old story with 50 games to go..WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR


I have waited till they are healthy to complain so hear it goes...Was at the game and honestly feel cheated.

Boozer is such a big guy playing so little...small...tiny...puny...you complain too much if you get bumped Malone I swear would relish the contact and would not get going until there was some.

Ok Memo your not a great defender but you are a gunslinger.It's nice to mix up your game cause in the playoffs it will be needed but don't forget...your a gunslinger(shooter)

I still like Sloan (for now) but memo must come off the bench with a moer mobile power forward AK And Boozer needs Fes in the lane to cover for him on the Defense.

Poor little williams is being turned into a shooting guard (cause no one can hit from the outside if being guarded.


The jazz players are gutless.

I know the reason they are so inconsistent too.


DERON WILLIAMS AND HIS PATHETIC TURNOVERS demonstrate the fact that there is nobody on this team with enough talent to be a leader!!


No 'Melo or Billups and the Jazz still lost by 10? I didn't see the game but it doesn't seem like there was anything to miss.
UTA: C. Boozer 18 Pts, 10 Reb, 3 Ast
It would be nice to sit D-Will and Boozer. Who here thinks the Jazz could win a game for the rest of the season without them? Anyone?


Todd: Read the comment you posted before mine, I was just trying to throw all of your quotes into one staement as a joke. Nobody truely feels that way, at least not that I can see. I've enjoyed Sloan over the years and yes, I think he needs to retire. We'll move on w/o him. Do you really think people fear Greg moving the team? Wasn't he born and raised in Utah? Now if Sloan being fired would lead to AK being his old 5x5 self, then i'm all for it, I just don't see it though.

As for McGrady, Butler and Maggette- I like all 3 possibilities. McGrady just because he would come off the books after the year and he sounds inspired to play good if you've heard any of his comments lately. Butler would be a good fit, i'm not sure what it would take to get him or contract numbers, but he's a tough player. Maggette would fit us well, he's out of place in GS, he needs to be in a halfcourt offense. Good mid range game and gets to the ft line.


Jazz are really going after one record this year...and that is how many times they can embarress themselves in a season.

just terrible and they know it

i'm just speechless...

had so much to say at the game and on the way home

just speechless...

To all jazz Players....

They looked like it was a job

like they didn't even want to be there

its not that you lost...it's that you never played

if you can't love the game don't collect a paycheck

hey thats a good idea how about you all donate your checks to charity

i'm questioning your love of the game over the love of a big paycheck

i saw the guys that get paid the least play with the most attitude and heart


Seriously! TRADE BOOZER - PLEASE!!!!!

Dear Greg

I wouldn't place all of the blame on the players. DEN was the first (that I am aware of) team that discovered how to disrupt the Sloan offense last year.

If you watch the game there is no inside Sloan offense. The TOs come from trying to run that offense. The players can't make it run so they shoot jump shots.

Sloan has no designed outside offense that he can fall back on when the inside offense is throttled.

Nene personally throttled the Sloan offense. That is all it takes, one really good defensive big. DEN also studied DWill extensively and knows how to disrupt him.

Lawson knifed thru the Jazz defense as usual. The bigs did not or could not get back fast enough.

The DEN defense caused the Jazz to play at a pace that was to fast. The offense always disrupts at that pace.

I know you don't want to hear this but it is not just the players. Sloan is badly out coached. His system is negated. People have studied it and know how to disrupt it and he has not come up with decent adjustments.

New players will not fix this.

In Case you did not get it

the first time. The Sloan system is toast. It is worthless against teams that know how to disrupt it. Until Sloan modifies it or develops an alternative system (or at least a set of plays) that will open up the inside game, it is futile to try to beat a team that knows how to defeat the Sloan system.

You might get lucky (like against LA) and get enough outside shooting to win once in a while. However, until that system is fixed and/or you get enough outside shooting this team is going to lose half of its games.

The players are not that bad of outside shooters! They are having to create outside shots out of a busted inside system. Sloan has not created the outside plays that are needed to improve the outside shooting percentages that are necessary to make the inside game work.

The players are tired of doing the coach's job (creating an offense). Maybe they are signaling that part of the problems are with the lack of coaching and coaching adjustments.

If you are a player and can't make the offense run, what would you do?


Greg move the team? Not in a million years, what would happen to his buisness in Utah? There popularity would be destroyed and there dealers would start having average sales at best. The jazz will be in Utah until humas are no more.

It is not just the players

Most of the Jazz players could play for another team. You all are always talking about trading them. If they are so pathetic who would want them?

The problem is with the Sloan system. Trade for all of the big names you want (McGrady etc). They will not be able to run the system either. They won't play D either.

The Sloan system requires a lot of effort to run. It is also very tempermental. If it is run at the wrong pace the outside shooting suffers and the TOs go up.

Pace is one way to disrupt the Sloan offense.

Disrupting DWill (big or fast guard) works.

However, the best way to disrupt it is to have good inside defenders (Nene and Anderson). How many times were the Jazz blocked? How many jump shots were they force to take?

Sloan is attempting to play an inside offense with a small line up. Okur is not an inside player. Boozer can't handle tall athletic defenders.

That leaves jump shots because Sloan has no formal outside offense.

The problem is mostly Sloan's offense and refusal to modify it.

Greg look at your HOF coach for the answer.

Joe Harmons

What needs to be done, needs to be done. Greg has no choice but to do it. Buisness is buisness. Managment has failed.

todd from santa ana

read Greg's words. Fans-we have nowhere to go. This is what you all can do. Stop going...

todd from santa ana

Greg will do nothing. Read his comments. Zero....He is going to help the problem disappears, maybe the boycott idea needs to be started up again.

It is all on you...

Jbra, I will let up on you, your last post was exceptional and I appreciate you at least will be open to change, I cannot say that for many on this board...It stinks JBRA because whether, and I say this on the Oracle also, I respect Sloan more than all of you think. I am old enough to remember his NBA career and I admired him tremendously. As a husband, dad, granddad, character person, accomplishments-He was a worthy Hall of Fame choice.

It stinks, we have to get nasty many of us. I am not proud of that attitude. Unfortunately, in life nowadays, pressure seems to be the only thing that moves people. Greg is scared because if he cleans house and forces Jerry to retirement like Bowden, he is scared of no shows.

There are likely I estimate roughly 15 to 16 thousand season seat holders. If he does not do something drastic like force Jerry out or clean house, next year will dwindle to 12

Everyone of these players

is good enough that they would make it on another team. Even Collins is playing and he is worse than all of the current Jazz players.

The problem is not with the talent of the players and most games the players have put forth the effort. Tonight they were down but the real problem is with changes and adjustments smart coaches are making to dismantle the Sloan inside game.

These coaches also know the Sloan designed this team with weakness in outside shooting and interior defense.

They know how to exploit the Sloan offense and lack of defense. They also know that Sloan will not (or can not)make the adjustments to counter their adjustments.

I would love to see Sloan and Utah win a championship or at least play for one. I have nothing against Sloan personally.

However, changing players is not going to fix this as long as the weaknesses are built into the team and are derived from Sloan's biases.

Put in the right outside plays and get one or more good outside shooters and things will improve some.

The major problem lies in the Sloan system (and lack of outside plays that work).


Blaming Sloan when the Jazz stood by and watched players score is hilarious. Keep up the good work people!

wisdom of crowds

die-hard homer talk: fans just want to see players pumped up to fight the war - win or lose. Instead, we watch players fighting themselves. got world class athletes on deck but get beat by bottom-feeders. no wonder fans be fleeing that.

it's not about the Xs & Os. basic! It's about the focus & aggression and, yes, motivation of players. That's worth a 20-point swing. It's the other 90% of the game... Jerry, where is that in your coaching bag-o-tricks? Time to bring in fresh talent, while Jerry's seasoned hands still guide the wheel? Can't coach forever. This season is toast. Time to pass the baton Jerry Sloan, sir.

And don't even talk to me about Maynor. Saved $6 million and broke the hearts of fans & team. If the Jazz are about entertainment,not winning, then at least take down that ugly photo of feske-what'shisname.

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