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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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time for

some trades. Get rid of effortless players like okur. Overpaid players like boozer. get some players with heart.


neat, maybe we can stay out of the playoffs and trade ny draft pick and ours and get the number 10 pick next june. be glad guys we have a major team here in little ole salt lake.

Don Meridith

Good Night, The Party's oohh, oohh, oohh,ooooooohver.

How do you like the coaching extension now?

cowboy joe

Now no offense to go with no defense. This is going to get ugly. Just wait and see. We need john wall instead of dwill.


Just plain pathetic, piss poor defense!!! With the exception of Matthews nobody else in the Jazz teams either are interested or wants to play defense. The Nuggz just showed them how defense is played from start to finish! The Jazz despite with all their core players intact and playing at home was outplayed, outhustled by the Nuggets with two of their best players (Anthony and Billups) unavailable due to injury. Wow adding insult to the beatdown....D-Will was outplayed by the Nuggz rookie PG (Ty Lawson)!!! It is safe to say the Jazz are a below average team and their current core of overpaid players can’t get it done. With the way the Jazz are playing I doubt if this team will make it to the playoffs. The Jazz needs a revamp/make change big time in the near future or it will continue to bleed and lose a lot of fans in the process. You know what that means….nobody will buy tickets and it will keep losing money. In the end the team will be sold and move out of Utah!!! Let the negative votes rip!!!!

todd to ed

Not quite the same Ed. Before, I said hoped he would leave alone "in the off season" not "during the season".

It is fine. I could care less it is the state's problem not mine. I saw this coming a long time ago, you can all keep defending him. All of the "sloanaholics" look sillier and sillier by the day and night. It will never "be his fault" You cannot fire 12 players.

If you all want to keep supporting being booed off the court (heard loudly on TV) people walking out on this team early in the 4th quarter I saw people leaving, it is ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS BECAUSE YOU DO NOT TELL GREG YOUR FEELINGS. You all complain on here.

I guarantee if AVery, Lucas, and others were here you would never see the efforts Boozer and Okur display defensively... It would not be allowed.

JBRA and BP come up with stupid comments on how Sloan has "overacheived" with this roster.

Most of the players on the Jazz in College were either a 1st or 2nd team conference, or All AMerican or Honorable Mention.

Koustos was all freshman team
Millsap rebound champ etc

What garbage

todd from santa ana

Prediction: The Jazz will beat Charlotte and all will be all right again and all the "sloanaholics" will come out and say "Be patient" That "we know nothing" It is "not a healthy Jazz roster" "Keep the Faith or Greg will move the team" or if "jerry leaves, civilization as we know it changes"

This is

A joke! A total lack of focus and effort. A truly shameful performance. Something has to change. This year is going south quickly. D-Will, love you to death, but you cannot handle qucik PG's. Sick or not tonight, Lawson embarrased you! Okur and Boozer looked (usually do, but tonight was horrible) like they could care less about playing defense. No continuity with inserting CJ in the lineup. Time to hang em' up Jerry. You're getting out coached almost every game. I through with this mess!


For CJ's sake I hope they trade him, Sloan is terrible with young players. He doesn't know how to build confidence, he only knows how to destroy it. Fes and KK will never develope under Sloan's tutilage. Give Sloan his dues, he is a hall of fame caoch but things have changed, the game has changed and Sloan still wants to play the same old game. We need a coach that likes the 3 pt shot and utilizes his players better. Sloan is being out coached more often than not lately. Sloan either needs to play the young bigs we have and develope them or the Jazz need to make some major trades and break thngs up. The way things are going the Jazz will be a 500 team and in the lottery themselves. The way the Knicks are playing they may make the playoffs and we won't even get a lottery pick. I'm not sure the Jazz have their own pick this yr, I think they traded it to Philly to get Korver. Not sure though.
The Jazz need someone who can create besides DWill.


Miles, CJ started the game pretty well, but then he started jacking up stupid shots and turning the ball over. I would love to see him become a great player, but he never proves himself when given the chance. I won't be surprised when he's out of the nba in two years or less. The Jazz have had their fair share of one dimensional players like him who amounted to nothing. Remember Almond and Quincy Lewis? I see CJ suffering a similar fate. Maybe CJ could play in the D-league. That's where Almond is now.


Overpaid (professionals)? Draw a check and talk about what you should have done game after game.

Denver spotted us 47 points to start, with two leading scorers out, and then get 64 in the paint!
Fes got 15 seconds!!! to protect the rim.

Defensive effort is unworthy of luxury-tax level salaries.

Joe Harmons

Well we saw a whole 2 seconds of Fes. Nice statement to the fans Jerry. We saw and have been seeing more of Boozer and Okur than we ever want to see again. Jerry's post game comments will go down with him in Jazz history.

Chuck Nunn

Points in the paint: 58-46 in favor of the Nuggets. Who could have forseen that? Who might have warned that this would be decided in the frontcourt? Oh wait, that was me. 15 seconds of Fesenko? That's really pulling out all the stops. And the Nuggets were down their two best players. Why won't Jerry try something different? Especially when it's already been proven to work? Fesenko needed to play, I mean really play. Thought it was going to happen in the fourth quarter, but instead, another loss with the Nuggets getting the edge in the paint and then the teams trading buckets down the stretch. We have the players we need, folks, but they're not being used properly.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

Nerd from Santa Clara

Even I know this team is through. One who has never played serious basketball but continues to watch the Jazzs fold. I can see it with both 83 year old eyes. they are done, through, and everyone knows Jerry is just sticking around until Greg grows up and can take over. By the way, why did we buy into the big guys who just sit on the pine.????? Oh well, someone has to be in the basement.

todd from santa ana

We are stuck, wholesale changes cannot be made now for the rest of the season. I have stated the Jazz could have made 1 or 2 in season moves and been at least a #2 seed in the West. I had a feeling Affalo would be the "new nobody to help beat us" 3 3s does anybody scout? Affalo could hit 3s at UCLA he can shoot.

Martin, Nene and Lawson mostly had clear sailing and open acres of space like soccer to drive all night past the statutes of Boozie and Okurrie.

CJ pouting and crying like he needed Linus and a blanket to suck his thumb.

Guess What?

Now Memphis only trails us by 1 game in the Loss Column., There is another team about to overtake us if not now, next year.

Keep supporting Sloan. Look more uneducated if possible, instead of ripping on me for telling the truth-tell Greg...


Todd: I've never said anything about overachieving, BP pointed out that the team has a lot of overachievers, but I don't recall anyone saying this team is overachieving. By the way, I think nearly every player in the league was all conference in college or H.S., but the NBA is the best of the best. We overachieved the year we made it to the western finals but this team doesn't have any tough minded vets like that team. Right now, the record is looking a little worse than expected, but not by much. We can either make some trades and maybe progress a little bit or we can ride out the season and lose in the first round, but either way we don't have a championship caliber team. The team is flawed, what do you expect from them? The only improvement I need to be satisfied with the team is consistent effort.

Come on Todd, be patient. Don't you know anything, it's not like we have a healthy roster. Just keep the faith so Jerry stays and Greg doesn't move the team.

Face facts

The CJ experiment has FAILED. After a pathetic 3-5 first 8 games with AK starting, Sloan starts Matthews and, with an 8-man rotation, Jazz go 11-4. Then CJ returns and plays significant minutes and Jazz go 2-2. Then CJ gets his starting job back and Jazz go 2-4 (and it was almost 1-5). Even tonight, the quarters CJ started we lost by 9; the quarters Matthews started we were almost even.

Only Matthews and Price play like they want to win. Yes they make mistakes, but they are mistakes of effort, from trying too hard. And they play tough D. Okur, AK, and CJ don't even try. The literally stand there. Boozer is not the problem this year. It's those three. Trade them now, KOC, and get players who want to play!


Wilt would have none of this, neither would Koufos or Fesenko. They wouldn't have wilted like that. I think there should be a news conference pertaining to why they were not utilized during the game. Lets hear it Jerry.

todd to JBRA

My dear friend! Amigo! That is the point! Is there something many of you that live closer to the Jazz know that maybe I do not? If so, maybe if you know something as we do not know your true identity, tell us... You seem to truly feel if Jerry Leaves Greg will move the team? Please explain this to me.. I do not want the Jazz to move guys cmon. If that is the case, what circumstances would he ever "not move the team" Even If Jerry was 85 and won 10 titles in a row, he would have to leave eventually. Please enlighten us...

The team has issues. I still think effort and strong coaching, game strategies, new attitude, new approach will cure MUCH of this problem.

The 2 players that would most in my opinion, benefit from a coaching change is CJ and Andrei. Okur to me should be the priority first to be traded.

C.J. Failed?

I thought he did alright while he was in there. I thought it was the wooses down in the paint that failed along with the coach that didn't try to correct the problem.

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