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But team not ready to stop playing yet despite lousy loss

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chuck Nunn

Glad D-Will feels good enough to go. Still hope we try to contend in the paint with a 12-20 minute treatment of Vitamin Fess!

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


It is the 3rd Q. I a weary of watching this farce. Nene has totally negated the so called Sloan inside offense. There is no Sloan system.

Lawson and JR have destroyed what little defense Utah has.

Bottom line is that the players are not playing. They are playing at the wrong pace and the wrong spacing. There is NO offense. There is some ad hoc gaming by a few players.

If Sloan has control of this team he certainly is not showing. They are not implementing the offense.

Since they aren't then Sloan should put people in who will implement it.

OR Sloan's system can't be implemented against a depleted DEN team.

What a waste of time.

This pathetic game is on the players for not playing and not controling the pace.

It is also on Sloan for not controlling the play of the players. He seems incapable of getting his offense implemented.

todd from santa ana

Tonight I call for the RESIGNATION of Utah Jazz basketball Coach Jerry Sloan


Dear Jazz, You are making it very hard for me to watch you. Please get some defense!!!


Good job Nuggets. Way to go. And our Jazz, losing at home with the top two Denver scorers out, well, what is left to say?


I think this should be enough for the Millers to give up hope and seriously consider trades. I am so tired of this Jazz team.

This Is Terrible


no D

Could Okur play less defense? Put Fes in. It can't make things any worse at this point

Hugh G. Hater

A coach who says it isn't his job to motivate.

Overpaid players who don't produce.

Perpetual injuries.

No team leader.

They are on the fast track to "gutter team status".

cowboy joe

Right now the knicks are in the playoffs and the jazz aren't. We need john wall. Anyone still thinks dwill is better than cp3 not a chance. Fire retire slown


Todd: You have calling for his resignation since the dawn of time. Why is tonight any different?


Again CJ plays less than 20 minutes and Jazz lose.

He starts the first 7 minutes of the game 3 - 5 with 2 rebounds and Jerry pulls him. Please Please fire Jerry. If Jerry cant see our offense is suffering right now and he needs CJ in the lineup. Fire him.


With Fes's 2 seconds tonight, Jerry sent a message to the fans.


Jazz fans have lost faith in this team and they are voting with their wallets. I understand that ticket revenues are off 17% over last year. It is bound to get worse with this type of effort.

Jerry talks about being tough but what does he do about it when there is no follow through?

Utah will support effort even if the record is not there. This is the first time that the record and th effort of the Jazz have been this low since the early Jazz years.

This will be the test of Greg Miller because Larry would have demanded better and he usually got it!


I'm usually the guy who says home fans should never do it, but if I was there, I would've booed the Jazz silly. Horrible performance and effort. Jerry Sloan got 100% outcoached tonight. The Jazz badly needed outside shooting. So what does he do? Leaves in Ronnie Brewer instead of an available Kyle Korver or CJ Miles. Poor decision making by Jerry.
This team needs a major roster move. This quote/unquote core is not built to go all the way. Kevin O'Conner, this is a paying Jazz fan, and I'm telling you: Do your job and make this team better. The Millers have willingly spent money. It's now your turn to make it be put to good use insetead of this defenseless garbage I see out there. Deron is the only untouchable. Trade anyone else if it makes us better. You're losing the patience of the fans.

Nevada fan

This team makes me tired!!!! I am done. Sloan, Sloan, Sloan!


please play Fes and Koufas. They may be young, but they need to be developed.

Jazz interior= worst hands in the NBA


What does KOC have to loose if he trades almost everyone but Milsap and DWill? Seriously, this combination does not work at all. And Okur is worthless ...


Sad to say I spent some of my hard earned money to watch such a pathetic display. I am tired of watching every team waltz past Loozer and Memo for layups. Get a backbone Jerry! Bench those lazy prima donnas and give Fes and Koufos some playing time. At least Price tried to stop. Nene, and he's only 6' 2"! Loozer won't be gone soon enough! Make it happen Kevin!


It is time for the front office to do something this is awful. This team needs a center bad!!!! Trade for something

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