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Dog slain while trying to detain man fleeing from a robbery

Published: Sunday, Jan. 3 2010 12:00 a.m. MST

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to jw

hello. it is just a dog. thanks for putting it back into perspective.

here's hope you never lose a loved one. like a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, wife, husband.

because you know, they're just humans. get over it.


RE: How sad | 4:26 p.m. Jan. 2, 2010

The criminal who shot the dog was shot and killed by the police. There is no 'rest of his life'.

Was Anything

Was anything in the world worth the value of these two lives? Will anything ever be able to heal the pain and re-live the past and learn from choices that no good can come in the long run from this. Wish people would get as angry and involved about the war on drugs and alcohol and the damage caused.


I will lay down my life for you
and expect nothing but love in return.
I protect my officer with my life,
and would gladly take a bullet in his place.
I am sent in to find lost children
and fugitives on the run.
I find drugs and weapons and even bombs.
I am the first sent in
and sometimes the last to leave.
I am the nose and ears of my officer.
I will protect and serve him.
I would die for him and for you.
I only ask for compassion and a kind word.


to Former Utahan at 4:30..

This article is about the dog...and that is what people are commenting on. You want sympathy for the perp...find a different article.


Oh, Lesson for All, you are so wise. It must be hard sitting in your easy chair judging everyone else's decisions.

To Anonymous:

Isn't judging someone for making judgements on others hypocritical?

Am I missing something?

So the burglary suspect shot a dog and the police shot and killed him. It didn't say he shot at police. Last I checked, burglary and killing a police dog did not equal a death sentence. I also find it strange that the story focuses on the pain losing the dog and no mention of the pain of losing that young man.

Deeply sorry

I am sorry about Koda, I know how hard it is to lose a doggy friend. I lost mine too not to long ago and I still miss her. I hope you will get another doggy friend and will love them as much. Dogs never are replaced but each make new places in our hearts.

to jw

your wrong, Dogs are mans best friends. yes the mans family needs condolences but dogs are special too. I have lost both, yes they are both hard but dogs are special, and that man was a criminal, I'll bet he has his own article, just let this one focus on the dog, without your mean critisizm. :)

Former Utahan

The criminal shot two bullets, both of which went into the dog. In California where I now live the police would definitely come under scrutiny for shooting a man who didn't shot at them first (granted, this story may not tell all of the facts, but it does say that the officer turned the corner and found the dog dead; this coupled with the speed of a dog leads me to believe the officers' shots came after the dog was shot and not simultaneously with its death). Does the ACLU have a loud voice in Utah as they do in California?

You're Kidding - Right?

"Am I Missing Something" - did you even read the article? The cops were chasing people who were armed and were fleeing the scene of an attempted robbery - then this poor "young man", who just happened to have a gun and was riding in a stolen car - shoots a police dog - with the police right there - of course, that poor "young man" wouldn't have shot at the cops now, would he? After all, a fleeing felon running through yards in a residential neighborhood isn't really THAT much of a threat. He's probably just misunderstood and would have peacefully given up after a little jog around the city capping off rounds as he ran around with no regard for whomever might be in line with that bullet, right? That guy made a grown up decision that resulted in grown up a consequence.


To Former Utahan @ 8:31pm The dog who was shot and killed wasn't just a dog..Koda was a police dog. He was an officer of the law. The police were defending the neighborhood and so was Koda. The criminal shot first at an officer..then the police shot the criminal.. sorry I see no need for scrutiny.

re Am I Missing Something

Koda was part of the police force. When you shoot a police service dog, it's the same as sooting an office. When the call goes in that the dog has been shot, they don't say dog down! the call went out that an officer was down. Yes, this perp deserved to shot and ly wounded, when he turned a weapon on the police dog that was pursuing him. And no to the rest of the people who have said, "it's just a dog". He was not just a dog! He was a fully trained service dog, for the police department. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent in the training of these wonderful animals, not to mention the countless hours of training that the handler has put in! This dog deserves it's proper repsect! Let's show it to him and his handler!!!

Loss and comfort

The death of someone you love is always hard to endure no matter if that someone is an animal or a human. The loss of both Koda and the young man are mourned by different people but both for the same reason. May comfort come to the family and friends of both victims.


Why on earth did the handler release his dog and subject him to an armed robber, knowing full well that the robber will shoot?!?


RIP Koda. Prayers for your handler....

to Am I Missing Something @ 8:14

Once again...the article you are commenting on is about the DOG....not the perp...and how the police (and community) are mourning the DOG...not the perp. I'm sure if you look hard enough, you will find an article about the criminal and the people who mourn him. If not now...watch for it in the future. The family of these criminals always have something to say.


lp: I didn't happen to take note of the nationality of Koda's killer; as, I don't happen to equate things that happen with race. However, upon rereading this article, I think you are mistaken. The gentleman was not Hispanic.


tp: how do you know the handler knew the suspect was armed when he released the dog?

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