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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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1- A Final 4

I agree that Monticello is one of the best teams in the state but parings will have them meet Rich in the Quarterfinals - A rip for both teams. Because there are five regions two champions have to meet in the quarters. This year it will be Monticello and Rich - provided both win their regions as expected. Monticello gets the short end of this stick. Lots of basketball to play this is sooo fun.


Not a big fan of 1a and 2a high school basketball. I would have to say there may be some jr. high teams that could compete with 1a and 2a teams. Parents at those schools think their kids are great players when 15 people go to try outs to play for 100 students that go to the school

Reg: Anonymous

You are not only a big fan of 1A and 2A basketball, you know nothing about high school sports or you would never make that statement. Large numbers help find more talent but small schools have much more talent per capita than large school because large schools produce more lazier kids because they do not involve themselves as much. Fewer kids see themselves as athletes and mostly they do not have the right last name and do not try. Bring your school to the best 1A teams and will see if thee is any talent at small schools:) They would compete. I promise. They will not beat all large schools but they would compete.

re: 1A Final 4

It's certainly a little early to be putting Monticello and Rich in the quarterfinals. However, you had better do your homework--correctly--before jumping to such conclusions. If you look at the pairings on UHSAA, Region 19 champion is in the upper bracket and Region 16 champion is in the lower bracket, making it impossible for them to meet until Saturday. However, Monticello would first have to get past Region 16 #3--something they couldn't do last year--and then get past Region 20 #2. That's a pretty tough road for Monticello to even get to the quarterfinals. This scenerio, keep in mind--only plays out IF Monticello and Rich win their Regions. Should Monticello not win Region #19, then they would possibly meet Rich on day #2.

Re 1A final 4

Your a tool!! Monticello and Rich are by far the Best!

re: 1A Final 4

Re 1A final 4 (10:38 Jan 8),
Read the comment I posted before you get all upset. I never said Monticello and Rich weren't good. They are two of the best teams in the State. What I did state was FACT. It is impossible for them to meet at the State Tournament until Saturday. They would be on opposite sides of the bracket if both win their regions. No, I'm not a tool, just very informed by the facts.


Tabiona is the only team that can take down rich...... AND WE DID


1A I think you might be over looking Tabiona, if those boys keep playing how they have been their last couple of games they might end up on top when all is said and done...


The rich game was a preey intense game. I was so happy when we took it. Good Job Boys.

hatu setu

I was at the Region 20 Tornament last night....There was some great games....Game of the night had to be Milford vs Piute.....Milford got down early, but battled back to take the game to OT....(Second OT game with Piute in 7 days)..Milford grabbed a lead in OT and once again, the TIGERS got outcoached by Piut's coach.....Thats OK TIGERS you are playing good ball, and if you keep it up you will be a force at the State Tourney next week......Keep your heads up and good luck at State next week.......

hatu setu

I attended the Region 20 Tournament last night.....There are some great teams in the Region and great games last night......Game of the night had to be Milford vs Piute......After showing some heart and beating Valley on the road the night before, Milford fell behind early but came back to get the game into overtime.....(the TIGERS 2nd overtime game with Piute in a 7 day span)....The Tigers finally got the lead in OT only to be outcoached by Piute's coach once again.....Keep your heads up TIGERS and playing the way you are capable of and you will be a force to be reckoned with at State next week.......GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!

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