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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The fact that the majority of comments on these pages are from 1A and 2A fans is a direct result of the passion involved in small school sports. I played 4A basketball, but I saw a better atmosphere in Milford tuesday than I ever did at a non-region, preseason 4A bball game. Not to mention some great basketball. Both Liahona and Milford had a couple kids each that were VERY talented. Ofcourse they also had kids that couldn't make a free throw or dribble, but they played with passion and heart. If you've never been to a 1A bball game with 2 decent teams (sorry Wendover v Christian Heritage), you don't know what you're missing


Well if they are picked to be number two. Bryce Valley just beat them. What now????


Bryce Vally should of beat Milford by 20 but couldn't hit there foul shots! BV is no push over!!!

Liahona? Milford?

Are people actually thinking that Liahona and Milford are top in the state? I can't believe the person that picked the final four thinks Milford will beat Piute and Panguitch. Milford only beat Wayne four points people and lost to BV! To think that Milford ends up on top in Region 20 is absurd. If anyone can beat Piute in Region 20 it will be Panguitch. The reason why people don't talk about Panguitch is they didn't have Frandsen against Tabiona in the Preview. The top teams in the state are (no specific order) Rich, Piute, Panguitch, Tabiona! Sorry Monticello you beat good team but you are not top in the state. Good for the rest of us, it shows Piute can play bad and be taken out. Valley is the surprise team except not in a positive way. I thought Duchesne would be better than that too.


Yeah Milford did lose to Bryce Valley. However the foul count for the secound half was Bryce Valley seven fouls twenty four. Now I am not saying Milford did not deserve twenty four fouls but there was no way Bryce Valley only had seven. I mean come on.....


When do you 1A and 2A schools have time to practice what you preach? Seems like all your time is on here talking trash to each other....I have to say "your very intertaining".

2nd in the state!!!

I have sat back and sat back and read these comments and read these comments... and laughed every minute of it. But now I want to say something! Milford nor Liahona are 2nd in the state! There you have it! I agree with Liahona? Milford? Every word was stated beautifully!


During football season all we read on these comment boards was how great South Sevier is....and they lost. Now we are going through the same thing in basketball....? Please give it a rest.


I think Ogden Should be in the top 20. They lost to a very good Ben Lomond, and 5A powerhouse Weber. 4-2 preseason. Go Tigers! Nobody can beat you in the Tiger Pit

Just wondering 9:15 from Granny

South Sevier is located in Monroe, Utah which is 10 miles south of Richfield. They take in many small communities in the South Sevier area of Sevier county. Beautiful place!!
As for the rest - Sit back and watch - it will be a fun and interesting season of basketball in all the classifications with the end results hopefully the way you want it to be. Good luck to all players and coaches. You work hard...Go get em!!!

in the know

So many people post here and give kudos to their team. That is awesome! I do have an issue that seems to run rampant tho, Liahona will have trouble beating Wasatch Academy. Region 18 will be represented well this year, better than any year in recent memory. How anyone can take a cheap shot at Dugway this year knows nothing about the program. The team has ZERO seniors and ZERO experience. The ex-coach left the cupboard bare on purpose. Additionally, private schools have done pretty well in recent years, Mt. Vernon and Layton Christian won a few years ago and Waterford was always a power when in 1A.
Sounds like Liahona is new and has no idea about the history of 1A.

new ranking

Since B.V. beat both Tabiona and Milford maybe the D news can show us some respect and rank us for the first time 09-10.

re: new ranking

Why are so many people worried about being ranked? Trust me, you don't want to be ranked! It simply puts a target on your team and brings raised pressure and expectations. Rankings mean nothing until the final day at state concludes.

1-A Final 4

I made the Final 4 prediction that included Milford and Liahona. I did state that I thought Milford was the second best team in Utah - BV proved me wrong. But wait and see what happens when BV comes to Milford. I stand by my prediction that Milford and Piute will make it to the Final 4 - but maybe Piute is the second best team in Utah.

I did not say Liahona was one of the best teams in the state what I said was that the winner of Region 18 will make it through to the Final 4 this year. I chose a chewed up and spit out Liahona over a perfect Wasatch Academy. It is a battle of scheduling philosophy. Liahona has employed the "Bring it on" philosophy of Duchense while Wastch seems to be employing the coveted Dugway approach. I believe the "bring it on" approach creates a better team.

Region 20 is the toughest region in the State. I think we can all agree on this. Rich is the best team in the state I think we can all agree on that. I see more agreement than disagreement.

RE: 1-A Final 4

I wouldn't overlook Monticello. I have seen them play and they are a very good team. They will make some noise come tourney time.

re:1A Final 4

I wouldn't overlook the Manila Mustangs. Their program knows what it takes to win it all. We keep improving every game in fact every practice. They will be ready come state tournment time.


and North Sevier is???


your right Manilla would finish a solid 4th or 5th in region 16

1-A final

I believe your statement about the "coveted" Dugway approach to scheduling is really more the philosophy of their ex-coach, not one adhered to by the new coach at all. Perhaps you should attribute the scheduling philosophy to those who make the schedule and not the school.


you are right. if you look at Dugway's schedule for the last couple of years and look at say West Ridge's schedule this year you will probably see similarities since the coach has changed schools

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