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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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1-A Final Four

How about we have some fun and pick our Final 4 for the 1-A state tournament. Winner gets an all expense paid trip to nowhere - After all that is where the 5-A fans think we live :-)

My entry:

Rich: My no brainer. The Rebels cruise through the first two rounds leaving Montecello in the dust.

Milford: The second best team in Utah has the easiest road to the final four but faces Rich in the semis - this is the championship game a day early.

Piute: By finishing second in the Region 20 tournament Piute punches its ticket through to the finals. They win a close game against Whitehorse in the quarters to advance to the final four.

Liahona: This is the toughest call (could be Wasach) The Region 18 champion beats Duchesne in the second round to advance. You heard it here first - Region 18 in the final 4 and it is not Dugway.

Caviot - if Piute or Milford get upset in their tournament and come in as the 3rd seed. Whitehorse replaces Liahona in the final 4.


After watching how milford handeled adversity and came back to win the close one against possibly the second most talented(emphasis talented not best) team in the state i've come to the conclusion the Milford is way legit. Especially since they have the ability to through it into a 6'8 kid whenever you need a score this could be the year all of us milford fans have been waiting for.

The only way

Rich will win a state championship is if the rest of the 1A teams don't show up! And then they'd probably still loose! But hey, at least they placed!


I've seen Rich, Piute, Milford, Tabiona and Liahona play twice. Hands down, Rich is the best. For the best of the rest, I have it this way: Liahona, Piute, Milford, Tabiona. I didn't see the Liahona/Milford game last night, but a friend (a coach) did and he said it was a playoff quality game. To say that one team was lucky because they hit a couple of "circus" shots doesn't give credit. If you're going to say that then you have to say the same about Milford, especially the last shot they made. Give credit to both teams, they are good, no doubt about it. Why do I pick Liahona over Milford in the playoffs? Neutral court and you don't have Milford with a 36-17 advantage in foul shots. Let's face it though, everyone is playing for second place behind Rich.

Liahona @ Milford

Milford came out flat in the first quarter, while Liahona was making circus shots like crazy, Milfords shots didnt fall the first quarter which got them down, Liahona is a good team but the refs were bad but the reason why Milford shot more Free-Throws is cause they drive to the basketball, Liahona couldnt stay with them, overall region 20 is the best region and its going to be the toughest region to win in so all our region games will be "state tournament" quality

Re: The only way

Hey check your spelling! ha ha

Re to Re: The only way

Hey I'm sorry for my spelling. I can correct my spelling but Rich will still lose! Past years of just placing have proven that. I can't remember if Rich has even played for the State Championship in basketball before?, but if they did, I'm sure they lost!

1A down

If 1A is down. 2A is way down

1A down

I don't think 1A is down. I think Rich is up and that makes the rest appear down. "Rich this year" is as good as "Escalante last year". There will be a "Duchesne" this year that improves all year and uses discipline and hard work and gives Rich a run for the money in the tournament - not sure yet who that will be. But "Liahona @ Milford" is right - Region 20 is the toughest and I predict the trouble for Rich will come from Region 20 because they will be battle tested.


Rich shouldn't lose a game in 1A. Piute will compete, but Rich will prevail.

To: S.Sevier 60's fan

State championships in the 60's? Serioulsy. I mean good job, but are we still talking about the 60's??Someone definately hasn't gotten over their glory days! The 60's????


We thumped Milford at their place and they and the rest of 1A feels they are better than 2A? Get out of town a little more!!

re: Rams

I am shocked you can get on here and brag with the way your team has been pounded. Your win against Milford was probably a fluke. I can think of many 1A teams that would do real well against your great 2A team.


It's nice to have another good team in 1A. I looked at the stats for their game against Milford, and am I right that pretty much their whole team are Juniors? It looks like they only have one Sr that gets any time. I also noticed that Wasatch Academy has mostly underclassmen. Could it be that Region 18 will be the power 1A region next year?

re: liahona 2:10

I've heard that a lot lately about Region 18. However, I still think it's unfair that private schools get to recruit, even from out of State. Private schools should have their own league and own rules!

re: Liahona 2:10

Aren't there 10-15 private schools throughout 1A? Some of them have been around forever and have never sniffed a championship, so I think it's unfair to imply that Liahona and Wasatch Academy have recruited. I remember hearing about how good Liahona was going to be last year when they weren't even a varsity team. So you're saying their coach recruited kids to a program that wasn't even varsity at the time? Sounds like a stretch to me.


My Jr High would beat any 1A team by 40.

You guys need to give it a break 1a and 2a....

no one really cares...it will be decided come tournet time.


I have only watched one 1a team play this year but say that your Jr High team would beat any of them by 40 tells me that you haven't seen even one. If you want to post your phone number I'll bet that you don't have enough money or credit at the bank to cover your "motor boat" blogging.


Who is your jr high team, maybe it could be arranged lets see a buck for every point you don't win over 40, 10 bucks for every point you win by more than 40. Interested? Let us know who you are.

RE: 1A?

Obviously you cared about it enough to get on here and comment. A majority of people who write on these blogs are 1A and 2A people. We really dont care about bigger schools comments but we dont get on here and tell you guys that no one cares and that you need to stop writing on these blogs so stop telling us to. 1A and 2A can write on the blogs whenever they want.

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