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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Get over it.

Don't blame South Sevier because the family of the player you have an issue with moved there. They had nothing to do with it. Watch out, you may just choke on those sour grapes you are spitting out. And in case you haven't noticed, the team is loaded with talent that has been born and raised in South Sevier, and the basketball program has been dominant for many years, not just the last three.

re re waterford

its a good thing that ss beat waterford because they can just become more confident and get upset in the state tournament. Unless you actually played in the game you dont know very much about what happened, however you are probably a SS parent and wont listen anyway.

re re waterford

the article that follows the game explains it as being much closer than you state. Im guessing you are a SS dad and think they are untouchable so it doesn't matter what happened during the game only the final score. SS won't win 2A this year because they have no room for improvement

RE: Anonymous

Rich was up 20 to Liahona when they played. If you look at the box score you can see that they definately took the starters out of the fourth quarter.

Re: real 2A top 5

Did you really Just put a 4-4 team over a team that is 11-0 and a team that is 3-6 above two teams that only have 1 loss. You also put So. Summit above 5-3 Enterprise and 5-4 Kanab. Those are the Dumbest rankings I have ever seen.

Captain To Re: Captain

What i meant by the comment " Who the heck is Rich" is why do they think that they could beat everyone in everything. They did not say it in this article, I just misunderstood one comment. But I have seen in other articles where they have said that they could beat all the 2A top 5. I am not from South Sevier but i have seen them play and they are very good. I would not be surprised if they could beat Rich by 50 points.

Not from SS just an observer

Who cares if a kids parents want their son to have a better chance. Coach Hunt didnt go kidnap this kid and force him to play for SS. Parent will always look for the best oppurtunities for their kids. I know this because when I was in high school their were a couple of kids from a smaller community that wanted to play football for us. Their parents begged the schools to let them play. They did play but had to go to school in our school. We didnt recrute them we just gave them a chance to play and one of those kids ended up being the MVP of the state.

go judge

judge=state champs

SS Fans

Why dont you know it alls take a visit to South Seviers gym and see how many banners are hung in multiple sports! Especially the 2 that were hung in 64 and 65 in basketabll when there were only two classifications! Beating the likes of Judge Memorial and American Fork. Schools who were 10 times thier size! Come on people.....

Private Schools

And if we want to call South Sevier the Badgers what shall we call Layton Christian And Waterford? Does the recruiting habits of these private schools bypass UHSAA rules or what? Are you kidding me UHSAA? Juan Diego? Come on! Give them their own league and their own tournaments! Let them recruit all they want!

RE: SS Fans

Banners hung in multiple sports? I did a little research, and it doesnt work in your favor. I will give you a run down.

SS Boys Championships
Basketball 9
Baseball 6
Track 1
Football 1 (It is shared with 3 other schools)

SS Girls Championships
Basketball 5
X Country 1
Drill Team 2 (cool)
Softball 1
Volleyball 2

Half of the school state championships are basketball. South Sevier is a basketball school and nothing more. They have some championships in other sports but most of them were won before most of the people on this comment board were even born.

I know somebody is going to get on and say "what has your school done." So I did a little research on that as well. Here you go. San Juan Broncos.

SJ Boys Championships
Basketball 2
Football 5
Baseball 3
X Country 7
Track 1

SJ Girls Championships
Track 5
Volleyball 10
Softball 1
X Country 2

We have 36 State Championships. Which is more than South Sevier has. Also we dont share any of ours with other schools. These are the Championships all time as well according to UHSAA. Go check out the website.


Heck, well it sounds like South Sevier could beat the Jazz.


i think milford couid be a hard team to beat this year. thay have some real good kid.

Just Wondering...

where is South Sevier?


Liahona is legit-They led Milford by 18 in the first half at Milford (which is one of the toughest gyms to win in 1-a) but Milford came back to win by 2. It was a very good game. Liahona has some legit kids but Milford finally started playin like they are capable just in time. Both of these two should play deep into the state tourney! 1-a is wide open this year-right now Rich is the team to beat though.


after watching liahona play milford I realized this could be the team that takes out rich...if they stay out of foul trouble i'd say their the second best team in 1a. They lost to milford because their amazing point guard had to sit for alot with foul trouble and their two starting posts(which were a really talented duo) fouled out. I hope if milford runs into them again its in the state championship after they took out Rich.


You honestly think that Liahona can beat Rich after getting defeated by Milford? Give me a break. Milford was down by 18 points and still made a comeback for the win. Liahona was not impressive at all.

give me a break.

Liahona made everything they put up in the first half, even several circus shots that shouldn't have went in, while Milford missed everything from layups to several easy put backs before shots finally started falling for them. Milford missed 5 of 6 free throws in the last minute or two. Liahona is good, especially #12, but if Milford would have played consistently they would have won by alot more. Milford outscored them 3 out of 4 quarters. The better team won. By the way, Rich beat Liahona easily. I think that result 10 out of 10 times.

Taking out Rich

The only team that will take out Rich?.....is Rich! Here is how you take out Rich! Just let them run the same old offence they have had for years! The one they call "motion" where there is no motion at all! Stay in your zone "D" and wait for them to pass the ball around enough untill they finally turn it over or throw it out of bounds! If you happen to be down by 10 or 12 with less than minute left, foul them!, They are the worst foul shooting team I've seen in crunch time! And yes Rich fans I know, "You have placed more than any other team in the state", but wouldn't you like to win the big one for a change? Oh, wait!! that's right, there's always next year, and the next and the next.......

I'm Praying

That in a weak 1A year, football & basketball, which is not Rich's fault, that this will be the year they finally get to raise the State Championship Trophy over their heads! They are consistantly loaded with talent year after year and then consistantly blow the one game that could get them into the Big Game! Hopefully their one young guard, I believe he was a Sophomore last year, has emotionaly matured over the year, he had a tendency to mentally take himself out of the game if things didn't go as he would've liked. If they can play a consistant 32 minutes no one will beat them, in my opinion. The only team, in my opinion, that can cause them sorrow in the state tourny is Piute! I'm an old man who lives in Richfield, played and loves basketball, and looks forward to watching the state tourny every year! I'm just praying that this is finally Rich's year to put a basketball trophy next to their football trophy! What a year that would be!

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