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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 29 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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If South Sevier beat both Enterprise and Kanab, how good are they(ent AND kanab)? Think we have too much respect going toward the South. Look for region 14 to be a big surprise to these southern teams!

Go Utes!

Where are the Utah Utess in this ranking?

Brighton fan

Where is Brighton? With only one loss how can they fall from number 2, to not even in the top five?

RE: 2A and wondering

I would have to agree, although, the win against Waterford may be impressive for SSevier but we still do not know how good Waterford is until they play Rich and South Summit. I would have to think the 20 point win over Waterford was impressive for SSevier. They must have gotten Waterfords Monson in foul trouble which is hard to do as most refs seem to protect him.


Who the heck is Rich. South Sevier would kill Rich.

Arizona guy.

I find it funny that they don't put American Fork, when USA Today recognizes them as a top ten team in the west... if they are 3rd in the 5-A class, then why isn't Bingham and Lone Peak Ranked Higher Nationally. I Played in both A.F. had friends at Lone Peak, and played in Arizona, and i'm smart enough to recognize that AF has true potential, they've been good since they were little kids.

To: Arizona guy

AF is not ahead of Bingham because Bingham is better. In 1-2 years AF may be the best in Utah.

LP vs AF? We will see on the court who pulls that one off. Both young teams with talented players.

AF is USA Today top 10 in the West? They probably saw the Provo win and put too much value in that one. It was a nice win, but Provo is not what they used to be. Neither is LP.

I think LP is a top 10 5A team. We will see how good they can get. But Bingham is the favorite to win it all this year.

Region 4 will be fun every night.

RE: Captain

From a laughing 5A fan,
if you do not know who Rich is, isn't it strange that you are sure that S. Sevier would kill them? Oh that's right, you would beat every 5A school also, right? Seems like I remember hearing that in football. I have not seen anywhere on any blogs where Rich claims they would kill South Sevier. Interesting. Yes I am a 5A fan that is also a Rich fan as I have a cabin in Bear Lake and work with a lot of the kids that go to school at Rich. Maybe S. Sevier could beat Rich, but if they were really sure of that, why would they have to tell people so often?

Utah Sports Action

I agree with Brighton fan. Brighton should be in the top 5. I have watched them play and they are good enough to be in the top 5.




Waterford had it close with S.S. until the final 3 minutes (3 points). That game was hardly a blowout! Monson wasn't protected at all and I think we'll see a different result next time.

Rich/ Tabiona?

S. Sevier beating Juab tonight by that far is impressive. No argument from this Rich fan. But have to agree with 5A fan that is wondering why they keep telling Rich they can kill them. We will never know and good luck S. Sevier, hope it all works out for you. That does make more since that Waterford was within three points with three minutes left.

Anyone know why Giles did not play for Tabiona tonight against Bryce Valley? They certainly did not hold him scoreless did they?

Wasatch Fan!

Go Wasatch! It has already been so fun to watch you play this year, and I am looking forward to seeing your talent and teamwork carry you all the way to the State championship!


Giles lost his head.

Re: Giles

Thanks, just wondering. They will need him against S. Summit.


Lisen Layton Christian barely beat North Sevier, Layton Christian is no better than Kanab, and Kanab aint that could. All you in Northern Utah get off your private school kick. South Summit lost to North Sanpete. North Sanpetes terrible, have you seen what South Sevier did to them, just beat em by 20. South summit? haha shoot.


Does that mean that he got kicked out of the game.

re Waterford

um, so you are saying SS scored 15 unanswered points against Waterford in the last 3 minutes of the ball game? Oh wait, did Waterford take out all of their players the last 3 minutes being within 3 points so SS could beat them by 18? Perhaps you better go back and look at the quarter scores.

South Sevier Badgers

Yes, South Sevier is the top dog in 2A no questions. They have a very proud tradition of recruiting from the surrounding communities. If any other team in 2A recruited and got the best basketball players from nearby schools then they would compete with South Sevier. If South Summitt got all of Rich's best talent; if Enterprise got all of Parowan or Beavers talent; or if San Juan got all of Monticello's best talent just to name a few, then the tides might turn. It is what it is, S. Sevier is able to successfully recruit and thus maintain dominance in basketball. They should look at recruiting in other sports because they do nothing!


Liahona at Milford tonight should be a doosie! Liahona's 3-4 but have only played 2 1A teams losing to #1 Rich by 10 at Rich and killing a decent Manila team at Manila by 20. Excited to see if Liahona is for real

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