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Published: Monday, Dec. 28 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thanks BLM. The roundup is long overdue.


Those Wild horses are from the Old Western history ==
So many kept on the range yet roun them up protect them.

BirthControl give them shots&given a CodeTag
Save those Wild Horses=thank you BLM!


What will happen when BLM does not have the to feed the wild horses in the winter and there is a mass die off?

Monitor,Ty BLMControl

Let those that give them feed Adopt one for western ESQ saddle and snapple bit with harnesss wear.Time enough to tame.


This roundup is NOT NECESSARY!!! The BLM keeps water areas closed off to wild horses. They are lying about everything. If we let this continue, we will NOT have any wild horses left, another extinction done by MAN...I am disapointed in MANKIND! Birth control is NOT the answer. All that does is put mares in heat at the wrong time of the year and babies are born in the fall and winter! WRONG!!! BLM IS LYING TO EVERYONE!


Letting them starve & freeze to death seems more inhumane to me.


So many people do not realize that by gathering horses off an over populated area that we are actually saving them from an inhuman death. Too many horses = starvation, dehydration, not to mention other horses killing to gain what little feed is left. The BLM is doing the right thing in trying to keep the population from getting out of control.


What is going to happen to them when they run out of feed in the wild? A mass die off then it may be to late to save the vegatation so that it can occupy what horses did make it. I hate the idea of horse slaughter but we also have got to think about what good it can do in getting the wild horses population where it needs to be with healthy and strong horses.


They're not wild, they're feral. Big difference


The method and timing of the round-up may not be ideal but it needs to be done. This issue is the same as hunting big game. If the wild herds are not thinned then every animal is in danger of starvation, and that is not a pretty death. Opponents of the round-ups (and hunting) are idealistic and many times ignorant. Lets just make sure that the adoption opportunities are well advertised so that these amazing horses can go to good homes and as few horses as possible have to go to the slaughter house.


Some people just don't have a concept. Horse herds need to be managed. Overpopulation is the biggest killer there is for horses. But I guess all these animal lovers and enviromentalist have all the answers. Here's an idea reintroduce wolves in those areas. Seems to have worked here on reducing all the elk deer and moose in the area. Another well thought out plan by people who don't live in affected areas or have a clue about what really happens in the wild. Let the BLM do there job and if your really in to saving those horses anyone can go adopt them go adopt 10 or 20 and see how much feed it takes to put them through a winter, maybe then you will be clued in a little. Stupid people with half witted ideas trying to waste our taxes, I'm tired of it shut up and return to the city focus on your part of the country not ours.

To: Jenny

Horses are not native to the western hemisphere. If the herds are not controlled humanely by man, they will be controlled inhumanely by mother nature. Rounding them up and caring for them is infinitley better than letting them die a slow agonizing death from exposure, starvation & disease.

Legend of a western story...

More Solutions?
Answers of Questions
Save and Protect these Beautiful Animals!


Jenny, you don't have a clue. You spout of emotional rhetoric with absolutely NO facts to back up what you say. If we listened to you, there would not be a single wild horse left because they would all eat themselves out of food and then die of starvation. Good idea Jenny.


Why dont we just kill them all. Then no one would care or have a say any more.


These horses are not native. But they are dominate. They devastate the native populations of deer, antelope, and sage hen. The BLM needs to take more.

ray brg

lets look at this this way,850 sq.miles is54000+acres so 3040 horses would each have about 1800 acres to range on,now i know nevada is the driest state but c'mon.

Eric in Reno

I'd be amazed if any of these protesters are from Reno. You think hitting a deer is bad, tell the guy who hit a horse right in front of the local High School. Of course they had to shut down the road and high school while they put the horse down. We love having the animals roaming the hills above our home but the horses will be much safer if we can get them to less populated areas like Fallon. By the way Jenny, these horses have no problem getting water. Chain link, barbed wire, nothing keeps them out of private property. We love these animals but this roundup will ensure that we have them around a lot longer.


inhumane? oxymoron....no?

Government spends money creating and problem and then spends money "fixing" the problem. Reminds me of what has happened to our economy over the last 15 years...


really if you know nevada is a dry state then you should know that not all 54000 acres have the ability to support an animal ie: water or feed so obviously these animals all occupy a smaller area in herds since horses are herd animals and grazing animals that means they eat nonstop.


They need to be rounded up - they are feral and not native. Why should BLM spend millions trying to save something that shouldn't be. Wild-Horse Annie used the school children to cause something to happen that shouldn't and now the ranchers are trying the same thing with the children calling the USFS to get them to let the cows back on the range. What a bunch of malarkey. If we need to graze to stop the wildfires, leave the horses there and we won't need the cows. The horses will die off during the winter and everyone's problems will be solved. Don't want to hear the horse lover crying when they are starving or they need to foot the hay bill. Repel the wildhorse law and lets eat them.

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