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Published: Friday, Dec. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Now After The Booze Trade

Send Kirilenko Koufus, and Fess to Det for Prince, Oberto, and Maxiell. Now we have "toughness" and power.

todd to rattler

I then do not have your credentials. The problem his detractors have issue with Rattler, are much the same we all discuss. Flexibility in changing defenses, taking players who are not performing. Calling proper time outs. Mix and Match players depending on game status, who ot for example.

The coach is responsible for his team and how they prepare and mind set which leads to court execution.

Merry Xmas to you also. Fine I respect your credentials, if i had known I would not have been so sarcastic to you.


I say we trade okur for free hot dogs all year.....okur is worthless it's a sad thing when your center shoots more three pointers than anyone else on the team all he gets paid to do is shoot 3's he dont post he dont rebound he dont play defense he is a waste of money

todd from santa ana

Nate Robinson is spectacular offensively. He is also 5 foot 9 with 3 pairs of shoes on. How is David Lee better than Boozer, he certainly does not appear to be quite as tall, what 6'8?

That is no upgrade and guess what? D' ANtoni would not go for that, everyone Loves David Lee in New York.

I am seeing the obvious more and more.

Objectively, there is one major disease on this team. His name is Okur.

His season has stunk. His defense worse. They should attempt to package him in a deal. Tyson Chandler has been hurt I know but been a disappointment in Charlotte. Perhaps LArry Brown would take Okur back.

Tyson, mentally has not been the same since last years aborted trade. I am good at reading character, and feel Tyson has not recovered and not been the same player. He does not seem comfortable in Charlotte in the couple games I saw..

Okur and Boozer together defensively, cannot survive. Fes and Chandler or another BIg guy with some skill could rotate at center.

Now your team becomes better, notwithstanding other moves.

todd from santa ana

I would take a chance on Chandler. He is 7'1 and when healthy long arms, good athletic and a thorn. I have seen him in the past destroy the Lakers at Staples and almost single handledly with David West win there with New Orleans.

Okur, would be good for Lawrence Brown. Charlotte after watching them last week, are getting closer but not still a playoff type team.

Okur gives that team a lot more punch, and benefits guys like Gerald Wallace and Ray Felton, Jackson can penetrate more often.

I feel a package of Okur for Chandler has to be tried. No I did not study salaery ramifications. But both make a ton, so if you have throw in another body to make it equal, throw in Koustos if you have to or Price plus free cheese for a year.

It is really simple

either fix the problems by getting

1. a big combo guard who can play defense and shot to play beside DWill like Fish did.

2. Get wings who can shoot enough to open up the inside so the system works

3. Get some plays that will break the zone/inside pack


4. get a coach who will fix the problems

We want a winner. We are tired of losing games that should be won. We are tired of no one in the Jazz organization listening or doing anything to fix the problems.

You know the problems. You know how to fix them.

Your attendance will go up if you start winning.

Be proactive instead of afraid to make any progress.

3 years of going backwards is more than enough.

Do something.

How about getting

Gerald Wallace?

Jerry Sloan has many strengths

but he seems so incapable of making changes. I am not talking about short run game changes. He is not a good game management coach. I am talking about long term strategic changes.

For years he has known he needed to replace Fish. He knew that playing 2 PGs together made a big difference and kept the inside game running. It also kept the defense from jumping DWill and disrupting the offense.

For years he has known he needed more outside shooting. AK took lessons. Sloan tried to develop CJ and Brewer. We still do not have enough or consistent shooting from the wings.

For years he knew Okur and Boozer would never be good defenders. And that they could not match up with LA. He developed Millsap (also to short).

For years we got talk about better defense.

Where are the corrective adjustments?

Why can't Sloan actually make the changes that would fix the problems instead of perpetuate them?

What is it about this organization that paralyzes it into doing the same thing over and over pretending they are going to get better results?

Just common ordinary fans have more sense than that.

There are 2 Euro PGs

the Jazz should go after.

The first is THEODOROS PAPALOUKAS. He is 6'7", can run a team, defend and shoot. He could play wing if necessary.

The second is DIMITRIS DIAMANTIDIS. He is 6'5", is the Euro league defensive player of the year for the 3rd time, is a good passer, and can shoot 3s.

Both of these players do everything a PG is supposed to plus that defend and shoot.

They would be ideal to play at PG with DWill at the SG.

Since they are Euros maybe the Jazz can afford them. They have substantial experience.

Monty Montana

The players always take the attitude that there is always another game, or there is always tomorrow! Wrong attitude! Williams needs to kick some butt and shake up the locker room. Williams wants to be an all star he needs to start acting like one. Boozer wants a raise, he needs to start earning the money he is making currently. As far as the rest of them they need to quit waiting for Williams and Boozer to do everything and help out.

Maynor got the best deal by getting traded! At least he will be playing for a team that wants to win!

I just watched CLE take

LAL apart in LA. It was nice to watch. CLE has some weaknesses but at least they made moves and tried to win. CLE is not that big of a market. But they are not afraid to make changes.

This Organization

Has gone down hill for the last three years. They even stuck Hot Rod up in the rafters before replacing him with Locke. Then there is the great Jerry Sloan, Mr. powerful, not accountable to no one. The fans cannot even stand to watch Sloans coaching. It frustates them to see Okur and Boozer not defending and in the game together at the same time. While Fesenko and Koufos sit. Help Millers! Do something!! Get us a coach!! Sloan is running everything into the ground!!


The one thing that stuck out on this article is when Sloan said something to the fact about Okur then team stating "He's got to get himself ready to go," the Jazz coach said. "I mean, I don't know what these guys do to take care of themselves and get ready to play."

I don't even know what to say to a comment like that. Sounds like to me he is not even involved with this team until game time.

todd from santa ana

Complain about SLoan to T.Warner with LHM she will forward to Greg...

That is where you go...

the Mailman

Another day, another puzzling Jazz display with meaningless quotes from coach Sloan about why we lost.

I stopped hoping this team would succeed long ago and started hoping for a nice long losing streak - the more at home the better - that would force a change from the top. How long have we known that Okur dont get it done at center, that our system has become all too predictable and falls to bits when we travel?

We all know it, but while they still win at home and the fans keep coming that will be just fine with Mr Miller cos hey, it all really is just about the bottom line.

Only chance this team has of success is if the fans stop showing up until we get a new coach, or if we stink so bad that their hand is forced. Personally i hope for both so they have absolutely no choice.

It's either that, or Sloan walks..and that aint gonna happen.

todd to the mailman

problem is a win tonight over horrible Philly and the following will happen as Jim Nabors would say "guaranteed"

1) "all of you can go back under the rug again, Jerry is a Hall of Fame Coach will know more than any of you can forget the game"

2) "typical Jazz Fans no one on here complaining when they win, terrible fans, go jazz etc etc"

That is the problem-Mailman, "winning" just enough so the "sloanaholics" stay around.

It will buy "jer" 3 days until we go to Minny again and OKIE CIty.

We should win those 2 but will we?


the Mailman to todd

You can't reason with unreasonable people so forget about those on here that resort to those tactics when they're views are challenged. Trust me most people on here agree that change is needed.

Also i would say to have patience. We have waited so long another failed year should be easy for us to accept. Like you i just hope the change comes before D Will decides to go to club that is serious about winning, cos this coach certainly aint.

Sloan is the definition of mediocre.

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