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Published: Friday, Dec. 25 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Me, too.

Hey Sloan

Your offense is unworkable whenever a good defensive team turns it up in the 3rd or 4th Q. The offense breaks down in TOs from paint packing and the players have no choice but to improvise outside shots since you do not have outside shooting plays (to speak of).

Why don't you try using some of the plays from the triangle offense.

1. That would force open the inside.
2. It would isolate Boozer one on one inside.
3. It would isolate DWill one on one outside and he can break down anyone.
4. Fes could have a hey day in the low post.
5. Okur could have a hey day in the high post.
6. Mathews or CJ could run the PG as the triangle requires very little of the PG.
7. If the triangle breaks down the ball ends back in DWill's hands and he can run something.

You have nothing to lose. It has to work better than getting TOs and bad jump shots from your erratic system.

A few plays from the triangle could fit nicely inside of your overall system and could solve a lot of problems.

You might win?


That's a great endorsement for the Jazz system from the coach of the Heat. I've always loved the disciplined approach to the game. It's a team sport and when they are firing on all cylinders, it's beautiful to watch.

todd to rattler

Hey Rattler! Since when other coaches "rattle" on other coaches.

Hee hee hee hee

They call you the Joker!!

Merry XMas "sloanaholics"

This just in

Jazz unhappy with their record so far? Surprised? I'm not we are losing time and time again to teams that we shouldn't lose to. This team is really hard to get behind. I'm still going to be a fan but I refuse to be a die hard fan again until this group of over paid babies are gonna act like professionals. I'm so sick of the sam ol playesd out comments by Sloan and the players after they lose. It has been the same thing said time and time again. You'd think after saying the same things for about 3 years now they would try to do something to fix it. I'm done believeing in this team. Throw in the towel we can win with these primadonnas. Sloan you need to be the bigger man and walk away please. That would be a perfect Christmas present ,"Jerry Sloan retires today!!!"


How does a head coach at any level say. I DONT KNOW WHAT MY GUYS ARE DOING TO GET READY TO PLAY. Well coach there is a man that gets paid 5 million a year for what .I am so tired of hearing these arragant headstrong coaches never say I NEED TO DO A BETTER JOB.After all i have heard Popivch and Jackson say we need to change some things or I will have to help to help them understand and make some adjustments.By the way lets see what adjustments are made now the defenses are switching?
It wouldnt hurt to screen your own man and have your teammate rub off of that. try it it does work if there switching. Well all will be well saturday when we are home again.And that short term memory is gone.Well there are fifty something games left to try diffrent rotations. And figure what might work.


Me Three.


why do we still how bozo this is a waste of time watching him. Play when Milsap could be our starter and we could have traded for someone who can actually play D.


The jazz really need a change! All the other teams in the league know how to beat this team. It is too predictable.If they do change coaches,(ha ha) they will no doubt choose an unproven former player.You would think they could get the best coach in the league knowing he can coach for years here.We could have beat Minnesota by changing things a little,like playing zone after a made basket, or utilizing a couple taller(Koufos,Fesenko) players in the middle to prevent easy layups.Maybe even try a box and one on the other teams 3 point shooter.How about an occasional full court press? I think I will just start watching the Celtics instead. Koufos and Fesenko could help a lot of teams instead of sitting on the bench gaining no experience even during a blowout. GO CELTICS!!!


Huh? Why would they be HAPPY about it?

We'll see just how unhappy they are over the next few games when they show us that they care more about being successful in this game than the millions they're banking.

When you get paid as much as pro athletes do, there's no excuse for not being INTO the game they play.

Except that they're minds are on the things they buy with it.

D-Will's still learning how to lead a team, it seems.

old timer

How about a little HARD "D" for a change, Stop turning your back and side step someone. The new Jazz defence????? same thing different name. Give me the ball and I will take the shot.



A coach will simply say nothing specific about another coach and team if he doesn't admire and/or respect that team. I like the Jazz team concept and style, when they execute it properly. My experience tells me that an unselfish team-oriented style of play produces success. The difficult job as a coach, especially in the NBA, is to reign in all the big egos and convince the individuals to play that way. We've seen what happens to Jazz players who don't "buy in" to the system. I'm just saying that as someone who has played the game for a long time (38 years) and has seen success (70+ varsity HS games started, one State Championship),


Merry Christmas.

Jazz not alone

The fans aren't happy either. Even if we are underachieving slackers, we want our team to play up to its potential.

Merry Christmas!


Sloan's 22 years of experience does not produce wins, what good is it? If Sloan's system does not work, what good is that?

Sloan had the same problems before and then traded for Korver. Korver helped but he was not a good defender (does try) and not enough.

Sloan has known what is wrong with this team and how to fix it for years but he refuses. He needs wings who can shoot (more than Korver).

He needs a better PF and C than Boozer/Okur. He needs a combo guard who can play WITH DWill like Fish did.

Instead of fixing the problems he has insisted on continuity.

It is past time to make the changes that have to be made.

Sloan, his system and every player on this team are replaceable. The Jazz will be no worse off if any intelligence is used in making the changes.

There are other coaches, systems and players who will win more games.

The Millers need to break the cord with Sloan. He and his unwillingness to change are the problem not the solution.

Before you ruin the franchise with continuity make some rational changes (nothing to lose).

Everybody makes mistakes

Most people realize their mistakes and then take corrective action.

Sloan has known for years exactly what was wrong with this team and how to fix it. Due to his stuborness and pride he has refused to make the changes that need to be made.

Sloan and LHM ran this team. Now Sloan runs this team.

He knew he needed to replace Fish with a good combo guard. He got bad back PGs. That may have been LHM trying to save money.

He knew he needed more shooting from the wings. He got Korver. That was good but he knew he needed more and that there would be injuries.

He knew Okur and Boozer would never be great defenders and did not match up with LA. He refused to even think about changing them.

He knew last year DEN and other teams knew how to disrupt his offense. He has made no adjustments to fix that.

If you know how to fix problems and refuse, you are choosing to lose games because you insist on doing it your way.

The fans and the Miller family deserve better. Fix the problems or fire Sloan.

Lo Porto

Time for AK to go. As soon as Raja Bell can be traded in GS, let's trade AK to GS for Claxton, Bell, and Turiaf. I'm tired of seeing AK's salary and lackluster play pull this team down.

The same can be said for Okur. We could ship him off with Korver to NO for Okafor and change the entire mindset of the team.

A Boozer and Okafor combo might actually win games the way that Sloan wants to win them. With system, defense and hustle.


How could any jazz fan be surprised?.... the jazz are just natural born losers, that is all they are so fans should not be surprised!... if anything they should be used to it., oh and lose more so maybe they can get a coach that can win a championship and stop playing 80's basketball.

Boozer Outa Here

Trade the Booze to the Knicks for Nate Robinson and David Lee PLEASE! Nate could play with D-Will , Nate at PG D-Will at the 2 just like we have before with Maynor and Price. If the Knicks don't want Booze see if Memo would tickle their fancy!


They should be unhappy. Want to be great? Develop a killer instinct in all your games, especially ones you should win (like Minnesota). Otherwise, you are just playing and being so-so. Just collecting your big paychecks. Just phoning it in.

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