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Published: Thursday, Dec. 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'm glad Emery didn't have the foul trouble. It is good to see him playing instead of on the bench. Fredette seems to be trying too hard maybe? His shooting from the perimeter is off. There were other games that he struggled and BYU still won handily.

New Mexico might have been ranked too high.

A Few Thoughts

1. Fredette and Emery are becoming one of the better backcourts in the country.

2. Hawes - missionaries are much more effective when they go later. Like after they graduate!!

3. Davies will be a 15-10 guy next season and give us our first real post presence in a while.

4. I am particularly impressed that so many Cougs are shooting a GREAT percentage in such an up tempo offense. Even those that are not getting much playing time.

5. It is a little sad to see how JT has almost shot himself out of a meaningful role on this year's team. With the great play of Haws and JT hovering around 35% that will only continue. In hindsight, he probably should have signed with a Brazilian pro team after his summer stint on the national team.


Another frosted cupcake with sprinkles on BYU's schedule.

There was so much good will on

the football article about the Utes I decided I needed to come to the basketball section to find some hate spewing Cougar fans:)

nice win, either way.


I wish we could have had a REAL test in basketball and played against Pepperdine in this tournament instead of lowly Nebraska and Nevada.


Evolution of a UTE

I know I'm in pain but it will subside after we beat our next opponent.
Cause I'm sure we'll beat them.
At least I'm pretty sure.
OK maybe I hope we win.
Well, maybe there's at least a glimmer of hope that we come out on top.
Hmmm, perhaps I'll see if there is any other school with the color red on their jerseys and cheer for them.
Okay forget the color red all together. Just maybe there's a school in Utah that I can cheer for that wins.
How about Lone Peak HS? Those guys are winners.
But their top players go to that other school and I throw beer on their players after football games.
Could I...would I...maybe...perhaps...yeah...
OK, I'm in so much pain, I'll cheer for their track team.
Well that doesn't cut it. Okay their BBall team. That won't be too bad. Besides, they win a lot of games - just won that tourney in Vegas and are 11-1.
Go Cougars!
Wait..What did I say? Oh, forget it! Go Cougars!

Frosted cupcake?

Lee, At least Nebraska has beaten a few good teams (USC and Tulsa) and has more-than-solid record. Who has your team beaten so far this season? (It's always easier to cast aspersions--I'll translate for you: that means critical remarks--than to present facts.) Please feel free to dis the Cougs once Utah has a decent B ball team.


I invite all Ute fans to jump on the band wagon and cheer and root for a good basketball team the Cougars. Ute fans need something to lift their spirits after getting waxed by Hall in overtime and then watching their utes struggle to beat a really bad Cal team without its best player. So, I extend the invitation to give up the hope that Boylen will ever deliver the goods and if you can't root for the Cougar football team, give the Cougar basketball team your support. You'll be a better person for it. GO Cougs!!!

BYU so far so good.

Utes have already proved that a so-so MWC team can beat or at least play with Big 10 and Big 12 schools.
BYU did not just beat Nebraska, it was a big-time blowout. Time will tell if this is the BYU team that will do well in the NCAA playoffs.

Bee Careful

Utah fans just can't give BYU credit. If they win, it was because they "owned" the refs, or the opponent was "weak." If you shoot a high percentage from the floor and line, like BYU did against Nevada, you can beat just about anybody. However we really won't know what kind of team the Cougars are until they go against tough teams on the road and win or win a few NCAA post first round games.


It is a great time to be a Cougar. Things have rarely looked better in basketball and football. I hope for a win in the tourney but I am enjoying myself now. The conference will be tough this year, should be some great games. I guess there are a few teams that are down this year so every game won't be tough.


If your so insucure to have to ask how you would fare in another conference; the answer IS not very well. Hey, do you think we would do very well in your conf?!! Come on, lets quit telling on ourselves!

To Lee

Cougar cupcakes? What about the Utes. They have played a slew of cupcakes. Only difference is that the Cougars Beat the cupcakes on their schedule!!!!!!!


Yewt trolls go post on your own stories or are they too depressing to read? And thank the Cougars for beating you in FB so that you could keep your bowl string alive against a deadbeat Cal.

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