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Published: Thursday, Dec. 24 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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The mainstream media wants to insinuate that Oregon State would have played better without the wind, but Max Hall would also have played better. However, he was outstanding in the face of adversity. He deserved the MVP award many times over.


Hall has had a nice career at BYU, but come on - if finishing
g a season with a reprimand from the conference and less
than 200 yards passing in a bowl game is a "blaze of glory"
then what will you call a truly spectacular performance?
And where's the love for Pitta? Nationally Hall is an above
average QB but sr. Pitta is probably the best TE in the

Red Headed Stranger

To any Utes wishing to comment here,

Just let it go. You will be much happier if you do.


Great bunch of guys. Both on and off the field. Definitely some magic happening again at BYU.

It will be interesting to see who steps up and fills the holes these guys are going to leave.

Thanks for some great memories!

Mizzou Blue

I am one who has been critical of Hall in the past. But the way he performed in Las Vegas shows his maturity in taking all the criticism in & not letting it effect game-time performance against a team like Oregon State. Max, to you and all the seniors, congratulations & thanks for being a big part of restoring BYU's credibility on the national scene!!

Howard S.

Capped his career indeed. There is certainly no NFL in Max's future.

His brother-in-law will soon be collecting an NFL paycheck while Max will be selling cell phones.


Max's "adversity" was created because he can't hold his temper. His accounts of the bad U people are still unsubstantiated by police who allegedly had to escort them to their car. Yes, Max's lasting legacy will be that he shot his mouth off frequently, that the conference reprimanded him AND THAT BYU AND HIS COACHES DID NOTHING. "I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, I hate their fans, I hate everything." When asked about these comments later, Hall stated "I think the whole university, their fans and their organization is [sic] classless". His response was no apology, it was a designation of who he meant to talk about but it did not apologize or retract. After the last touchdown against Utah, tape clearly shows him hitting Sylvester from behind as he ran to George, at least he was enough of a cheapshot to do it from behind because he knows Sylvester would have cleaned his clock if he would have done it face to face, see 2008 Haka dance before the game. Goodbye Max, you will not be missed or kept on any NFL roster.


No one is comparing the performances of Hall and Pitta. Dennis' performance over his career speaks for itself. Shake your head and get a grip! Pitta did not win the Bowl game. Hall was the team leader in this outstanding victory which was a team effort and to suggest otherwise is flat out ludicrous!


My biggest problem with Max was his propensity for throwing interceptions.

He fixed that the second half of this season. Kudos, Max!

Nice ending for your career. Great win!


My very best wishes to Max and all of the Seniors. I admire Mr George. and I do not mean to withhold any praise for those great defense and Mr Pitta, You men can be on my combat team anytime. May life and God bless and keep you all
(Max you are the firery one, You mak me smile young man, a warrior indeed but I would not want to be tackled by several of those defenders)

Re: Hall-Maxie | 8:47 a.m.


Max Hall's hateful tirade and BYU's lack of response reveals a lot about the values of the BYU athletic program.

It's Simple

Those who feel a need to still criticize Max Hall need to take a long look in the mirror. WE ALL make mistakes. Max's just happened to be very public. Some people simply focus on the negative. I'm sure it's reflected in many aspects of their life not just their anonymous comments on sports blogs.

Max was a fantastic QB for BYU. He began this season with a nice performance against OU and ended it in the same way. Thanks Max Hall for all you have done for the program the past three years!! You will be missed. Next season when some young QB takes your place we will recognize your contributions that much more.

In the big picture of the Max Hall era, let's not forget that BYU had the best 3 year run ever. They also had to compete against a Utah team in 08 and a TCU team this season that were both arguably the top team in the country. In hindsight, the only games BYU should have won in the Hall era that they didn't was Tulsa, Arizona and FSU. Great QB and great 07-09 teams!!



Time after time yewt fans have had opportunities to apologize for THEIR part in Max's post-Utah game statement, i.e., how THEY treated him like garbage for a full year but yet time after time they keep refusing to apologize for their part in the mess.

Time after time after time after time after time.......

Re: Hall Maxie

You say that Max Hall won't be missed and since you are a Ute fan....you're right the Utes won't miss him!

I was at the game and BYU fans were loyal and stayed until the end in the craziest football weather. Max played his heart out and totally handled the difficult circumstances of the weather. Max, thanks for the memories. COUGAR FANS will miss you!

Thank you to the BYU Seniors and all other team members for a memorable game! BYU dominated the whole game!

Re: Overstated

I was at the game and the wind was blowing hard. It is amazing he got the amount of the yards despite the gail force winds.

Hall #4 All-Time

Here is my ranking based only on their play at BYU:

1. Ty Detmer
2. Jim McMahon
3. Robbie Boscoe
4. Max Hall
5. Steve Young
6. Steve Sarkesian
6. John Beck
7. Gifford Nelson
7. Marc Wilson
8. Virgil Carter
9. John Walsh
10. Gary Shiede


To Hall Maxie

The very attitudes you rip Max for, you exemplify in spades.

Where is your temperment?

No forgivenes?

Quite frankly, I don't see any difference in tone in your judgemental attitude than I did in Max's
"heat of the moment", "just from the field of battle", comments.

The difference is, you, more than likely, never even earned a High School Letter, hence you are unable to relate to "heat of the battle", emotions.

However, you are indeed, making your angry comments, A Full Month After The Fact, and you are still angry?

Max, on the other hand, has long ago, apologized for his more strident remarks, he then moved on and has demonstrated, that he could keep it all together under pressure.

(That's a little notion called "Redemption"), you may want to look it up!

Apparently, you should follow "his example" on this
one. It might save you an ulcer or two!



Max was great!

I had quite the debate with a friend over next years QB. I believe Riley Nelson will be the guy and my friend believes Jake Heaps will step right in. I mentioned Heaps will likely serve a mission and be ready to go after that. My friend said Heaps has no plans to go on a mission and will start the next four years. Any thoughts?


This is one Cougar fan that you have one over.
26-23 and 2-1 vs the u
2-1 in bowl games with a big win over a ranked Oregon St team
32-7 is very impressive.
Max and the Cougars beat 3 ranked teams this year and 5 teams with winning records.
A win over Oklahoma any year is impressive.
The continued comments by "some" U fans only proves Max's point about Class!!!

To Jared

Things can always change but Heaps has publically said that his plans are to come in early, win the starting job, and play out his eligibility. Lots of great Cougs have done that and still been fantastic examples and missionaries for the Church. It appears by all accounts that is his plan.

But I suppose circumstances can also play a role in that. If he wins the starting job I think we can be assured he does not go on a mission. Similarly, if Crowton had put Ben Olson in the USU game he likely would not have gone and would have been our QB over Beck. So, things could change if Nelson or even Lark (more unlikely) wins the battle. He may then choose to go.

I personally think Nelson and Heaps have the edge in this battle. Lark can't be ruled out but he just returned and is susceptible to injury as spring ball and a hot QB battle is just around the corner. If he pushes too hard he could get injured.

My predictions - Heaps starts, Nelson backs him up, Munns redshirts, and Lark transfers somewhere close to home like Southern Utah or UNLV.

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