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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 22 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Thank you and good luck!

Ah, conflict

Too bad Jason isn't able to stand strongly in favor of real, true conservative values - like keeping the government out of things that are not relevant to the operation of government. How in the world can one claim to be a conservative, and support additional federal regulation of interpersonal relationships between adults? Marriage is none of the government's business, so long as everyone involved is an adult and acting with free will. Amazing how some self-described "conservatives" are unable to apply basic principles of conservatism to people whose values they don't like.

Keep doing great Chaffetz!

I hope Chaffetz is successful.

If DC. doesn't like that, the residents can join Maryland like part of DC did in the 1800 joined Virginia.

Chaffetz is doing his job. Keep it up.

I wish we could vote out the 60 senators and 1/2 of the reps that voted for the "healthcare" which is nothing about Healthcare.

Right now, I would vote for Chaffetz for President over who is in the White House now.


But Chaffetz... what does allowing me to get married have to do with traditional marriages? People in "traditional" (heterosexual) relationships will still be able to get married. They will always be able to get married. They are being defended either way! Why can't you defend us too? No, indeed it *is* an attack on the marriages of gay people. And that's *all* it is. Is it so hard to just defend everyone's right to marriage?


What a guy! What a party of No!

Recently Jason said:

"On a scale of 1 to 10?" Chaffetz says. "28.2."

His explanation for his off-the-charts grade: "It's really easy to vote no and I'm really good at it."

Utah, becareful of what you wish for, you may just get it.

Unintentionally funny

Funny line: "...misguided interpretation of what makes a real marriage."

Man, we who think marriage is between a man and a woman are just WEIRD!

Why in the world would anyone think such a silly, misguided thing?


John C.

Ah, conflict: Because the gay community got the government involved in this debate, by trying to make it law to allow gay marriage. Or did you forget about that little issue.

To Steve: Will granting you the right to marry another gay person hurt or threaten my marriage? Not one bit. Will it hurt our society as a whole. Why yes. Just as Europe is dealing with a depleting population because they no longer have enough of the next generation growing up to replace those who are retiring or dyeing. Any country that looses its moral compass starts making laws that eventually lead to its down fall.


Good job Jason. Keep up the good work.


You are a voice of reason out there and I am proud that you can speak out on matters of such importance.

Keep up the good work.

Wow! I didn't know...

that you had to be conservative to be a member of the LDS Church. Many of us had better keep a low profile if that is the case. Funny how sterio types become the norm when, in reality, many of us are quite comfortable with moderate and/or more liberal views as faithful members of the LDS faith. Hmmmm!


Unintentionally funny wrote, "...Man, we who think marriage is between a man and a woman are just WEIRD!..."

With respect, no, it's not that you are "just weird."

It's that your position harms good people. And doesn't "protect marriage" at all.

It's like believing that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ (not "weird") and that THEREFORE those who don't believe in Jesus should not be allowed to worship God as they envision Him.

Not weird, just not respectful of others or understanding that even those who are different have the right to protect their beliefs and their lives just as you do.


Tike Larson

What he's all about is being Mitt R's running mate. To be that you have to flip-flop on the issues.


Regardless of whether I agree with him on this point or not, I respect Mr. Chaffetz for always fighting for what he feels is right and best for the people. We may not see eye to eye, but as long as he stands strong on his personal beliefs I will vote for him in the future unless somebody comes along that can match his level of integrity and match my personal opinions better.


Love the comment about being in a party of "no" LOL! Glad he is not my representative. Hey Keep doing great Chaffetz person, are yot you for real!?!

This man has no tolerance for you or anyone else. I can't believe you would stand behind him in line for a movie let alone anything political.

I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman as well, but never would I support Chaffetz in anything but going away!

Again, glad he is not my congressman!!! Oh and did I mention I was glad he was not my congressman?

Good Job Chaffetz

Good to see a Politican stick to his moral values and not cave to the whims of societal pressure. It seems our country is spiraling down due to politicans giving in to what's popular or going for power/$ grabs and not holding fast to traditional morals that made this country so great. Obamacare is a great example of this. It's all about destroying capitalism and setting up socialism...tax the wealthy and redistribute to the poor, but the poor wont benefit like they are promising. Anything that hast to be hidden and past dead of night is a red flag. Thieves are most comfortable in the dark of night. Well so are the Democrats that are voting against what American citizens want. Check to Gallup Polls.

It is what it is.

A dog is not a cat. A cow is not a horse. Calling them something else does not change what they are.

Marriage IS bewteen a man and a woman.


I will be pleased to vote for Chaffetz anytime I get the opportunity. Gay marriage is an affront to all civilized people and to God. Period.

Courage to stand up

I'm glad that Jason has the courage to stand up for what is right. He was elected to represent his constituents and he is doing so. Don't pay attention to the hate mongers that couch their attempts to remake society in terms of "discrimination." Keep it up, Jason!


The reason that Jason is not listening to his family is because he represents us. Not them. He actually listens to his constituents.

By the way, the government is very concerned and involved with marriage. Where it not so, we would not have to go and get a Marriage License, and pay money to get married. So the government does have an interest in marriage. Same thing with the so called "marriage penalty" on income tax.

The government does have an interest in marriage. Mainly to tax it.


Once again Utah leads the nation in exporting bigotry, hate and discrimination.

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