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Published: Monday, Dec. 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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John Pack Lambert

To Lee,
You need to take basic math.
There is an ENTIRE MISSION in Indonesia. Indonesia is a Muslim country.
There are missionaries in Malasia. Malasia is also a Muslim Country. There are at least 3 missions in Nigeria, some would count Nigeria as a Muslim country.
So at least two, maybe three or more Muslim countries hae missionaries working in them.
I believe the Church also has missionaries in Kazakstan, which is often considered a Muslim country, and I know they have them in Albania, which is clearly considered a Muslim Country, although whether it really is is harder to say, since for 30 years it was an athiest country.
Sierre Leone is also at times counted as a Muslim country and there are missionaries there.
So there are lots of missionaries in Muslim Countries. Know what you are talking about before you start talking.

John Pack Lambert

To the 9:21 commentator,
Among the more prominent Muslim scholars have been Al-Ghazali, Al_Fabi was a muscian, philosopher and the like, Al-Kindi was an astronomer, chemist, mathematician and so on. Ibn Rashd or Averroes was the greatest philosopher of the 12th Century, far more advanced than any Christian contemporary. I could go on. Suffice it to say that the greatest scholars from the 9th to the 13th Century were all Muslims and that the Islamic world was culturally and scientifically much more advanced than Europe at that time.

John Pack Lambert

The Utah State commentator really shows that people prefer to hate near by. BYU has had Muslim students for years. Hugh Nibley had a story from the 1970s or 1980s about some of his Muslim students.
The Mufti of Jerusalem's children went to BYU in the 1990s. These men are by no stretch of the imiagination the first BYU students who are Muslims.
I knew multiple Muslims at BYU and I was last there in 2004.
If you want to build respect worldwide, first build it in your own backyard by not turning an article that is designed to open people's minds into a chance to try to claim people are behind the times.

John Pack Lambert

To the 11:41 commentator,
First off, who views women as property more, those who encorage them to respect themselves and not show off their bodies or those who encorage them to go around in a string bikini so they can win a beauty contest?
I know that is putting things at the extremes, but so is your comment.
The claim that Latter-day Saints treat women as property is a tired canard that has no basis in fact. It is not built on actual Mormon theology, that is unique in teaching that a man can not be fully saved without a wife.
The claim that Muslims treat women as property would need to be squared with the fact that Pakistan, a very Muslim country, has had a woman leader and the United States has not.
I think you are largely wrong on both sides. Like I once did you have confused inner devotion for pressure.
Lastly the LDS Church boldly proclaims the right of all man to worship God in however they please. All LDS references to Employment Devision v. Smith I have seen have decried this decision that banned religious smoking of peyote.

John Pack Lambert

To the 2:41 commentator,
I have heard many people who had not been baptized speak in fast and testimony meeting. Either you have never been to such a meeting or you do not understand them, I am going for the former.
Anyone can come to the front and speak. There is no checking and regulating people before they come up.


Great article. And so nice to see that most comments are positive.


Missionaries might have presence in some countries with large Muslim populations, but LDS missionaries are not to teach the Gospel to Muslims. Do you want to guess why? Because members of the religion of peace kill family members who convert to other religions.

My brother served a mission in Australia and they were given direction there not to teach Muslims... it is only that much worse in countries with a predominant muslim population. Furthermore, they have stopped sending european looking missionaries to some of the areas in the countries you have mentioned because there is a perception they are Americans and therefore targets.

By the way, your comment about anyone being able to speak at fast and testimony meetings. Fast and testimony meeting is to bear a testimony. As church leaders have indicated, this should have 4 parts. One, a testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ as our Savior and redeemer, two that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, 3 that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that this is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Muslim cannot proclaim this, then the individuals comments should not be expressed in this forum.

Re Anonymous 4:41

Mormon Testimony; not only could Muslims not express this nor could a knowledgeable Christian.
The Jesus of Mormonism is an exalted man,Christians don't beleive that. The majority of Christians do not know who Joseph Smith is and it does not matter ditto Book of Mormon,and Mormonism(another Gospel) which is not in the Book of Mormon,but added later.
The one thing Islam and Christianity have in common is they don't believe in Mormonism.

Melissa Anderson

I love Talha and I am so glad that he is always willing to share his beliefs and testimony with me. He's a great example of a Muslim and I'm glad he's here to teach us all a lesson or two:)

Greg The Man

Talha, you are amazing! that is all


whoaa-oh sameer dude you're awesome!


sameer you're an inspiration to us all ;)

Stay sweet

Don't Mormon men all plan to become polygamists in the end? Become more like the Muslims and beat their wives? Umm i think this is the great plan. It is a mans religion and must WOMAN OBEY the priesthood! Till then you must stay sweet.

To One Question

You obviously don't know about anything regarding the history of science math and astronomy, etc.

The Muslims in the Middle East were miles ahead of the Europeans in every way, especially in math. Explorers and others took back the knowledge they gathered in the Middle East and in Asia and used it to encourage Europe's backward society to progress.

Algebra, for instance, comes from the Arabic word Al-jabr-wa. Muslims were the first to develop and use algebraic equations.

Muslims figured out that the planets moved long before anyone else did (although based on writings by Aristotle)

Muslims in the Middle East were among the first to successfully use knowledge on opthalmology and dental care. They were MUCH cleaner and WAY more civilized than the Europeans. Hygiene was a foreign concept to Europe.

Although they did hit a wall and failed to progress at a certain point, they DID contribute to society in a phenomenal way. Unmatched by other cultures.

Your bigotry is showing.


Had to check in to see whether this discussion had gone of the deep end. As expected, it has - plenty of wildly inaccurate information about both Muslims and Latter-Day Saints.

D&C 132

To Stay Sweet,

Just read me to find out.

Great Article

I have always respected the Muslim people for the way in which they live their religion. They are very dedicated to their beliefs. They set a good example for us.

Talha and Sameer great examples!

I very much enjoyed reading this article. I love reading examples of people standing up and living what they believe.

I went to BYU six years ago, didn't have the chance to interact with any Muslims, but I currently do on a daily basis at my job in the bay area.

As Muslims and Mormons both believe in a final judgment, we will be judged on the basis of how much light and truth we received in life. Nobody but God will judge. Of course as a Mormon, I believe that before someone can be judged as "saved", they must have performed certain ordinances, whether in this life or the next.

To all the posters commenting on violence/terrorism/Islam vs. Christianity, I'd suggest reading jihadwatch dot org - gives a very interesting perspective - shows "in their own words".


I would like to know more about Islam. I have not been taught that it is violent, though I have observed that it is. I've been taught that it is the religion of peace. But I have not observed that. I have met and heard of a handful of Muslims (these two boys at the Y, Benazir Bhutto, a guy at a fotomat named Mohammed, and a counselor at college) that have been positive Muslims. The others I have met and read about in the news, scare the heck out of me.

I have read parts of the Koran, and have found it to be contradictory and violent in parts, very negative. I think there are several versions of it out there. And I believe that "positive" Muslims have the Spirit of Christ in them. I would like to hear someone who knows about the Muslim faith to enlighten me...because like I said, I am not yet convinced that it is the religion of peace.

try this out in your area:

I organized a lecture at my (LDS) Institute where we invited students from my University's Muslim Student Association to give a lecture on some of the basic tenets Islam. It had a huge turn out and was very sucessful. (If I were still in school, I would probably repeat this experiment with other religious groups on campus as well).

Mormons and Muslims can relate in a lot of ways, not the least of which is that we can both understand what it feels like to be grossly misjudged by popular media and broader American culture. I can say that as a committed latter-day saint, I was strengthened by the example of the Muslim students I met. They helped me to live my religion in a secular environment, and honor God more than man.

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