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Published: Monday, Dec. 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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New Yorker

Surprised? What planet are you living on? There are many non-LDS that attend BYU. I think that even means Catholic and Jew. Check it ut before you make such a ridiculous comment.

To "RE; Allie 9;38"

First of all, this isn't the proper forum for a religious debate (but you're drawing me in). Second of all, I suspect you're knowingly mis-characterizing Smith's teachings (anyone who's read his writing knows what you've asserted is not true). Thirdly, anyone who's studied the Bible knows it has been translated many times and that there is much debate regarding those translations. The Bible may have been inspried by The Almighty, but it was written by men for men and it includes (as do all mankind's works) errors and omissions. Consider, for example, books that are mentioned by the Bible but not included within it: Wars of the Lord, Jasher, Acts of Solomon, Samuel the Seer, Gad the Seer, Nathan the Prophet - the list continues and is extensive.

Utah Grad

I enjoyed this article. I knew a Pakistani man who went to school in Utah County (UVCC). His experience didn't end well after 9-11, but anything we can do to build bridges should be promoted. I'm also troubled at the hatred displayed in some comments, following this story.


As a Utah State student and now faculty member, I have been friends with many Muslims over many years. The commonalities among the cultures is not a new idea. Glad BYU is catching up.

I have had very respectful interactions with Muslims. Calling them a violent culture because of the radical elements that get the news coverage is similar to calling all Mormons polygamists because some polygamists refer to themselves a Mormons.


I can see the similarities. Both are worshiping made up gods based on Abrahamic (if that is a word) traditions. Both religions view women as property. Both religions would insist on everyone obeying them if they could get away with it. Very similar.


to Anom 11:41am

Surely you jest. When was the last time you read the Nicean Creed...no scriptural evidence to support it but widely accepted. Yep surely you jest

the people

Many Muslims are good people, I have no problem believing that as they are all sons and daughters of God. That being said, the religion is a repressive abomination. Not all religions are the same, and not all have added value to our world. In the case of Islam, it has added more evil than good in my opinion, and we should not put it on an equal footing with the LDS religion as this article does, this kind of a comparison is laughable in my opinion.

Prior to 2001

Anyone remember Oklahoma City? prior to 2001 our version of terroirsm was domestic- indeed the Dept. of Justice had the great misfortune of submitting their budget request on Sept. 10, 2001 to Congress- any guesses where international terrorism ranked in their top 10 priorities- yeap not in them- needless to say they asked for the request back and made it number 1- but the point is domestic terrorism has always been a probelm and if you read the Dept. of Justice assesments of late you will see a considerable concern over it again in the last couple of years- but I am sure that is a left wing conspiracy as is anything that does not comport with preferential views and stereotypes as we desire them


Great article. It is nice to see a news story that, instead of being about hatred and all the crimes that go along with it, is about a couple young men with good values and enough applied intelligence to know how to find common ground with their neighbors. Thanks, DMN.

While there have been some significnat recent events that may lead one to believe Muslims are primarily responsible for terrorism in the world, you may want to take off the blinders and look a little further around you.

I think that everyone would agree that Timothy McVeigh's act upon the Oklahoma Federal Building was an act of terrorism. And I'm pretty sure he claims to be Christian.

And then we have the home grown KKK organization, who demonstrated expert terroristic skills during the '60's and '70's, and still to this day does their best to breed hatered and intimidate others. Isn't that what terrorism is about? Pretty sure KKK members claim to be Cristian too. Can you say burning cross?


"Low tuition?"

That is interesting? Thank goodness for scholarships or I wouldn't be able to afford it......LOL!!!

John Z

To One Question:

The following Islamic scholars laid the foundation for modern science:

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Muso al-Khorazmi (Algorithmus) in the ninth century developed new procedures in mathematical calculations and numerical systems, including algebra and algorithm; Abu Ali-Abbos Ahmad al-Farghani (Alfragnus) in the ninth century resolved significant problems in astronomy and geometry; Abu Rayhan Beruni (Beruny) in the eleventh century contributed significant understandings in geography and astronomy, including arguments for a geocentric system, which predated that of Copernicus; Abu Ali ibn Sino (Avicenna) in the eleventh century advanced the study of medicine; Mirzo Ulughbek, in the fifteenth century, engaged in extensive astronomical observations with one of the world’s earliest observatories. Indeed, Ulughbek used his observations to draw the world’s first precise map of the known stars.

I hope this helps.

John Pack Lambert

Since Marriage is the most important decision you make in life and essentially for salvation, I do not think there is anything wrong with caring a lot about it.
I do think that people at times need to spend more time planning their marriage than their wedding, and at times impatience is a little too much, but marriage is good.


BYU has long cultivated warm relations with Muslim peoples. BYU's Jerusalem Center is a testament to that effort which required a strong relationship with both Jewish and Muslim groups. BYU has created what they call their Islamic Translation Series which has made available English translations of Islamic texts. Three years ago Boyd K. Packer gave a stirring introduction for Dr. Alwi Shihab of Indonesia prior to his forum address at BYU. You can find it on BYU's website. Read it if you want to find out how church leadership feels about Islam.

RE: Allie 11;17

"And the honor be to the Father,and to the Son,and to the Holy Ghost,which is ONE God. Amen" Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer, Martin Harris(from the final line of the Testimony of Three witnesses)agree with Joseph Smith(D&C 20:,28)changed his mind.

Your list of non-canonical books: Some of the tests for inclusion,(there are many more) Is it authenic?-The fathers had a policy of "in doubt,throw it out.",Is it dynamic-did it come with the life-transforming power of God. Was it received,collected and used?-was it accepted by the people of God? Peter acknowledged Pauls's work as Scripture parallel to Old Testament Scripture(2Peter 3:16)
In (Acts 17:28,29 NIV)Paul quotes the Greek poets,Epimendes and Aratus, why not include them in the Bible?


Many of the Christians who have posted comments need to read up a little on the history of Christianity before they group all Muslims into "violent extremist" box. Ever heard of the Inquisition? What about the Crusades (there were nine of them)? Heck, what about the Missouri Extermination Order? Just good Christian folk giving people they considered to be non-believers the option to convert or be killed.

To: Anonymous @ 11:41

Women as Property??? Latter-day Saints view "women as property?" Are you kidding me? How can you actually post comments like these with any iota of integrity?

Your post is one of the most absurd ever allowed to be posted by a DNews moderator.


No, Andrew, "Americans" have not been taught that his religion is violent. More specifically "Provincialism" may be teaching it.


Whoa-heated debate going on here over a feel good story about a 19 year old kid. Well I went to a Catholic school here in the plains so have at me with whatever hate you've got about those of us who did-start with the Inquisition if you'd like.


I too made friends with Muslims who were keen to become friends with me and seemed genuine and warm.

That was of course until the discussion turned to Jews. It was then that I realized it was all a facade.

With all this talk about looking for the things we have in common, pity Muslims can't and wont extend that same consideration to Jews.

In my experience Muslims are tolerant until you disagree with them.

PS... since when did Mormons allow people of other faiths to talk about their religious beliefs in a fast and testimony meetings? I know a Baptist minister who would like to do the same.....

John Pack Lambert

Modern terrorist techniques were developed by Jews.
Was it Muslims in the IRA (absolutely not), the Basque Seperatist movement (no again), bombing Oklahoma City (no way at all).
I could come up with some other terrorist acts not done by Muslims, like the OAS killings in France and Algeria to try to force France to not pull out and killings of nuns in El Salvador along with hundreds of others. There are lots of terrorist acts that have been done by people other than Muslims.

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