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Published: Monday, Dec. 21 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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New Yorker

@ significant commonalities:
You might want to really understand what you are saying before writing your nonsense. Your script is right from the anti - LDS textbooks. Having lived in the south these "sentiments" were expressed and when challenged could not be defended. Arguing with people like you serves no purpose.

Orem girl

I think some of you have better things to do than to trash on an article that is meant to inspire feelings of love and unity. It may come as a shock for you to that there are actually many "radicals" in EVERY religion. (LDS included) Let's share our similarities and treasure our differences!


Great story. Hope we can all build on similarities this way.

To "Lee"

All the terrorists have been muslim? What of the IRA in Northern Ireland? The Weathermen in the US? ETA in Spain? FARC in Columbia? All muslim, eh?


@ "Significant commonalities"

Thanks for your #2 comment! New revelation did help us overcome the errors of men from the Nicean Council and the deletions and mistranslations of the Bible to understand our Father directs His Son and the Holy Spirit in working together in the Godhead.

I revere our Muslim brothers for their deep faith and devotion. So many of my Islamic friends on the East Coast where I live are the best people I know in their generosity, intelligence and compassion.

Many powermongers in all faiths want to "force" everyone to live as they dictate. That's why my friends had to leave their countries to come here for safety! I mourn that they suffered at the hands of the same people we are afraid of now!

We need to follow the Savior (or Allah) in loving one another and serving God by living what we believe and not persecuting our fellowman unnecessarily. At Christmas, give the gift of forgiveness and generosity of spirit.

Re: Anonymous 12:02 am Dec. 21

"I went to Utah State and then transferred to BYU for graduate school... It seemed that most everyone had one thought in mind--MARRIAGE."

The fact that many BYU students seem to be focused on marriage is nothing but a huge positive in my mind. At every other university in the country, college students engage in casual, premarital sex, or "hooking up" as it is now called. At BYU, men and women are seeking and generally finding, marriage partners so that they can have appropriate sexual relations in the context of the marriage covenant--leaving behind the illegitimacy, social disorder, and possible disease that comes with that other common university lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that, and everything right with it...

It is no wonder that people who have a high moral code feel comfortable at BYU.

To "One Question"

If you really think muslims haven't influenced the world (I hope that isn't true - if so, our education system has failed you), you my want to do a little reading about the Islamic Golden Age - if you're looking for names, you'll find many.

(Incidentally, before you wrote your poorly informed comment, did you pause to think of the many thousands of muslims who have sacrificed their lives fighting along side US servicemen in the Middle East?)

- A BYU Grad


I'm reminded of Jay Evensen's editorial about the time BYU Jeruselem Center students gave blood after a terrorist attack that killed and wounded Palestinians. His Palestinian cab driver reportedly said, "Mormon blood is Palestinian blood, and Palestinian blood is Mormon blood!"

Incidentally, the LA times once published a very interesting article about the friendly relationship shared by several prominent LDS and Islamic leaders.

There are many differences between Christianity and Islam, but their similarities are enlightening and it's certainly encouraging to read about some of the friendships that are developing.

Too many Extremists

Please don't be an extremist Christian. Extremists typically lack understanding (as is blatantly evident above).

Instead, look deeper to see the common bonds that build healthy bridges of understanding. It opens lines of communication that lead to better understanding that lead to discussion that lead to mutual respect. I respect your views and hope you can respect mine. If we are well grounded we can handle such openness without taking offense or shooting up walls built of terror.

In my mind, the Bible neither condones a tri-une God (John 17:11,21-22) nor demands allegiance to an incomplete understanding of past truths (why the Jews rejected Jesus), but instead it does appear to me to teach every true believer to love one another as the Savior loves us. (John 15:12,17 and Luke 6:27). Love comes of understanding. I can therefore say that I welcome openness and discussion between Christians and Christians as well as between Christians and Muslems as well as between Christians and Jews, or what have you. We are all children of the One true God who is anxious for us to better communicate. Thank you DN for this beneficial article.


There have been terrorists throughout history. But none of them can compare to the level of atrocities that are commited in these times by MUSLIM terrorists.I am only aware of "suicide" bomber terrorists that are muslim.Muslim terrorists are much more organized than those in N.Ireland or the U.S. There is no real goal behind islamic terror than simply they want everybody to convert to Islam.And yet the muslim terrorists actually commit acts of destruction on other muslims.It was muslims that gave us 9-11.It is muslims killing innocents in Israel.It was a muslim that gunned downed military and civilians a few weeks ago in Texas.And it was done in the name of Islam.No my friend,I believe that Islam owns the terror of these times.

Zadruga Guy

@One Question:


The way we write our numbers.

Some aspects of medical care.

Just three very significant things off the top of my head.

To "Lee"

What do you mean by "these times"? If you're searching for examples of mind-numbing horror within the Western World, look to Nazi Germany - terror on an almost unimaginable, industrialized scale. Sadly, that did not occur in the distant past. Consider the slaughter of muslims by non-muslims in the former Yugoslavian nations. To argue that radicalized Muslims are the only group that has engaged in terrorism, you must ignore recent history.

To "Lee"

How odd that an article about two nice, muslim kids studying at BYU gives rise to a heated debate about terrorism. Pictures of nicely-groomed, studious boys calls to mind images of dusty men carrying assault rifles. There's something wrong with that. Something very, very wrong.


I was surprised that students of another religion would be allowed at BYU. What about Jewish or Catholic hopefuls?

To all you Islam haters

It has nothing to do with Islam, but evil people who use religion and poverty to accomplish their means. Take a history lesson and you'll learn that it was the exact same thing in the Middle Ages only the other way around. Muslims were the cultured and thriving ones and the Christians committed unspeakable atrocities on them. The Islamic religion itself is not the problem just as the Christian religion wasn't the problem back then. Please separate the religions from those who supposedly are believers in it.

RE; Allie 9;38

@Significant commonalities; 1. Joseph Smith taught the Tri-une God of the Nicence creed; "Which Father,Son, and Holy Ghost are ONE God,infinite and eternal,without end Amen. (D&C 20:28)also see (2Nephi 31:21) then he changed his mind.
2. "Deletions and mis-translations". please give me specifics; Manuscript and date,scripture verse of variant reading. I currently have the Greek N.T. variants of the Gospels of John, Matthew,and the Epistles of Galatians and quotes from 2nd century diciples(of the Apostles) and Church Fathers,They would disagree with your assertion deletions. Your argument is one silence. Mis-translations, show me and I will check the Greek translation. Modern tranlations can be helpful, and in some cases better than the KJV. By the way not everything Saint Paul wrote was inspired, like his laundry list.

Ernest T. Bass

First I hear that we think we're really similar to the Jewish. Now I hear we're really similar to Muslims.
This is just so neat!

To Surprised

You're kidding, right? BYU has many non-LDS students and even non-LDS professors.

To Surprised:

Students of all religions are welcomed at BYU as long as they agree to live by the honor code. They do pay more in tuition, but it's still a great deal considering the cost of college these days. I had classes with a lot of kids who were not LDS. It simply didn't matter. My room mate was Jewish and my friend who I grew up with was of no particular religious beliefs, but both came to BYU and were welcomed and enjoyed studying there.

Ernest T. Bass

Thank you to Idaho Mike for showing us all what is inside the mind of a Palin supporter.

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