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Published: Sunday, Dec. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tai H.

What's to discuss here? Pork, pork, pork!

Re: Tai H

You have no idea what your talking about. While there may be INCREDIBLE inefficiencies with the NSA, this mission is critical. Cyberwar is exactly that, a war that rages that no one really knows about.

Buck up, a Cyber 9/11 or Cyber Pearl Harbor is coming.


The response from 10:38 is what I would expect. I have long said that the Democrats have Welfare and the Republicans have warfare.

It doesn't matter how ineffecient the welfare/warfare program may be, the end justifies the means. Doesn't matter how many billions are piddled down a rat hole in post-Katrina New Orleans, keep spending money on it. Same here.

And yes, another hurrican will come; another terror attack will come.

Pork, pork and more pork. Though since this is Utah, home of the Republicans, this is good pork. It entails warfare.


if it does come then great we can pass a whole bunch of freedom stripping laws that will cost endless amounts of money.

In the end it wont matter the US will be so far in debt just like Cali noone will accept our IOU's.

Tai H.

Well then, I hope the NSA is reading this post.

The NSA is incompetent and unprofessional. The money spent on this ridiculous complex could have bought some pink flamingos for every mobile home in Midvale.

Keep taxing and keep spending. This project is right out of the pork barrel.

Can you say nuts?

The location is setting on enough power to run the city.

Are they just not saying that, or did they for get about Saratoga Hot Springs?

I realize 111 F isn't 212 F, but that is the tip of the volcano.

Great thinking......

Just one EMP from a nuke blast in space and poof, 120 acres of paper weights. Or maybe a powerful sun spot. Or just maybe, the boogyman will come out of his cave in Afghanistan to come and get us. You know the one, the same one another 3 letter agency (CIA) failed to get when cornered at Tora Bora. Or maybe a well placed C4 on one of the new power transmission lines now being strung. Give me a break. The NSA can't even protect us from MS13, Bloods, Crips or any other terrorist group.....err....gang inside or outside of the US. I would rather see the money spent on sealing the borders and I don't mean just the cyber sealing of our borders. Just keep on going NSA, spend it like you have it. I guess the "boogyman" worked for dubya.....


Actually there are ways to shield sensitive electrical material from a nuclear EMP, not cheap, but Faraday Cages or alternating steel and graphite layers work. The also keep out cell phone and other EM radiation presumable protecting the data against unwanted leaks.


It appears that some of you are afraid of your shadows.

I'm wondering how many jobs this will bring to Utah? What kind of money will this project and then the operation of the center add to our local economy?

Every despots dream come true.

The article says: "But it's not the sort of power trip that keeps civil libertarians lying awake at night." Want to bet? What could one do with 35 megawatts of power?

The thought of giving the NSA even more POWER to filter through all of our web traffic, emails, and browsing habits doesn't exactly help me doze off to sleep any easier.

Oh, that's right - only foreign hackers and criminals need to worry about being snooped on.

Well with our Big Brother passing around 500 new laws and regulations each year, I'm sure we are all criminals by now.

Look up the "Einstein" NSA projects. -And that's just what they are willing to talk about.

Bob Kjar

Well it looks like our young AFJROTC cadets at Clearfield High School, winners in the Air Force Association's Cyber Patriot competition, will find gainful employment in Utah.

Here is Wisdom

Does anyone remember that during the last cold snap we were told to conserve power? How is this new spy center going to get power when there isn't even enough to handle a cold spell along the Wasatch Front?

Here is more Wisdom

JMT, so what kind of spending is not pork and does not benefit someone, somewhere?

Best laid plans.

No matter how well you plan there is always a hole in it. And someone will find it.

As for an EMP taking the building our of commission it's not likely, I'm sure the whole building will have EMP and bomb shielding built in it. Only a near direct hit would put this building out of commission.

With this building in Utah it also makes us a prime target on an enemy's hit or bomb list.


Look at the airconditioning system on top of that building. It's third of the size of the building. I wonder how far down that building goes in the earth to need a system that big? The building is likely EMP proof. The money spent is a drop in the bucket to save a life. I just wish they stop spending to save our automakers and banks and close our borders. The billions spend could have given everyone FREE medical. The banks and automakers would have regrouped and operated once again only a lot better.


Nice to see the government making use of our abundant coal generated electricity.


IF "ENERGY IS THE PRE-DOMINANT ISSUE" = THERE IS, of course, the "HATCH" geo-thermal and wind energy plant near Milford [in Beaver County] - which since last Spring has been selling "clean energy" to Anaheim and Disneyland, CA! UNLESS: That Milford [non-nuclear] alternative energy plant is 'a base' from which energy can be generated for an eventual high-speed rail service in this State? CAN UTAH GOVERNMENT[s] ACTUALLY 'plan' that far ahead?


For "Bob Kjar" - US Air Force is NOW 'ramping up' its 24th Air Force "Cyber Command" at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.

Also: The Las Alamos National Labs in New Mexico is deep into cyber-security issues, too, with its highly touted "Road-runner" high-speed, super-computer suite.

In Las Vegas, NV @ the Smithsonian's Atomic Testing Museum - on October 20th - I heard an amazing CYBER-SECURITY briefing from a Las Alamos official!


Tell the Feds they can build it when they start paying us for all of the land they have locked up in Utah.

Land that should be used to pay for our schools.

Meanwhile our kids sit in outdated buildings with no classroom funds and the biggest class sizes in the country.


yes, how about all this coal-fired electical generation capacity that cannot be replaced or added to.

but what really bothers me is the history of gov't secret project spending. they can spend 1.8 of the 1.9 billion and then cancel the project.

utah is so unimportant on the national political scene, if it was really something good, it would have gone to a state with more political clout.

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