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Published: Sunday, Dec. 20 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Happiness is...

A great outpouring of love and hope for these men and their families. They may not think that they deserve it, but we really appreciate their sacrifice.

Merry Christmas!

Tears of Joy of a USA,Soldier*

*Its been a
long struggle for some to be home
smooth healing process For miles of
Joys of tears are now frequent.

For a Happy tearful Joyful Family
For the Braids of Faith n Glory
With Ones Heart American Soldier*


For 30 years I avoided help. Then a young MSW who I came to trust from my medical provider suggested I go to the VA.

After a while I went. I arrived about 2:45 the person said, we normally do not start intakes this late.

I said thats okey its been 30 years it can be another 30. The person made a choice and I a choice.
We did the intake.

The Goverment Refuses to Honor my PTSD, what they do honor is my Agent Orange Related Diabates 30% and !0% for a personal dysfunction related to the first problem.

I see an MSW every other week for the PTSD they won't honor. After a time the VA Paid for My Glasses, Hearing Aid,Rehab, College Degree. I have also used my VA Home Loan. There are however some things I won't do. And my H1N1 Shot, Depression Meds etc.

Merry Christmas to these guys and their families, their Wifes who endure much.

For those who need help, Please, Please Seek Help. Wifes/Husbands make getting them help your Passion. Go through the Process it is so much better then the other way.

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