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Published: Saturday, Dec. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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I just read Siler's blog. He has some interesting comments and quotes.

Sloan had to know that his usual routine was not going to work against ALT long before he got on the plane. He did absolutely nothing to adjust or prepare for ALT. He knew he was going to lose and lose big. He did nothing to prepare a game plan except blame the players for giving up on an offense that they can not make work against teams like ALT.

Fire Sloan and let one of the assistants run the team for the rest of the year. If the assistant can fix the problems keep him. If not then get a new coach with a new philosophy and a new group of players to match the coach.

This has gone on for years. Sloan knows how to prepare and adjust and won't. It is just that simple. At least give this team a coach that will give them a chance to win.

Eating Sloan's salary extension is the best money the Jazz can spend at this time.

How long can Jazz management pretend things the emperor has clothes?

Uk Jazz

Looked like a team that had lost before the game started tonight....

No belief.....


Oh, the Jazz played a game? You will have to forgive me for being unaware. Since I don't have FSN in my home, I had forgotten that Utah has a team. By reading this story, perhaps they don't. I guess I'm really not missing anything.


Seriously, we need to bench the starters and fire sloan before this road trip ends. Get rid of O' Conner too. We need a complete overhaul.

Look at Phoenix, they got rid of their GM/Coach, traded away key pieces of their team and got Shaq. It doesn't matter that they didn't make the playoffs last year. At least they had change.

Then we need to give billions, nay, trillions more to our government to fix global warming.


the opponents put a big guard on DWill and it disrupts the system Sloan should

a. put in Maynor (or possibly Price) and move DWill to the SG.


He should insert AK to help run the point.

If that does not work then Fes needs to go in to get the inside game going.

If that does not work then he needs to put in enough outside shooters that he can open up the outside.

Other teams know Sloan will not adjust intelligently but will just insist on beating the whole team on a rock.

They must laugh out loud when the see the Jazz/Sloan on the schedule.

Miller should privately tell Sloan he has 1 month to fix the Jeckle/Hyde problem or he is gone.

Put in one of the assistants for Sloan for the rest of the year. If that does not fix the problem abandon the Sloan system and get a real coach.

If Sloan won't adjust to win then he should join Avery Johnson. They may be good coaches but what good are they if they refuse to use the talent that they have in ways that will win?

Re Houdini trade

"get rid of everyone except D-will,Millsap and Matthews" in addition to those I`d keep Brewer,Maynor and Fes,maybe Koufos,all are bargains and worth a good look,but I agree the rest can get lost now

Hugh G. Hater

Trade talk is worthless unless the player in question fits into Sloan's system.

Yes, we need a shooting guard to keep the defense honest. Which I also think, imho, would help Sloan's system survive against athletic teams. Yet, the Jazz can't find such a player.

Jerry Sloan's job is not to win games. It is to play his system. Either that or act like a stroke victim.

Sloan isn't the only issue, he is just the biggest one. Where is this team's leader? Where is all the $$ going?


What a good guy Williams is for apologizing to fans. I was very impressed by this act of respect for the fans that support them. Thank you DWill for representing us! Hope we play better tonight!


Yes D-Will said that he was "sorry" and I would have to agree, he was. He looks like he's gained some weight and doesn't move very fast. Maybe Barkley and him ate too many Pizzas the other night when all the allstar talk was going on over in the studios.


@ Utah Jazz

Take me to your leader. Oh,you don't have one? Oh my!!

Maybe you should let Eric Maynor be leader.

20 years

If the Jazz have only 2 wining road records over seasons that is a statistical inditement of Jerry Sloan and his philosophies and system. Statistically Sloan is a bond a fide loser. Who causes his teams to lose on the road.

This is not a matter of changing players. He lost all of those years with some great players. Changing players will not make any difference.

This is an inditement of the Jazz organization and owners. Any coach who post a losing road record 9 times out of 10 is abusing thier fan base.

The Organization/Owners and Sloan all know he is not going to produce a winning road team.

Run a sign (nonparametric) test on Sloans road record. That is prima facia evidence that Sloan is the cause of the road record.

The biggest lie is for Sloan to claim he does not know why Utah loses on the road. He and the organization know. The player know (but can't say). The fans just keep lapping up the lame exuses like "small market" or "did not execute". The players get blamed.

Sloan is the primary reason this team does not win.


Sloan knows right now that whoever the Jazz play in the playoffs will put a big guard on DWill and disrupt the system so that it is a liability.

He however will do nothing now to prempt that problem.

Why not cross train CJ or Mathews at PG and move DWill to SG? CJ and Mathews are tall enough that they can't be posted like Maynor. The 2 PG approach breaks most teams.

Why not get Fes ready to start with Boozer so that the Jazz have a chance against tall fast defensive teams? Okur and Millsap play better together anyway.

Sloan has known exactly what is wrong with this team and how to fix it for years and has DONE NOTHING. All we heard was continuity. Well we have continuity and we are losing to tall athletic teams and bad teams that can play zone.

What else is new.

Sloan will run his same old tired unadjusted offense with all of its weaknesses into the playoffs and then wonder why he got beat and will then try to do the same thing next year.

What does it take to get the Millers to have some common sense?

RE: Miles

Korver "is" worthless, I agree. He's way over paid. so is Kirilenko, so is Okur, so is Milsap. The only difference is they are not worthless. (well maybe Okur is this year.)

@ Miles

Who are you? Where are you from? Did you ever play this game? Anywhere, little league or what? Whats your attraction with C.J.?


My real name is Hasan,I`m from Pacoima,Cal,moved to Ogden 2 years ago.I played pee-wee ball in Cali,was not very good,I tried out for the junior high team but got cut,I really don`t know what it is about CJ I quess I just like him cause he`s so cute and cuddly.Thanks for your interest


Lets throw the baby out with the bathwater. Get over the loss and move on. All the crying is not going to speed up Okur on defense.

All the wannabe coaches are going to put Fes in for 6 quarters when he can't play 2 in a row as he is questionable physically.

Boy oh boy we are trading Boozer, AK, Brewer, Price Korver and changing KOc and pitching Sloan out the door. Perfection is expected and anything less will not be tolerated by this group.

The Jazz have played better in many games but guess what Boozer is not hurt, we will be winners in the next game or the one after and we just whipped the Magic and Lakers. We have a good team but we lose from time to time. If you can't live with that then move on.

We have some smart players and hopefully they will learn something from the loss. Things they won't learn by winning, we just don't want to be the smartest team in the league by learning those things every game.


Thanks Doug. Your perspective is rational and realistic. And I agree with you.


Whos this C.J.?

todd to "sloanites" ed and doug

You guys are perfect worthless examples of what I talked about. The only times you post is after the Jazz win a game.

No one asked for Fes to play 6 quarters or that the Jazz cannot lose a game.

The issues "realistic not Snow White" we have every reason to be concerned about.

The Jazz basically "have held serve" on this road trip. I figured a (2-3) trip and would be happy with (3-2).

The Jazz talent is better than New Jersey and Charlotte so should beat them.

A win in either Orlando or Miami would make this a good road trip.


I beginning to think Dave Rose or Stew Morrell could do a better job than sloan.

And they will actually prepare for teams.

Sloan is a one trick pony, he has his system and when that fails he is helpless as a baby.

Sloan is the worst game-time coach in the league.

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