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Published: Saturday, Dec. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bench the Starters

Jerry should start:

Maynor - PG
Price - SG
Miles - SF
Kirilenko - PF
Fes - C

Then maybe think about bringing in the rest. At least then maybe we will see some effort. The starters should be penalized for their lack of effort and giving up. Jerry should also bench himself and let Phil run the team.

Remember This

This a team molded and put together by Sloan and O'Connor. No inheiratance here. This team was traded for drafted and signed by those two men and their seconds. The blame lays right where it should. As for the Sloan offense, well if he's such a good coach of Hall of Fame stature why doesn't he have more than one system to go to when things go in the gutter? Nightly match-ups are what this league is all about! Your system and players stink Sloan! Get out of the way and let new blood develop a new look team PLEASE!

Houdini to Todd

Plenty of blame to go around,including coaches,other than Matthews,Maynor,AK and Millsap,and a lot of that was garbage time,no one came ready,period,trying to run with the Atlanta`s and Phoenix`s is like giving a suicidal person a loaded gun.WON`T WORK,we need a shooting guard and a center plain and simple,Memo is not a center,fes is a project,and we don`t have a decent shooter that`s reliable,and I`m tired of "waiting for "MILES" to "DEVELOPE" not gonna happen,trade for Gasol and Gay,send either Memo or Boozer,Miles for sure and throw in a handful more if you need to.Keep D,-will Millsap,Matthews,the rest ADIOS


Jazz fans need to wake up and smell the coffee. You people blame your coach and some of your players as if the hawks had nothing to do with your team losing last night.

The hawks are a very good defensive minded team, so whenever your team come to play, they better be prepared to go to war. The hawks are very athletic and capable of shuting down any team on any given night.(Our stats don't lie)

Since you people are complaining about Boozer and D.William are not getting the job done, how about sending them to the ATL for Marvin Williams and Mike Bibby. I can live with that trade. Can you?

re scody shoot fight

why would Memphis make that trade? they gave Pao Gasol to the Lakers,why won`t they give us a couple of players??


I can't help but wonder what these guys are doing while out on the road. Partying perhaps??? In any case, their heads are sure not in the game. I'm sick of seeing opposing players blow by Jazz defenders on the periphery and drive unopposed all the way to the basket and then on the other end the Jazz just walking around or standing around on offense. As talented as he is, D-Will starts trying to make it a "Williams-Boozer" game and forgets the other players. No wonder they stand around. Anyway, they all play like they have cement in their shoes.


Boozers lack of defense has been totally exposed playing next to Okur. Fes should start with Booze and bring Okur off the bench with Milsap. Fes starting would set a defensive tone down low.

Maynor pushes the ball and gets us into our offense quick enough for it to have a chance of working. I do not know why D-Will is so insistant on walking the ball up allowing the defense to set.

Sloan is really struggling coaching right now. It doesn't seem like he is in control of his team. He doesn't have any solutions. He doesn't trust his bigs enough to turn to them for help. Has he forgotten the importance of defense in the paint? His System and use of available personel is very questionable right now.

todd to cowboy joe

I have a life, but why not talk with your friend Greg and get change. After all, you told all of us how the Jazz were moving to Boise

By the way Joe, I will post when I want, whatever I want. You take things way too personally, lightening up would be superb idea. Maybe, Greg told you at the Gym today his long term plans

todd from santa ana

There is a difference between being critical of a player over just thinking the player is worthless and needs to go.

DWIL is an example: I would not trade him. Yes he has faults defensively and recognition. Yes, he slows down the game too much. However, you will not get a better player there.

The former Jazz Cop could not have said it any any better. I am tired of Okur masquerading as a Center. If you are going to make a trade, you will have a better chance with Brewer, Miles, unfortunately Maynor, possibly AK if for another expiring Salary and Okur. Any trade I would try and make using this type of combination for a good Solid big#2 or to play as a #3 and a Center.

Houdini's idea about Gay and Gasol I like a ton.

The Warriors, Wizards, Sixers, Knicks and Toronto mainly would be the teams I would look to see if a trade scenario would work with someone coming back who could truly help us. Bosh, Maggette, Butler, Jamison are some of the people I am thinking of.

D-Will was a joke!!

You can see the signs everytime it happens and it usually begins with D-Will WALKING THE BALL UP THE FLOOR.

It all goes down hill from there. Zero early offense--nothing to spark his team into playing defense.

Then after he lazily plodded up the floor he forced passes into players who were not open which resulted in repeated turnovers.



Not even a mild effort.

Jumpshots only.


Great/good players have bad games but at least they still try.

I seriously did not even see him trying--worse than that he did not even look bothered by it as he sat on the bench for most of the game.

When a backup rookie PG runs the offense better than our supposed allstar PG--you know something else is up.

Maybe the Barkley interview stirred up some old feelings?

Time to make a deal for some pieces that can win on the road. Boozer/Okur have to be worth something right now.

Have to trade one or the other--they can't coexist.

todd from santa ana

Last comments for now: Of Course, Brown is going to attack Okur. After all, he does KNOW MEHMOUT QUITE WELL DOES HE NOT?

There are many coaches around the league who I think would drool with the talent on the Jazz roster and have ideas how to utilize it.

I will say this and truly believe it, someone different from our head guy would turn CJ Miles into a polished, mature, all around responsible player ready to get to all-star level. The player would work hard for this type of coach to elevate his game. Knowing no changes will be ever made there except for Phil Johnson in 2 years followed by Ty Corbin, we need to explore trades.


Houdini, Jerry showed that he is a one trick pony. He can't adjust to the defense because he only has one offensive scheme. Totally exposed.

CJ can't help this team the way Jerry substitutes him. Shooters need to get in a rhythem. Jerry needs to wake up soon or the season will be over. When Jerry plays CJ over 20 minutes, Jazz win. When he plays him under 20 minutes, Jazz lose unless it is feable NJ.

Korver is useless.

todd from santa ana

By the way a birdie told me, after the Jazz suffer a meltdown, where today are all of the "Sloanaholics" that only post when another soft article about how great Jerry is here appears on the boards.

People that have been hibernating at Jellystone Park come out of the woodwork waking up same time with Yogi Bear and his girlfriend and Ranger Smith

I know you Sloan loyalist

don't want to hear this but this is not just a player problem. Sloan is getting out coached. Either he can't adjust his system so that it works, he is getting mugged and stiffled by coaches who know how to disrupt his offense.

OR he does not know how to get the players to implement his system. One or two players not doing what they are supposed to will foul up the system.

OR he is just not willing to make the adjustments, like jerking the right players and inserting the right players (won't change rotations).

Sloan has 20 years of experience with his system (and others). He has had problems with the execution of the offense for 2 or more years. It is the same team. He should know how to fix this or his system is worthless.

Look at the teams he has lost to. Many of them are not better teams. Look at his wins. The only reason he beat LA is because the Jazz hit from the outside all night long.

He does not control the team or he is out coached or both. Some night it is probably both.


@ Bench the Starters

Hey I think you might be on to something here. I would like to see it for a few games just to see if it would work.

Chemistry Problem

There is a chemistry problem between Sloan and the VETs. Sloan knows he is dependent on the Vets for the most part, Boozer especially, Okur and DWill. He knows he is going to play them and give them special treatment.

Look how he kissed up to Boozer and ruined the season last year just before the playoffs. Further, Boozer had already said he was opting. There was no reason to start Boozer except Sloan wanted to.

Sloan is hostage to the VETS. He kisses up. On the other hand when the team hits a well coached team and starts losing Sloan does not make the adjustments that would win.

The players know it is lost at that point and just start mailing it in. They know they are going to lose no matter how hard they play so they pad their stats. They are not dumb. They know what coaching changes need to be made and know that they will not be made.

Why bust you end for a lost cause? Pad your stats and wait for Sloan to retire. You are getting paid anyway.

None of them can say it is Sloan's fault. None of them will.


Seriously! At what point does it become the coaches fault that the Jazz can't win on the road in 3 years? Apparently in Utah Jazz management land never. Sloan had a great run, but it's time to step down.

Sloan has 2 wining

road records in 20 years. Now that is a pattern.

Sloan modified his system last year when Boozer was out and Millsap could not run Boozer's play. We know he is fully capable of adjusting when forced to.

His system is flexible enough that he can adjust and beat teams like LA, ATL, ORL. Those are the phototypes of the modern NBA contenders. However, the key word there was ADJUST.

That word is not in Sloan vocab or he would have more than 2 wining road records.

Starting Fes and playing Okur and Millsap together with Brewer could be a big winner. Fes/Boozer need a good outside shooting guard. Okur could open it up for Millsap/Brewer.

Instead of trying to get every 2/3 playing time try taking the best match ups every night and playing one or two of the 2/3s every other night. That way they will get enough minutes in the games they play to actually get into the flow.

I am not sure about a big trade. The Jazz are capable if Sloan makes the right adjustments. Sloan may be gone in a year? Trade then. New coach, system and players.

It is not just Okur

Sloan has not come up with an answer (that he likes)for tall athletic teams. He ran two answers last night and they worked but he stopped and went right back to what could not work. The zone worked. ALT did nothing to bust it. There is more than one zone. Try using a few.

Fes/Boozer is usually a good combo. AK/Maynor is another.

DWill/Sloan have to control pace. Almost all of the bad Jazz losses involve the wrong pace.

Can Sloan control pace? Other coaches seem to do it. It is done in the playoffs.

When the inside Sloan system game is broken there has to be a plan B. Sloan does not have one. The players start shooting out side when the inside is impossible. That is not a plan. That is the only available option in the Sloan nonplan.

That last one is the key. Sloan refuses to develop an alternative plan for teams his system has no hope of beating because they kill the inside game.

HOF coaches are not one trick ponies. I have yet to see Sloan ever make serious adjustments and stay with them when they work.

todd from santa ana

According to ESPN the Magazine, the Pistons I read this morning are seriously interested still in acquiring Carlos Boozer in exchange for Richard Hamilton and or T. Prince.

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