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Published: Saturday, Dec. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Board sums it up well tonight

Coaches stay around long enough and the ship will eventaully sink...in athletics, business, government, it all works that way. The systems eventually get figured out and the vibrant younger opponents take over. It is even common in nature.

Jerry, are you sorry you stayed around so long?
Tell us. then do somethi8ng about it.

PS We love ya Jerry..so retire. It is time for you
to start enjoying life on the farm. Greg won't fire someone like you who watched him grow up. He has respect for you.

todd from santa ana

Who can get more out of this squad than Sloan?

I already have John Lucas, Avery Johnson, Rick Mahorn, Bill Laimbeer, Reggie Theus, Tim Grgovich. That is just the appetizer not even to the main course yet.

todd from santa ana

Notice the photo on your right of Fesenko putting a thought into Jeff Teague's mind.

When you are playing a team like Atlanta with athleticism and plays long, the Jazz should have just lived with a zone. However, Zones can be creative and effective, so many defenses box and 1, 2-3, matchup like Boeheim team at Syracuse.

Sloan makes not one change in the 3rd quarter until the game is out of reach.

Watch the 2 minute video available online on Highlight package, and watch Okur and tell me if he is making any effort.. Whoever said he does is not telling the truth.. talk about a "one trick pony"

Guess what though we extended his contract...

todd on houdini proposed deal

He mentioned, Boozer, AK and Miles for Rudy Gay and Gasol.

Most agreeable. However, I agree Boozer and Okur together are not effective. Boozer like him or not still has numbers among the best power forwards around. Instead of Boozer, maybe throw in Price and Brewer.

Brewer to me is underacheiving because inconsistent with his skill set. The jumper is still faulty. Now that Memphis has improved to (11-15) they are making progress so I doubt any trade can be made they would agree to.

I still say a solution is Golden State or the Wizards teams that have nowhere to go period. I am thinking of Caron Butler. I cannot believe they will not shake up the roster. One must remember Flip Sanders had to inherit this squad and not exactly his own.

dwill rocks

Was anyone surprised by the jazz performance tonight? I hope not because I don't see this changing. As long as we have okur and boozer on this team it's going to be the same old. They provide the worst interior defense in the league. Boozer needs to be gone before the deadline. If they wanna package him with okur I'd be happy too. Problem is no one wants boozer for 12 million a year. It will be hilarious if he ends up walking after this season because he's going to take a big pay cut.

Jazz Coop

SLOAN at Pregame: Hey phil, you have those tapes of the hawks you were telling me about, I didn't have a chance to look over them, i hope you scouted them, i didn't.

Sloan after the first six minutes:Hey, it looks like ak is making a difference, hey, I better take him out before the guys get close.

Sloan at halftime: I know okur is getting abused inside, and that by all means, ak47 should be in the starting lineup, and I should probably start fez the secondhalf too, but, its going to take alot of effort for my starters to undo my total lack of preparation, and I'd rather watch them burn so I can blame it on them later. since i have no game plan or offensive scheme, or any idea of how to disrupt the hawks, for example, I could call a timeout and tell dwill to dribble baseline, but i won't, . ill try to pretend like im not having fun watching you guys burn as the hawks outscore you by 30POINTS in 6 minutes.

really, is sloan for real? what a total lack of preparation, along with incompetent game managment.

Fez Poop

I used to be Jazz cop, after last night, I don't want the legacy of my monniker tarnished, its time for a change, i'm fez pop, i'm going to change my monniker because sloan stinks.

can anything really be said about sloan after last night?

why isn't ak starting?

why does he burn this team, over and over? Wouldn't it have been better to makes some subs, try to give the starters a chance in the last five minutes,
tahts the kind of game it was last night,
instead, burn baby burn.

sloan better be looking at tapes of charlotte and coming up with a game plan,
it was obvious he did nothing to prepare for the game last night,
get rid of him
i probably know more about the hawks then he does,
and thats not a good thing.

Fez Poop

Sloans lack of preparation is almost as apalling as his game managment.

he could've saved the game by keeping ak in, like the whole game.

he could've saved the game by starting fez in the second half

at the half, i thought, the best way for the jazz to get ten quick points is start fez, have some energy, get ten quick points, then pull him. thats what i would've done.

but i thought, thats too much to ask for sloan, at least i was sure he'd start kirilenko. i thought that would at least keep us close.

sloan blew the game, sloan, not williams, owes everyone an apology, not only for last night, but for the last twenty years, i like the apology from williams, but i want one from sloan, sloan is dogging it twice as much as any player.

what kind of coaches watches his team burn like that? not a good one.

Fez Poop

On the upside, my boy fez got some minutes, hes getting a chance to loosen up, the jazz second unit worked the hawks second unit.

i liked mathews contribution so far, but you have to wonder, how long will he be in the starting lineup, i don't think hes just "earned" his starting role, i think hes earned time in the rotation so far, thats all.

this is what the starting lineup should be:


those five give us the best chance, i put a / between korver brewer, i think korver is the longterm starter, brewer should start in the meantime, both deserve to start.

how long will okur start? crying out loud. id hope that last night would send him to the bench, along with his body of work the last two years, i doubt it. okur can be a good backup, i'd bring him off the bench, give him 25 minutes off the bench, start korver and have okur off the bench,
thats what Id do!!!

this is what sloan will do, nothing, including scouting on other teams, nothing,
watch corn mayber, thats it.

Fez Poop

Just putting ak into the starting lineup would help alot, sloan is just going to wait until there is no chemistry with ak and the starting unit, then he'll do it and blame ak for it.

theres no good reason, since last year, that ak hasnt been in the starting lineup, we have plenty of guys off the bench now, start the five best players for crying out loud,

sloan is trying to do it like poopyvich, it works for the spurs, bringin manu off the bench,
okur can be our man off the bench, instant offense, start fez for crying out loud, give us some defense, or at least the hope that we might see some.

a coach could use last night as an excuse to bench anyone, he could bench okur because of last night, will he? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

right now is as good a time as any to make some changes to the starting lineup.

starting ak47 is a no brainer, and it should've happened since last year. the jazz are better with him in the starting lineup.

i'd try that for now.

with plans to start fez down the road.

Fez Poop

If I were sloan, i'd immediately put ak into the starting lineup, move brewer to starting guard, this shouldn't cause much ripples in the locker room.

In the next few games, I'd then switch korver in at starting guard.

I'd keep okur on a very short leash, i'd make it known to him that his starting job is on the line, that unless he steps it up, he's going to get jerked around and played in unusual positions, positions where he won't kill the team, because hes killing us. yeah, fesenko isn't the answer right now, neither is millsap, but fesenko would be starting for me after about twenty more games, based on last night, theres good reason to think he should start right now.

is sloan even aware of who the bobcats have on their roster?
does he have a game plan?
I doubt it, his modus operandi is to blame the players for his lack of preparation and management,

williams apologizes, man, that hurts, what does sloan do,
blame the players, watch the team burn,

sloan owes us twenty years worth of apology.

Fez Poop

Cha is going to have a game plan, probably alot like atl. they are going to attack okur and expose the jazz weakest link. thats the word on the street.

is sloan going to have a counter plan of attack.

is he going to anticipate how cha will attack okur? how they might attack boozer, or any of the other players? does he have an answer, no!!!!!

can sloan take advantage of the fact that the game plan is attack okur, and use that as leverage, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its not okurs fault, hes got alligator arms, and hes slow running the court, like, all the time, for no good reason?

theres places in the game for okur, he can be instant offense, he can be effective, but if hes getting attacked, if the game plan is attack okur, thats what happened last night, they expose okur, open up the outside and hit 3's, once okur gets exposed, he needs to be pulled. you can't keep him in the game, come on sloan, get with it!!!!!!!!!!okur gets attacked on a regular basis, and it kills the jazz, but its sloans fault!!!!!!!!

Fez Poop

Okur gets attacked because he's slow and soft, he might have a better idea of whats going on than fez, but it don't matter, teams usually have their way with okur, at least with fez, the other team is going to have to play smart ball to take advantage of him, and its not going to happen every time down the court as it does with okur. plus, its easier to stomach fez making a mistake, than okur just getting abused.

come on, okur is instant offense, the jazz need defense, when is okur going to start playing defense, tonight? every game? the fact is, i think he tries, he's too slow, which you wonder why? but ontop of that, he's not long enough.

scodyshootfight (KC)

Proposed deal? You cannot trade Boozer, AK, and Miles for Gay and Gasol. AK and Booz make WAAYYYYY too much money for that trade to even be legal. Even if the NBA did allow that trade, why would Memphis give up Gay and Gasol for AK and Booz, especially when they already have Zach Randolph on their team?

John Wicks

D-WIll thinks he is an all star with 2 whole points. This team needs a shakeup in the worst way. Just goes to show CP should have been taken as the Jazz point guard. The one we have now is just an egotistical loser. The whole situation is just plain pathetic!!!

Fez Poop

the hawks have done a good job of building on their success, when they play with that kind of energy, they're tough to beat, for anyone.

the jazz have done nothing to improve for the last two years, fez should've been playing since last year, okur has hurt this team far more than he has helped it the last two years, its time for okur to find some minutes at the backup,

how long will it take sloan to realize hes an idiot?

Fez Poop

@dwill rocks

Theres got to be about 30 teams in the league that would love to pay boozer only 12 mil a year, get a clue, boozer will get a raise next year, boozer is an allstar, and if sloan plays it right, boozer is one of the best pf in the game today, and easily gets 20 and 10 every night.
problem is,
sloan is a botch job waiting to happen.

Cowboy Joe to Todd

The salaries don't match up for your trade scenario. At least make a trade up that works.
Todd what are outbacks? And how did Horford score them. Did he get gift cards to the outback or what?
Get a life man and only post once or twice.

Fez Poop

One last comment, i liked how sloan pulled all the starters at once, woodson counters by pulling all his starters, this is still the third period, instead of putting boozer and dwill back in the game, slaon just gives the game away, the whole fourth quarter is both second units,
what a waste, this is what fans pay to see, sloan botching games, all his talk about staying competitive, it sure didn't look like he was trying to win the game last night, what a joke of a coach, i've seen enough, hes got to go, him and okur, bye bye.


notice the caption on the photo. I don't see Milsap in the picture. I see AK and Fez. DNews should hire me, at least I know who the players are and can read the jerseys.

As for the game, I didn't see it and am glad I didn't. I probably would have just turned it off. Just like Jazz players turned their game off. Just like Sloan turned his brain off. Most sports analyst thought the Jazz would lose, but to not even show up, I don't think anyone could have predicted that. Although we could predict Sloans coaching and substituting.

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