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Published: Saturday, Dec. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Lucky If They Go 2-3

I said before this trip that the Jazz would probaly go 2-3 on this roadie, but quite frankly they will be lucky to get that. Now it looks more like a road trip of 1-4 is more likely. What a sorry bunch!


Shame on you Jazz...that was the ugliest game I did ever see.

Give ALT credit

They completely throttled both DWill and Boozer. They also totally disrupted the Sloan offense. It was pathetic.

When Maynor came in the offense ran. Sloan experimented with line ups but for the most part the shooting was poor but the defensive intensity picked up.

The fast pace of the 3rd Q blew the starters out.

Sloan's offense is worthless on the road. It gets disrupted and he/DWill do not control the pace of the game.

That is partly Sloan's fault and it is partly DWill's fault. The rest of the team had no intensity with the exception of AK and Fes. Both of them played well. Maynor played well.

Sloan did switch to a zone and that worked. But then he went man to man again and it was pathetic again. I do not understand Sloan sometimes.

This one is more on the players than Sloan but his offense is fragil and easily disrupted.

Another lanky quick team that the Jazz do not match up well with. The inside game did not work, shooting was poor. Maynor, Fes and AK could run the offense. Where was the rest of the team and Why?


Looks like Sloan decided to let his starters rest in a forgone conclusion game. Might as well. The Jazz aren't going to win every road game on this trip.

D-Will should play better against the Bobcats Saturday night. Not sure about Booz.

This road trip is a bad time (or maybe in the long run a good time?) to be introducing players into the line-up for a team that was clicking while shorthanded.

This road trip is going to be interesting.

I see a pattern

it is also in the 82game data on 5 man combos. The starters can't run the offense on the road so they shoot jump shots.

AK and Maynor can run the offense together. When Fes comes in the offense also starts running.

That shows in the combo data and it showed strikingly well tonight.

Sloan's favorite combo (his starters) is only good against certain types of teams. They get killed on the road by tall quick defenders.

Maybe he should start adjusting his combos for the strengths of the other team.

Part of this is on the players. They need to spend a day shooting FTs. The starters also did not hustle at all.

I really do blame DWill for some of the bad road record. He sets the pace. He runs a slower pace on the road. How come Maynor can run the offense and DWill can't?

Yes I know ALT put a tall guard on DWill. The ALT coach knows how to coach. He knows how to disrupt Sloan's offense.

There are reasons for the pathetic patterns. Sloan and DWill know what they are but will not say on camera.

The patterns have implications

Sloan should think about playing Maynor and AK a lot more if DWill can't run the offense. Fes needs to come in fast and play long if Boozer is throttled. Boozer can play with Fes in.

Sloan's offense is worthless if it can't be run.

There are times when it will only run if you have the combo of Maynor pushing pace with AK as point forward. OR Fes as the old throwback C which changes the inside game so that it starts to work.

Sloan should know what he is doing. Why does he insist on playing his favorite combo knowing it is not going to work and is not working. He did put the 2nd unit is fairly quickly and he did play zone but he has got to be smart enough to know that if the starters did not work in Q1 they are not going to work in Q3.

Does he ever learn? Where is the benefit of 20 years of coaching?

The players did start playing D and that worked for a while but where was the intensity in the first Q?

Some of the players just dog it. The team pays.


i wish Greg Miller would sell the Jazz and buy an NHL hockey team. hockey is such a much more interesting sport than manball.

To me it is clear

The road woes are partly the players. Enough of them just go thru the motions and plan on turning it one in the last 8 minutes if it is close. That fouls up the whole team and negates those who try hard.

Part of the problem is Sloan and his set rotations. He just does his normal routine knowing full well it is a bad match up and that WILL NOT WORK and then makes no adjustment until it is hopeless.

For cying out loud. Sloan has coached for 20 years he know what is going to work and what will not and why before the team ever takes the floor.

Try making a change in the line up for each team. You might win. You know you are going to lose by doing what you do before you do it. Why do you do it? You can't be that dumb.

The right defenders totally negate DWill and Boozer. At that point it is over because Sloan will never adjust fast enough even if he does the right thing eventually.

It is mostly a matter of getting out coached. The smart coaches rely on Sloan patterns and slow reactions.

Nevada fan

Is Okur even trying to play defense? If he is, he has to be the worst defender in the NBA!

Sloan: He just sat there with his mouth wide open during the melt down. Even the commentator's were wondering why he didn't call a timeout. They also commented on all the points that were scored in the paint. Ever heard of the 7 footer that weighs 300lbs by the name of Fes. Yes he does make mistakes, but he changes things in the paint. I wonder why he is put in when its too late?

What is with the 23 TOs?

ATL has a real coach. He prepared his team to disrupt Sloan's tired old pathetic fragile offense.

Sloan had no answer. Actually he did. He played Maynor with AK and it worked.He played zone and it worked. Then he went right back to what he started with and it did not work. He made no real adjustment. He just did his normal rotation.

ALT actually had a game plan and totally disrupted Sloan's routine. ALT got into the passing lanes and stole the Jazz blind. They knew what the Jazz were going to do because Sloan and the Jazz are about as predictable as a well rehearst script.

One team has a coach and one team has a robot. The coach won. Sloan might adjust next game but don't bet on it.

ALT's coach used Utah's passing game and assist ratio against them. They took Utah's strength and negated it.

That is what real coaches do. They exploit weakness and the make strength weakness.

That is what Sloan does not do. He just has a system that many teams do not plan for.

That is why we want a real coach and adjustments.

CP3 > dwill

So the night after Charles and Kenny deem dwill the best point gaurd in the NBA he lays an absolute egg and CP3 beats the nuggets with 30 points 19 assists.

No point

to this anymore. We all come and complain and hope for the Jazz to change something but face it they never will. Sloan will never change. O'Connor will still do nothing to make the team better. The Millers will always be intimidated and scared to do anything about Sloan running the team into the ground. And the Jazz will not win a championship this year nor next year nor the year after that. As much as i hate to admit it. The Jazz are a second tier team. And they will win some good games but lose some very bad games. Reality Bites


You gotta love it baby!!!!... We love it when ya lose... So lose some more please!!!


Oh yeah and Go Charlotte!!!

Stop and think about each

Player. They have been hand picked by Sloan and really are not that good. Each one has serious limitations. If the Sloan system is disrupted they are just not good enough to play jungle ball and win. They are totally dependent on the system.

The system is easily disrupted. DEN figured it out last year. Other teams have picked it up.

The system is a lot easier to disrupt on the road due to the way the refs call games.

The vaunted Sloan system is a major liability as are many of the players if the system can't be run.

DWill is supposed to be a super star. However, he gets shut down by big guards and can't handle small quick ones.

Boozer is great when the system works but he is undersized and a bad fading jump shooter when defended by tall athletic PFs.

Okur is a Euro C. He also is not that quick or a banger.

Brewer is a non shooting (slashing) guard.

CJ is talented but erratic. He may do better with a gun team.

AK is playing out of his best position. He plays 4 for a gun team better.


Korver is a shooting specialist but slow defender (tries hard).

Millsap is an undersize PF who can rebound well but fouls a lot (getting better with his moves and shot).

Mathews is a rookie with a lot of talent and no experience. Same with Mathews.

Fes and Koufos are still big projects. Price is insurance.

How many of these players would fit well on a contender?

With the exception of Mathews and AK none of them play D well.

DWill probably could start for a contender. AK is a generalist who would come off of the bench on most contenders. Boozer would not start for most contenders as he is not long enough nor good enough at D.

The rest are specialists. They only fit the Jazz or would be specialist role players.

Sloan has created a team that is only good when his offense is functioning. Too many teams have figured out how to stop his offense dead.

The Sloan's show is obsolete. Further, his hand picked players have to many exploitable weaknesses to make it work long enough to advance in the playoffs.

He makes the playoffs but can't advance.

Get a real coach/system.

todd from santa ana

This is all that needs to be said because anything else I say about Sloan will be edited as this is not a free country.

In the 3rd Quarter reading th Box score; Atlanta outscored the Jazz 23-6 in 6 minutes. Horford was boarding, scoring outbacks, short shots. Marvin Williams was doing whatever he wanted.

Was that not Brewer man? Where was Okur defensively?

If you want 2 players that are best to be dealt there may be at least the Brewer possibility.

Incidentally, To Sloan and his "you know whos" during a 23-6 run, not A) one timeout called by your "man" and 2) no subs as in no Fes althoughly clearly Atlanta had a walk inside layup drill or volleyball DVD

Ak Fan

Jazz got players just cannot have good chemistry and coach. You just cannot live in feudal era.


Well i'm glad I didn't see this game. Looking at the box score is even painful. Sounds like a few bench guys did alright, but not much positive to say about this.

todd to jbra

I am emailing Nunn on this more info go into to the Jazz Oracle by tomorrow on his site

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