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Published: Saturday, Dec. 19 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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It is a very attractive building. Too bad government has gotten so big that we need this building and the Moss building to hold it all.

Eye Dee Ten Tee

Not an attractive building. Big Shiny Box, been there, done that. Is that chain-link surrounding a rooftop courtyard?

Re Uriah

I guess Uriah does not think it is important to prosecute individuals for committing crimes.

Too many laws...

As a percentage of total population, the United States also has the largest imprisoned population, with 739 people per 100,000 serving time, awaiting trial or otherwise detained... I think it's past the time to ask what laws we really need. Too many laws create too many criminals. Do we need a building like this that quite honestly does not create value. Nothing is produced in it. It's just an expense.

A Federal Court House

Ok, Now is the time to investigate The State Government and Prosecute all of these Criminals running the State of Utah. We will Start with the Judges and Attorneeys that do not know the Constitution, When will this start?


Even though I support SLC landing a new fed courthouse I have to chuckle at the way it was done. Bennett (et al.) rail against earmarks. But, when the “pork” is good for his state he quickly and conveniently forgets he's against such fed handouts.


Ugly building


The reporter should ask how many different versions of this building were drawn up. This one looks nothing like the versions shown in prior years--all similarly ugly, though. This one looks like a vertical prison. Taxpayers paid millions just to get the design-quit worrying about what was paid for Port O Call, that was small potatoes to all the other waste that has already been spent on Bennett's pet pork project. On the other hand, it looks like a great place to hang that old Budweiser sign that used be on the Shubrick Buiding.


I hope this "artists rendering" is just that, and not the final selection!! What happened to any sense of style or architecture? Just the big boxy shape is irritating. ALmost looks like a utility box covered in tin foil. Why can 't they bring back any sense of style and architecture in public buildings????? THis, is hideous!!!

Big Frank

This is great....another earmark. How about WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY. AND AS THEY COMMONLY SAY IN NEW YORK....'FORGET ABOUT IT'.

Thank You Dems

What about all of the stimulus money being poured into Utah by the democrats red ones? Do you like it? Would you rather your Rep leaders turn it down? Oh, you'll take it and continue to bash the democratic administration of this country, I see! Typical, typical. By the way, how do you like the life your Red party left us?


It looks like a hardened compound complete with cement barriers and an electrified fence on top. I guess the days of classy architecture are long gone.

Ben There:

We do have a lot of imprisoned individuals. I have been to other countries where, if you have committed a crime, or embarrassed the country by being a criminal in the U.S., they just shoot you. No jail time. I also think we need to enforce the laws we have, rather than make new laws to up-date the laws that are not getting enforced: ie: immigration laws.


I wonder how long it took the architect to draw a cube.


Its ugly. Why can't they design better looking federal buildings?

What is it?

It looks like the cube from Transformers. Have the decepticons arrived?

Seriously, they need to improve the entrance.

One word...



are they going to call it the 'ice-cube'......fits the drawing!


It's the new Apple store.

Wasteful spending

This courthouse comes right out of the pork barrel.

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