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Published: Thursday, Dec. 17 2009 1:00 a.m. MST

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What a beautiful article and beautiful man who takes such good care of the Grove. Maybe a few Wards and or primary's will send him heartfelt thank you notes.


Can I have his job when he is done?

Fred Atkinson

I am very pleased that Bob Parrott is caring for the sacred grove. I know he is the right one for tht wonderful job. There's one thing for sure, he is right about feeling the spirit there, and befuddles me that he is not LDS. May Heavenly Father continue to protect the sacred grove and Bob Parrott.

Unasked Question

There seems to be one glaring omission from the reporting in the article. The caretaker says he believes the vision took place, that it took place at the Grove, and that everything happened just as Joseph said it did. If that is the case, why isn't this man LDS? Why didn't the writer ask him that question? I'd like to know the answer. Wasn't the writer curious and didn't he/she think readers would be too? I would think no less of the man one way or the other, but it would be interesting to know why he believes but hasn't been baptized.


Great article, there is a powerful testimony in the sacred grove. I remember standing there looking at the trees and thinking that they were witnesses of the first vision. All things denote that Joseph saw and heard what he said he did in the grove of trees called sacred. Looking up through the trees to the sky and sunlight streaming through it is easy to visualize the Father and Son descending to communicate with the boy Joseph.


Since this is private church property isn't he trespassing.


Regarding Mr. Parrot's non-baptized status and belief in the vision, he didn't mention WHAT vision he thought had happened there. The RLDS refer to it as the "grove experience" because while they are unsure of what occurred there (due to the multiple conflicting accounts), it was obviously a transcendant experience for a young Joseph Smith. The grove should move everyone that way, particularly an itinerant forester! :)


RE: Gazelem 9:00am

"The RLDS refer to it as the Grove Experience...."

It wouldn't be the first time that they were wrong.

Besides they are now the Community of Christ Church...I think

Re: Rod

Well, being that he was HIRED by the church to maintain that private property, my guess would be that no, he's not trespassing.


I've been to the Grove a few times, and I'm glad to see a story about this man. You do a great job, Bob!


RE: Jim 9:42 a.m.

Yes, they are called the CoC now. Not that it really matters.

While you may believe they are "wrong", I was merely pointing out that there are others who find inspiration in the Joseph Smith narrative who may not be believers in the literal descent of God to the grove (Mr. Parrot perhaps being one, the RLDS/CoC another).


I know this Grove is true.


Kind of a fun place to work. I'm surprised he isn't a member.


I remember talking to the caretaker years ago (different person) and his relating how frustrating it was to have members, wards and stakes try to schedule picnics, ward events and even overnighters in the 'Grove', wondering what part of 'Sacred' they didn't get


I think it speaks volumes that this man never joined the Church.


It's not really for us to ask why he is a member or not. That is completely up to him. He definitely has a reverence for the place, perhaps more so than many members who feel that they somehow own a piece of it and treat it like they would there backyard. I lived near there for many years and loved going there often. However, in reference to the trees, they are just trees. Sure some where there during the vision, but can the trees really bare a witness? Are those specific trees any different than the others, or just older? Rather than try and take a piece of the tree, assuming it is somehow better or a piece of history, we should take with us the feelings that inspire us there. Just my opinion.


iteresting story ... i'd like to visit there someday

@kate | 1:13 p.m. Dec. 17, 2009

No, Kate, it speaks volumes about you for your comment. My father died knowing the church was what it claimed, but he was never baptized. Don't speak volumes about him or this man.


I will probaply get a glimpse of the SG on the way to the spirit world, as i lived across many oceans.
But to those who has visited the grove, you are so blessed, to those who continue to be light minded about it,..you will never know.
Hands up to the care taker who is doing a great job.

Re: Kate 1:13 pm

Volumes of what...? I'd love to read this.

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