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Published: Saturday, Dec. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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LP Fan

Nice job Nick! First of many great things to come! Give a lot of credit to Lehi, that is a VERY good team. They will be one of the last 4 standing this year in 4A. What a game!


Holy Cow! Just how good is this kid?! That's impressive. Not only does he tie the game and then give his team the lead, but he scores half their points in the game and it's only his 3rd varsity game. Unbelievable.

It makes me wonder just how good this kid will be by the time he's in his senior year. It sure will be fun to watch.

Lehi Manager

Nick is an amazing kid. I go to school with him. This game shows that Lehi we be a force to beat in the 4A divison. I don't think we will play a harder team this year other then maybe provo. This was the most intense game ever. We couldn't have played any better. Lone Peak will also have the toolson kid next year.


Every white kid is the return of John Stockton - study calculus son - the pay is better on the knees... even if ...BIG IF....you are that good...

Lone Peak

Is loaded for the forseeable future. Haws's little brother comes through next year as does thurl bailey's son. Emery is downright nasty. What freshman in the country can hit an NBA 3 going to his right with a kid draped all over him to tie the game? Did I mention nick is left handed? It was a great game. Pederson played great and shumway (another freshman) came up with a huge board with a minute to go.


Lone Peak starts a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, senior. Only one of them had any Varsity experience last year. First two guys off the bench are another freshman and a senior who hasn't played basketball since he was a sophomore. The fact Lewis wins no matter who he puts out on the floor is incredible.

Who's Collinsworth?

Emery is top to bottom the best player in the state. I would give collinsworth the edge except for one flaw, he can't shoot, let alone score jumpers off the dribble

LP Pipeline

Quincy Lewis has been the coach at Lone Peak for six years. He's fifteen players into college basketball including every starter from his last three teams. He's won 3 state championships (no 5A team has ever won more then 2 in a decade) and played for 4. He's won 85% of his games against what is typically the best schedule in Utah. Best coach around. Doing it again.

Don't look now

This is the first time in four years LP isn't the heavy favorites to go all the way. But with a horse like Emery and a great supporting cast is anyone going to write them off when they get to February form?

Lehi Fan

Emery is unstoppable. Nobody can guard him, and he is a freshmen. He will be the leading scorer in the state as a 9th grader.

Lone Peak Fan

Emery is going to win Mr. Basketball his freshman, sophomore, and his junior year. By his senior year there going to have to make a brand new award just for him.

Not Surprised

I am not surprised about how good Nick Emery is, he has been making shots like this since 3rd grade. I expect many more big shots for him to make over the next 3 years.


Everyone also needs to remember that there is another Freshamn on that team -- Talon Shumway, and even though he isn't starting, he is an incredible athlete. Lone Peak has great coaching and will continue to win this year and in the years coming up. Emery is a great player and he has good teammates.

Utah Sports Action

I was at the game and I was amazed with Nick's game and how he can shoot off the dribble. Another player that stood out was Tannon Pedersen he is good at both football and basketball. But there is another freshmen on the team that needs some credit and that is Tallon Shumway he pulled down a huge rebound at the end of the game to help Lone Peak in the win.


Last time I checked Lone Peak is 1-3 against Provo in the last four years. There is a difference between scoring and winning. Collinsworth and the rest of the Provo kids know how to win. Collinsworth can't shoot? That is crazy. Look at his shooting percentage. Jackson is great. Tyler is great. And Nick is also great. But don't trash Provo -- because they are also great -- just look at the last four years.

Glad your back

Mr. Lloyd!


Yes Nick Emery is a great player but the Class of 2013 is LOADED! Besides Nick and TALON SHUMWAY from Lone Peak check out JORDAN DARGER at Jordan, BRANDON MILLER at Brighton, PARKER VANDYKE at East and WADE "BUBBA" MILLER at Bear River. All of these Freshman are fabulous players and are playing Varsity baksetball this year. This will be a fun class to watch!


hey the coach needs to make a change and start getting out of the box- double and scout your team- the ball out of the best players hand

Lehi Pioneers

This was such a heartbreaker to watch. Zach Stanley is one of my best friends and I really wish he would have made that last shot. He is a great basketball player. Even to get that shot off in them midst of such great defense is a tribute to his talent. Lehi will take state in 4A. Go Pioneers!

give it to emery

he is the real deal and should be a top rated recruit. If he wants to make it big, then out of state is where he needs to go as the Utah schools just don't put out the quantity, quality and rarely see pro status. I say rarely.

The LP program is amazaing and you have to give to quincy and the fathers of most these kids. There is a freshman from LP however that would likely be in his JR year had they followed the age for process......just some thoughts.

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