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Published: Saturday, Dec. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Barkley is out of his mind....Not one player has even whispered of any problem. Barkley has as much credibility as a man arrested for DWI, driving too fast so he can pick up his prostitute...What a loser. Sorry.

Boozer is a great player and this year, he is the leader...If Williams is happy with Boozer, they have a nice combination going...
Who could we get that would play as well as Boozer, no one.

Pull the Trigger Kevin

Can't we get Okafor or Bosh or Deng at Chicago for Booz? I guess the Jazz are so set on having their power forward being the high scorer on the team, I say we would be better off with Okur as PF, Milsap at SF and Fes at Center. If we got Okafur, he would be a great center in the Jazz system. Deng with his 18 ppg and Milsaps greater output with more touches would help offset Boozers 20 ppg, plus both players are better defenders. With Bosh we could still get 20 ppg but with a better defender as well.

texas jazz fan

c33 you're missing one big key- Ball is played on both ends of the court. Boozer has no clue how to defend. I'll give you the offensive side but there are 30 other pf's that can play offense. Defense wins games! I hate la but they defend and they help their team defend. Everyone is on Jerry about bad coaching but no one wants to defend. watched the tnt broadcast and orlando was scoring at will. They lost becase they got disinterested because the jazz are such a non factor right now. Why play boozer at all if you're not going to get anything for him next season. They playing him for a trade. If he's not traded before the deadline, his playing time will drop. everyone in the country knows he's not coming back. 1,2,3 is fine if healthy. 4,5 needs serious work defensively. move your feet memo and carlos just go away. he doesn't deserve the honors he's getting except that no one gets that this game has to be played on both ends of the court.


Booz stays. The Jazz are a status quo team, not a shake-it-up team. If there's any reason to keep Booz they will. And I hope they do. He's giving them plenty of reasons to do that. His Defense will be a non-issue if we get a reliable 7 footer that can play Defense.


REMINDER: It's not like we need Fez to be an All-Star. All we need is for him to somehow aspire to the lofty heights of Osterspaz in his prime. Is that too high of a bar to set for the big fella??? I think not. Amazingly, we went to the Finals twice with Big O. And Fez has way more upside. All he needs is 20 mins a night. Besides his defense, the upside is that he will without question score way more on accident than Ostertag ever did on purpose. Also, Big O had to have been a lot more annoying to Sloan than Big Fez...so cmon Jerry play the kid and let him make some mistakes. He's our great white hope, the missing link.

For the record, I'm not a Jerry hater.

Better than Boozer?

At first there were some chemistry problems. At this point most of those are gone as far as the flow of the game.

As long as Boozer rebounds, hits a high percentage, does not turn the ball over and plays some defense he helps the team. Boozer and DWill determine if he gets the ball. He has to get open and DWill has to decide to run the right plays.

As long as the Jazz can not get the RIGHT trade back they are better to rent Boozer. If he walks they will be able to take his salary and buy a very good player in a down market.

The right PF is longer, plays defense and still rebounds and scores like Booz. That is a tall order.

It is best for the Jazz to have quality depth than 3 over paid "super stars" who are going to get injured. The key is plan B. Outside shooting when other teams force the Jazz outside.

If Sloan fixes that one problem and if the intensity/defense are good the Jeckle/Hyde will disappear to some extent.

The Jazz are still to slow. Getting role players can fix that.


There are so many idiots in this state who are almost PRAYING for Carlos to fail so that their summer long rants about him won't be exposed for what they really were-namely: whining and pouting by immature fans because a player got injured and wouldn't get better as quickly as they would have liked.
So now he's better and time after time, he delivers. He is the unquestioned best player on the team at this moment and still there are many who honestly believe that if you shipped him off and "PUT FEZ IN THERE" things would run a lot more smoothly and Fez would lead us to the NBA Championship. (Deep breath) I know Utah has the loudest fans, but to call them the BEST FANS is really a stretch with boneheads like these around.

To Attack LA and beat

fun and gun teams the Jazz need more speed. Or they need one player like Brooks who can attack and shoot from the outside to go after LA. They need to get back much faster on fun and gun teams.

Sloan should be able to attack LA the way HOU does. He has slashers. However he is lacking the Lawson/Brooks type player who is needed to cut the heart out of LA.

HOU rebounds well (with a small line up) and shoots very well from the outside. Note those differences with Utah.

Utah does not shoot well from the outside. They can't open it up against LA so they can slash or even run their inside game.

Sloan is fully capable of beating LA with a variation of Alderman's approach. However, he can't do it without much more outside shooting.

The Jazz improvise most outside shooting. That does not help the rebounding.

Sloan needs to get a Brooks/Lawson (replace Price) but most of all he needs a dozen (plus variations) outside shooting plays just for LA.

The Jazz can beat LA if Sloan adjusts enough. Utah needs MORE potent outside shooting.

BP--to Boozer haters

I'm sick and tired of hearing that Booz tanks it, or just doesn't care enough to play hard. Everyone who says that is completely out of touch with reality. Booz has ALWAYS played hard on the floor. The reason he doesn't play Tough D is because he's a finesse player in a Bruisers body. Everyone thinks he's a power player, but he's never been that. He just looks the part and dunks big every now and again. I can gaurantee you the coaching staff and management are not worried about him tanking it. They challenged him to play better D this year, and he's trying. For all you cynics out there, maybe that is the reason he is playing better D (not just because he's in a Contract year).

The fact that Booz is a finesse player may still mean we should trade him, but it won't be because he doesn't play hard. It will be because we need a true POWER forward. I'm in favor of anything that will help the team, but stop cutting off your nose to spite your face guys. Stop following the crowd.


Barkley was TWD (talking while drunk) looking to say something to garner attention.

Sloans system allows Boozers style of play to flourish andmake him one of the elite PF's in the game. That will not happen eveywhere. Did you see Malone in the allstar game without Stockton, he stood around and got 4 points with nobody to feed him.

No doubt the Jazz are in a very tough position, as we don't want to lose Boozer or trade for a lessor player. The Jazz left on the roster would not be satisfied. Boozer knows the Jazz system and is best suited to that style of play.

Jazz will gain financially from Harprings leaving, trade Korver, Price and AK and get a player of enough stature to make Boozer and Williams want to stay. Hey Kobe and Lebron what you guys doing next year?

After that the pool of available good players get shallow in a hurry. Bosh will not come to Utah, nor others of his caliber. Without re-signing Boozer the Jazz outlook is bleak.

One idea might be if Cleveland does not win the title they will be dumping Shaq for somebody like Ronnie Price.


maybe I`ve been missing something,but other than the 4th quarter against LA,both Memo and Boozer have been working harder on Defense,especially Carlos,am I wrong...again

Enough Said

It is Boozer's life and body, If he wants to keep his body that way that is his business , He does not need Charles Barkley telling him what to do , It s his life, and he should be able to live it the way he wants, Enough Said Case Closed, Boozer is a good player for the Jazz,

The real problem

Not just Boozer folks . . .Sloan is the biggest problem for the Jazz. They've needed a new coach for years now and just keep bringing him back . . .over, and over, and over again. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Please Jerry . . .RETIRE already!


Barkley's info is stale...He is not the brightest bulb in the box....
Boozer is the leader of the team...If Williams wants Boozer to stay, they two could still be special....For the life of me, I do not know why they have not been given a talented center.

As I see it, they did figure something out though with Okur, you draw the big guys out to guard him and then Boozer has more room to work. This is their strategy...I think they saw how much Fesenko could help, so I do not understand why he does not get to play against the Lakers.


Okay, really?? You want to get rid of Boozer and start Fez??/ Really?? Have you seen great things from Fez because I sure haven't? You think he will be the caliber of player as Boozer? Get real!!! Sure, Boozer is playing for a contract and probably not with the Jazz. SO! Let's ride him this year while he is playing great! We need outside shooting as nobody on the team right now can consistently hit a shot outside 10 feet!! We need to let AK go, Brewer has been great but can't shoot, so package him up for someone who can stretch defenses and shoot the dang ball!!!!

The lapdogs

comment, by Barkley, was more of a dig than his "brick wall" babbling @ boozer. I watched the show; Barkley's comments were awkward/confusing and seemed to mystify Ernie, Kenny & Chris. Barkley is an entertaining buffon - don't drink the koolaid people.

The jazz played three good quarters in L.A., swept San Antone, shifted into superhero gear to beat Orlando. Enjoy it while it lasts. And hope current roster sticks together throughout the season. Change now would be more disruptive/destructive than keeping the w.c. player of the week.


Without Boozer this team is 7 - 15.


so...the DesNews goes from ripping Boozer apart every chance they get to defending him against the national media because he's playing well? Make up your minds and stick to one script, please.

Fez Pop

Don't get me started about fez. boozer is the key player for the jazz, when he plays good, the jazz play good, the jazz need to make sure he gets at LEAST 20 points a night; one way to do that, is put fez in, booz pretty much gave him an endorsement by what he said about howard, how much do you think fez could hlep boozer not pick up fouls, and keep him in the game? the jazz need boozer in the game, and they need to him to get at least 20 a night.
it doesn't matter,
jerry won't play fez asnyways, the jazz will struggle and itwill be jers fault, not mine; then someday, in a hopeless situaiton he'll play fez and then jer will blame him for the loss, typical sloan.


Aren`t a whole lot of PF that are real good at both O and D,you rarely get one like Duncan,who comes to mind,Malone was good,but Karl was more of a slapper,which I`ve noticed Boozer is getting better at,neither Malone nor Boozer are high jumpin shot blockers,careful what you wish for,Boozer haters

todd to houdini and wicks

No Houdini, you are not wrong. I agree. I am happy with Boozer. Personally, I wish it would work out with hi,. I like Carlos I do. I wish all this garbage could be forgotten. Okur did poorly in the first half but did ok because I thought "Superman" (not) was a "non factor"

Wicks: You praised SLoan today. Yet you are against Kevin. Let me ask, are you blaming all this on "O CONNOR"?

If you are, there is merit and I will listen. I think it is both, but would like a summary why you feel it is more O Connor"

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