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Published: Saturday, Dec. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Boozer seems to play better at home. He likes to be liked and when he is in front of the home fans he plays his butt off. When he is on the road he doesn't play as well because he doesn't hear it from the fans. He does NOT like being booed. Injuries pop up when he has to go back to Clevland becuase he knows he stuck to them. He is a fair weather player.


and why is boozer playing like an allstar? He found out that nobody else wants him when he was looking so dumb. the better he plays the more attention he gets when the dealing is done.. If and when he does leave , what does williams do? Boozer is HIS guy. Will williams react the same way?? Me thinks the Jazz board of directors is caught between a rock and a HARD PLACE. GOOD LUCK.

Big Frank

I can't believe all you insomniacs up in the middle of the night on the message board. My take on Carlos Boozer is much like everyone else's. I think Boozer will find the market out there much less that he is hoping for due to the economic downturn. The money out there is big but not what he will expect. He has garnered a 'soft defense' name for himself and somewhat of an arrogant attitude in the locker room. The Jazz are in a tough spot because there are no players on the roster to replace Boozer. The younger big players Fezsenko and Koufos are not developing. The loss of Boozer, who is apparently healthy again would severely damage the Jazz as a middle of the road darkhorse contender. Right now the Jazz cannot attract a player to replace Boozer. No way will topflight players come to Utah and fit in Jerry Sloan's scheme to make them a legitimate championship team. The Jazz need Korver to have another 3 point threat. As a team they are just too soft against athletic teams on defense. So I think realistically they will make a run at signing Boozer.


Sorry, Charlie. You're wrong on this one.

Without Boozer, who has closed out numerous close games for Utah this season, the Jazz would be well under .500 at this point. Carlos doesn't panic in close-game situations, instead thriving.

Among qualified PF's Boozer is;
3rd in scoring
3rd in rebounding
3rd in assists
4th in FG% (largely on that 17-foot jumper, unlike guys like Amar'e and Bosh that depend on playing close to the rim a lot more)
4th in overall efficiency

When pts/rebs/asts are combined, the list reads Dirk, Bosh, Boozer. There are you 3 best PF's in the NBA this season.

But remember, Toronto's D is horrendous. I know many would like to think Bosh plays defense, but he doesn't really.

Sure Bosh gets 1.1 blocks per game, but he only gets .50 steals per game. Boozer may only get .50 blks/game, but he leads Bosh in steals at 1.2 and D-rebs. And the Jazz, while no defensive standout, are way ahead of the likes of Toronto, there.

Boozer should be an All-Star again this year, Chuck.

Jazz Owner

Fire Kevin O'Connor! He is the problem. Can't spot talent, can't draft worth a hill of beans, and can't make the team better. He doesn't even try to make the team better from one year to the next. Please Miller family, FIRE KOC!!!!

Give Boozer a Break

The guy's apparently playing his heart out.


The way Boozer is playing right now I have to disagree with Chuck.

This team is not going through the motions. Sure they are still young and immature at times but realistically they are decent now most nights.

Seriously though, if we could SOLIDIFY perimeter shooting from the trio of Korver, Miles, and now Mattews?

Okur needs to go bye bye.

Centers have to be able to defend the rim.

Every time Okur actually makes a defensive play (maybe once or twice a game) the ESA erupts because it is such an anomaly.

That my brothers and sisters is the problem.

Defend or go home!!!


Let's be honest here. Boozer is now performing like he should have last year only to improve his marketability. Teams won't look at taking him unless he produces. Once he is scooped up, he will go back to being the antics that he has shown while at the Jazz. Just skating by getting a paycheck. A HUGE paycheck! He doesn't have the work ethic of a Karl or Stockton. It's a shame it what it is

LBJ says

Barkley should just shut up!

Utah Fan

I think the bigger problem the Jazz have is keeping D Williams. He opt for a shorter term contract to see what the Jazz would do in the future to become a contender. He is the guy they can't afford to lose. The jazz need to build around Williams and show him they are committed to keep him. He's the franchise. Since Stockton & Malone I can't believe the players we have prone to injury. Not sure they have what it takes to play through injuries. Super stars seem to play through them, like Bryant,James,Nash,Duncan. Funny I can't name more because I don't think we have as many as there were in the past.

It's Boozer's contract year

Carlos has hot spurts this year just because it's a contract year for him. The better he can look to others this year, the more his contract will be next year. If we could have consistency and defense from him, I'd sing a different tune. I completely agree with Waldo.


Admit it, all you Boozer blastin' tools: The day Boozer walks from the Jazz you all will have your heads buried in your pillows each night and sob yourselves to sleep.

As far as Barkely is concerned, this man makes up it girth what he lacks in brains. Have you ever heard him say a thoughtful, intelligent thing in his life. He's like the dork you let hang around because he makes the rest of you look so good.

Barkely Is Right On!

Booze is playing his butt off for a contract plain and simple. I would guess that people in the know and Charles being an ex-NBA baller knows, word is out there on this one with those that have that info. Remember Charles is super close to Wade, and I'll bet Dwayne Wade knows more about the situation than commentors on this web. It's plain and simple--Boozer is playing for a contract. He really doesn't want to be here, but he won't say that until he is gone, this is about financial security for him fans, and the only way he is going to get what he wants is to conform and play like crazy. I would trade him at the trade deadline trying to get some return because at the end of the year he will walk for nothing. And don't believe that he will agree to a sign and trade at seasons end because he won't!

I thought

Boozer's best friend in the NBA was D Wade.


Hey, Big Frank, Fezsenko and Koufos are not developing because they have nothing to develop--no inherent "great" talent. They'll stay in the NBA because of their size, but will never be perennial starters.

Still, I like both of them and hope that the Jazz can keep them around a long time, because "decent" bigs are quite useful off the bench.

You're right that without Boozer this year, we'd have a tough time winning. No telling what will happen next year without him, even if the Jazz get lucky in the lottery with New York's pick. Drafted PFs, even if among the top five picks, won't equal Boozer's contribution until they've had a few seasons under their belts.

With the addition of Matthews, and it seems CJ is finally looking like he can shoot 3s consistently enough, and when Korver gets back, the Jazz game plan will finally pay off with more wins than last year. It's based on paint scoring with enough 3-point threat to take the double-teaming off of the paint players. A pretty effective strategy that all of the tops teams employ.


Hey Utah Fan, you're right about worrying whether D-Will sticks around after his short-term contract hits the wall. Losing Boozer and not picking up a comparable replacement would cause him to jump ship.

D-Will's not dumb, and he has the inner fire that all winners have that win championships. He reminds me a lot of the kind of players that Boston and LA had back in the day. I loved watching those two teams during the Bird and Magic era.

Depending on how the Jazz do this year in the playoffs, even Boozer might stick around next year. He has that same desire to win it all, and so far hasn't felt the Jazz can do it (like many Jazz fans also think). But, with success comes happiness, and people don't easily throw away happiness.

Henry Drummond

Its a business. Everyone will tell you that. As a season ticket holder all I ask is that he earn his money while he's here. I think he's doing that. What he does next year is none of my concern. I feel we can build a championship team with or without him. If it works for him to be here, I think the fans will welcome him. If we were worried about players complaining about their contract Karl Malone would have been hounded out of town many times.

louisiana jazz man

we all knew boz was going to play his butt off for a new contract. also know williams and millie was doing nothing untill orlando game. wasent getting the ball to boz untill williams was out a couple of games and manyard was in and got the ball to boz. then sloan a boz lover kept putting the rookie in plays more than williams did as a rookie why because he gets the ball to boz. millie not doing much of nothing. couple of games he lit it up the rest just going tru the motions. looks like boz playing for a big contract williams and sap dont want to help him get it.


If Boozer's departure is inevitable.... that's life!
The Jazz can just start Millsap or AK at the PF spot. Or they could even start Fes and put Memo in at the PF position.
The Jazz have guys playing well at the 2 & 3 spots with Brewer, Matthews, and CJ. Then AK can be down low more blocking shots rather than chasing guys around the 3 point line.
I don't want Boozer to leave, but he's going to. I think the Jazz would be able to survive. They'll just have to figure out something other than DWill to Boozer pick and roll in the end of close games!

One for the Money

Booz made it clear that it is all about the money. He is playing well because his mouth made his stock go sown. He has to play well as a free agent and the Jazz would like to get as much out of him in a trade. My opinion but it isn't rocket science...

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