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Published: Saturday, Dec. 12 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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What is this news story talking about?.... You all know the Jazz are going to re-sign Boozer just like they did Sloan!!!

I Hope so

I would like to see Boozer back but Memo we Love you but you need to go. We need a center than can play ANY defense. Although we would miss your three point shooting you are a one trick pony.

I am with Barkley

Boozer is bad medicine for the Jazz. He refuses to take hits and defend, therefore, he allows as many points as he accumulates in many games. He is a pain to watch. Williams can carry the load, and, get or use a decent center. Let Fez play. Discard Boozer,the sooner the better.


I think that's just plain "TORRIBLE"!

Up and Down

Jeckle and Hyde has very little to do with Boozer. It has a lot to do with a lack of outside shooting to stop teams from packing the paint. It has something to do with a short bench that plays too many minutes and gets worn down and tired. And a short bench that lacks role players who could come in and win match ups.

It has a lot to do the the Sloan biases that have been there for years and are embedded team weaknesses.

Sometimes Sloan gets out coached. He fails to adjust or is to slow to adjust. Sometimes he does not prepare to win. He just trots his same old system out there knowing it is not going to work and pretends that it will.

Mostly it is other teams exploiting Sloan biases and Jazz weaknesses. LA just went to a match up zone and the Jazz were helpless. Sloan had better develop a way to break that zone. He is supposed to be HOF. He has had a week to prepare for the zone.

A good coach finds a way to win when the other team makes adjustments. Sloan does not.

He will disappear

Boozer will be gone before the season ends, after all he continues to disappear during the playoffs. He might find out when he goes free agent he is not worth very much.

RE: He will disappear

Who do you imagine in your fantasy Jazz viewing that is going to be more reliable in the clutch than Boozer in the low block? Remember Game 7 at Houston when the Jazz won in the playoffs? Remember who delivered? Take a guess or go look it up.


Boozer coming through on a few occasions does not make up for all the time he spent injured or didn't deliver.

Jazz need to trade him asap while he is playing the way he is so they can get someone who might actually stick around and who will contribute to the overall team chemistry.


Doesn't matter. My LAKERS are going to win it all anyway.

Vernal roid

And let me get this straight, We actually give a rip about what Barkley says about anything? Barkley just says stupid things just for the WOW factor, I really like the guy but I would hardly worry about what he has to say.

Boozer still here

He won't possibly be gone before the trade deadline...he wasn't traded this past off season, why would anyone trade for him now as his contract expires?


The Jazz must of been looking to the summer of 2010 for the past few years since we've never really been consistent.
Boozer struggled early in the year, but I agree with Collins that is had to do with conditioning and lack of outside shooters. When a team can triple team the paint it makes it hard for anyone to work.

I can't think of any PF who I would trade for that we could actually get. There are a lot of players I would love to see in a Jazz uniform, but there is no way that their team will give them up (I'm thinking Bosh specifically). Players that we could actually get wouldn't be an improvement.

And please, don't tell me that Milsap can carry the load. He is a terrific backup PF, but can't be a go to player over the course of an entire season. The best teams in the league are long (LA, Boston, Dallas, Denver) and Milsap's size will get exploited.

We need Boozer and he's performing like an all-star. Without him we'd be 7-15.

John Wicks

Boozer needs to be resigned by the Jazz. Dump AK and Korver and free up the money to do it. If we had a GM it would have been done by now. Wake up Greg. KOC is a burden to the Jazz.




Teh sad part is, is he is like a Derrick Coleman. Has the talent, but never maximized it. It is people like a Karl Malone, that are not as talented, who work their tail off, that become hall of famers, while others just go through the motions. It is that, because they are so talented, that they give us glimpses, just enough to keep us interested, but when chips are down, they disapear. Unfortunately, you can't trade him. We don't have the time to go through an adjustment period that can cost the team wins. We have to take this ride to the end, hopefully the playoffs, then say goodbye.

Jazz Cop

Barkely could be right, look at cleaveland this year, everyone thinks lebron might leave, so maybe chuck would say thats a problem in cleaveland; or maybe chunk wouldn't that cleaveland stinks because they have shaq?
the jazz need to get some help in the paint, or toast.

********* ????????

I want Boozer gone. He is the Max Hall of the Jazz.

And no the asterisks in the title are not swearing.... just trying to figure out why La has so many of them after their name. The Lakers are super cool ????


"You got that big fella down there on defense because he covers up a lot of mistakes for you when he's as active as he is,"

If he's referring to the mistake of him playing any kind of defense he's right that's a big mistake.


Expressing a sentiment that "anyone would" like to play with Dwight Howard is just that. Simply a sentiment.

You want to talk about toxic contracts, just take a peek at Rashard Lewis' salary. Orlando couldn't afford another PF if they wanted one. Jody's just stirrin' the pot.


Any NBA team who would have to face losing a player the caliber of Boozer should be heartbroken. But I agree with Barkley- his departure is indeed chisled in stone. Now that he's playing some of his best ball why not try to get something in return before the inevitable happens?

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