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Published: Friday, Dec. 11 2009 12:00 a.m. MST

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Asst. Coach

Congratulations to all.

This award means a lot as it was voted upon by every Coach in your respective Region. It is the Coaches Awards.

Rule is you vote for other members in Region except kids from your own team.

These are all fine young men, and part of good teams. Utah has great HS Football.

Thanks D News for the great coverage all year.


Mike Davis you are the man, defense, offense you have it all way to go booyah!


Where are the rest of them? Like region 7?

all regions

It is unfortunate that the des news is unable to publish results for all regions. prep sports seems to get the short end of the stick alot.


I love this list, only one issue would be Alex Hart's exclusion, I thought he was the league MVP hands down. Without him imagine Jordan's chance of success. Alta survived without Jordy, PG managed without Lloyd at least to stay respectable, but nobody meant more, or performed at a higher level than Hart.


Where is the list for region 2. Hunter, cwood, skyline, west ect? And am I crazy bit where is Jordan Brown name? I hope I just missed it in the list of names. He was one of the best qb's in the state and he is on the all- state teams but not even on the region honorable mention? Crazy!!!!!


Check your stats. For instance Region 1 first team QB. Looks like the interceptions were conveniently misplaced. He was voted on by the other coaches because he helped their teams win.

Check your stats!

Alex Hart 46 TD 4,442 yards
Jordy Brown 23 TD 2,848 yards
Dallas Llyod 16 TD 1,256 Yards
I just don't get it! If this is done by coaches this Dallas must be some kid, MVP I don't think so...

Region 5?

where is Region 5? why do the north teams always get the shaft?

Ripped off!!!

Jordans's Alex Hart led the NATION in passing! Yes, look it up folks. Hart led the NATION and isnt the region MVP or most outstanding QB? thats messed up!


Who cares about Region. he was awarded First team all state by both papers.

re-Region 5

They can't publish what they don't have. All region teams are voted on by the coaches and if a region doesn't submit their teams then they can't be published.Don't blame the paper, blame the coaches.


Who cares? I bet if you ask Hart, he cares. Re:check your stats! Enough said. Everyone can see who the true MVP is. What a shame, the HYPE lives on! Re:Ripped off!!! You are right as well. Next year no one will remember Lloyd, I have no idea why his name is even being brought up. He did nothing this year. Hart's name will live on for many years to come. The record books were re-written for Hart this year.

Re: Check your stats!

I meant Jeremy Lieber from Viewmont it's rediculous


I think the Coaches know who the best kids are in thier respective Regions. Period.

Once again, I dont think people care too much about bloggers that wanna be Coaches and think they know everything. Now I get a glimpse of the snotty Utah parents that think thier little Johnny is better than he is.

Got a problem-go see your Varsity coach and ask him for his vote. Who cares about degrading comments from nobody's...its High School Football-get a life.

re teams

Its not about anything you are mentioning..

It is about informing the public. We watch and follow high school football all season and are interested knowing who is recieving honors for their efforts.

Calm down... geeze

A Little Perspective

Many years ago my son was one of only two receivers in the state to get a Div. 1 scholarship to play football. He never received one single award from the state or the region. Not one!!! We don't care! His full ride scholarship was worth a lot of money, and he got a college degree, and had a good career. Yes, some of the these award winners are for political reasons, but most of them are not.

Alex Hart is a stud and should have been the MVP for the state and region, but he wasn't, and he should take that scholarship and run. It is way more important than an award.

RE: A Little Perspective

Well said.

Re: A little Perspective

Thank you for you words, our son also has not recieved any awards and one other on our team, yet they both have verbal commits with D1 schools.
Which we are very greatful for.
Congrats to those who did get awards.

Re teams

Oh my! I would not want you to be my sons Coach!

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